Better Than In Childhood: A Guide To The School Fair CDM - A Sea Of ​​memories And The Opportunity To Buy Everything In One Place  

Video: Better Than In Childhood: A Guide To The School Fair CDM - A Sea Of ​​memories And The Opportunity To Buy Everything In One Place  
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Better Than In Childhood: A Guide To The School Fair CDM - A Sea Of ​​memories And The Opportunity To Buy Everything In One Place  
Better Than In Childhood: A Guide To The School Fair CDM - A Sea Of ​​memories And The Opportunity To Buy Everything In One Place  

August is like Sunday evening: you still want to relax, but it's time to pack your backpack for school. It's no less hot on social media than on the street - there is an active exchange of passwords and turnouts of places where school needs can be covered. But we urge you not to waste the days of the last summer month in vain: you need one address -


"Central Children's Store on Lubyanka"

Together with the CDM, we have compiled a guide to the school fair for you: to buy everything you need in one trip. In the end, we are sure: as Uncle Fyodor's mother, you also have evening dresses that you need to have time to walk. However, if you are mentally getting ready for the new school year by the sea, do not worry about the fees: you will still have time to hop on the last step of the school bus - the fair will run until September 6. 

Why is she so beautiful? That you have already collected all the best in one place. It remains only to choose what meets your needs. At the same time, there is no painful shopping - if you do not find what you need at the fair in the Atrium, in one of the 100 shops of the Central House of Artists you will find exactly what you need - all brands important to parents are gathered under one roof, all the needs of children are taken into account.  

The children will be able to relieve stress after fitting - the entertainment centers in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka are already working. Therefore, while children are playing their profession in Kidburg or Winstrike, having fun in the ARena Space VR park or pulling excavator levers at the DigIt construction site, parents can check the shopping list for coffee and buy the necessary little things.  

We offer to mark the checkboxes placed opposite all the shopping points with a family trip to the movie (the cinema was reopened on August 1) and desserts in the Gastrogalerie. What is not an ideal plan for the day?  

Worried about security? Be aware that the CDM is constantly thinking about it. In the children's store, the sanitary treatment of the premises has been increased, UV recirculators have been installed in the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and they are constantly cleaned. And even if you forgot masks and gloves (we remind you that you must wear protective equipment in public places), you can buy them at the entrance.  

Fair guide


School uniform and clothing





What to look for: people come here for high-quality stationery and products for the creativity of domestic and foreign manufacturers. There is a special area where you can test pencils and paints 


What to look for: a bookstore, where consultants will find the textbook they need by line from the author's circulation! A joke, of course, but you definitely come here for the necessary book or workbook

School uniform and clothing


What to look for: Everything a student needs from skirts and T-shirts to shoes and backpacks

"Little lady"

What to look for: A variety of stylish clothes for girls



What to look for: all kinds of accessories with characters from your favorite cartoons. Caution: not only children, but also parents are usually stuck here for a long time


What to look for: Backpacks, pencil cases and writing utensils with drawings for every taste


What to look for: The most stylish stationery for bright school days


What to look for: Sept 1 stylized gingerbread for your beloved teacher and best friends



• an animation program based on the beloved animated series "Prostokvashino" - "Matroskin" and "Sharik" will give the kids the right mood for school

 • zone of free creativity for future artists  

• photo zone from the film studio "Soyuzmultfilm"

• contests and prizes

On weekends from 12:00 to 17:00

• master classes in animation from Soyuzmultfilm

• classes on working with watercolors from the Peredvizhnik store

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