The Most Popular Hardware Slimming Procedure: How Does Endosphere Therapy Work And Is It Worth The Money

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Video: The Most Popular Hardware Slimming Procedure: How Does Endosphere Therapy Work And Is It Worth The Money
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The Most Popular Hardware Slimming Procedure: How Does Endosphere Therapy Work And Is It Worth The Money
The Most Popular Hardware Slimming Procedure: How Does Endosphere Therapy Work And Is It Worth The Money

What to eat to lose weight, what massage to sign up for, and how to choose the ideal volume reduction treatment?

Endosphere Therapy is one of the most demanded newest hardware massage techniques in cosmetology. We learned from Rostislav Semenov, a massage therapist and spa therapist at the Remedy Lab clinic, how a fashionable procedure works, how much it costs, who suits it and what effect to expect.

The Endospheres Therapy device was developed by the Italian physician-phlebologist Pierre Antonio Bacci and the engineer Gianluca Cavaletti in 2007, especially for professional athletes in order to perform an intensive massage, which is stronger than the classical manual massage, to remove lactic acid from muscle tissues and improve venous outflow. Inside the nozzle-manipulator, there are 50 rotating silicone spheres, similar to a honeycomb, which are arranged in a special order - each of the moving elements of the Endosphere nozzle has a special shape of a sphere, which, together with vibration, allows to create compression.

How the device works

A special sensor sensor detects the stage of cellulite and controls the intensity of the effect depending on the patient's condition and the number of procedures performed. So, the device eliminates the specialist's mistakes during the procedure and adapts the method individually for each patient. The chip of the device is vibration, which stimulates special mechanoreceptors to break down fat cells. The procedure activates microcirculation, improving blood circulation and lymph flow. The endosphere was created and clinically proven to solve phlebology problems associated with blood vessels, veins, capillaries. Due to its mild effect, the device is recommended for stimulating blood vessels in case of varicose veins or capillary mesh ("stars"). Plus, it works well on fresh stretch marks. During the procedure, the skin is heated (by 2 degrees),which leads to the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. This process and microcirculation noticeably improve the relief and aesthetic appearance of stretch marks, “smooth” them.

the effect

The procedure on the Endospheres Therapy apparatus is carried out using oil for sliding spheres and has a relaxing effect. Already after the first procedure, there is a significant reduction in edema and stagnation of fluid in the tissues, removal of toxins, relieve pain, inflammation, fatigue of the legs goes away, a pleasant feeling of lightness and general tone appears. After several procedures, the subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced, and the patient notices a decrease in volume in problem areas and a significant improvement in the quality of the skin (smoother and more toned).

How is the procedure

The protocol of the procedure has a clear sequence and lasts 70-75 minutes. The method is based on lymphatic drainage, and since lymph is found throughout the human body, the procedure is spent on treating the entire body (legs, abdomen, back, arms and chest) and does not provide for the treatment of individual zones.

How many procedures are needed

The course is selected individually, regardless of the problems: fibrous cellulite, swelling, small local fat deposits, heavy sports loads. To solve aesthetic problems, a minimum course of 6-12 procedures (2-3 times a week), which is adjusted depending on the results between sessions. Also, Endosphere-therapy can be supplemented with other procedures - massages, body wraps, lipolytics. To get a quick effect, for example, before a trip to the sea, you can take an SOS-course of 6-8 procedures per week.

The cost

One Endosphere-therapy procedure costs from 4 to 7 thousand rubles. The high price is due to the cost of the apparatus, but the salons often offer discounts when buying a course.


The Endosphere has a minimum of contraindications, unlike other methods: oncology, dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, viral infection, pregnancy and menstruation.

Expert opinion

“If the Endosphere is built on compression and vibration,” says Rostislav Semyonov, massage therapist and spa therapist at the Remedy Lab clinic, “then, for example, the LPG technique, which is also based on lymphatic drainage, is built on vacuum and skin stretching. In addition, the LPG method does not allow working with varicose veins, vascular and capillary networks, as well as the inner surface of the thigh. Initially, the vibration-compression technology underlying the Endosphere was developed for athletes as an analgesic therapy for quick recovery after hard training, but over time it has become used in aesthetic cosmetology. Therefore, many patients come to relieve muscle pain immediately after training.”

Personal experience

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty director

I have tried many body shaping procedures and know all about the magical properties of hand massage. Massage with the help of the device begins with the legs: a specialist drives the device according to a special scheme and accelerates the lymph flow. First, the legs, then the buttocks, back and arms, and the massage ends with the study of the abdomen. The procedure is pleasant and relaxing, after which you feel lightness, and the decrease in volumes is visible to the naked eye.

The effect of the Endosphere, as well as of manual massage, does not disappear the next day - the skin is smooth and tightened even after one procedure, this is especially evident on problem areas. In my case, on my stomach. Unlike manual massage, Endosphere is an absolutely painless procedure, on which, according to rumors, people even fall asleep.

I can say with confidence that the procedure is worth its money, but you need to take a course of 6, 8 or 12 procedures that can be combined with home wraps, or, for example, lipolytics (as prescribed by a doctor).

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