VR Training, Online Development, Focus On Health: How The Fitness Industry Is Going To Surprise After The Pandemic

Video: VR Training, Online Development, Focus On Health: How The Fitness Industry Is Going To Surprise After The Pandemic

Video: VR Training, Online Development, Focus On Health: How The Fitness Industry Is Going To Surprise After The Pandemic
Video: Empowering the Healthcare Industry Through VR 2023, June
VR Training, Online Development, Focus On Health: How The Fitness Industry Is Going To Surprise After The Pandemic
VR Training, Online Development, Focus On Health: How The Fitness Industry Is Going To Surprise After The Pandemic

During isolation, only online training was more popular than recipes for queries in search engines. Fitness centers, studios, and coaches responded instantly to this demand, finding (and often free) classes from super-premium coaches. Study - I don't want to. And we really did it, trying different approaches and picking our own.


Two months later, even the most devoted fans of the halls admitted that it is possible to pump the body qualitatively at home. There are no excuses not to do the workout: it is one step to the rug, all that remains is to pull on the sneakers. Yes, and the need to carve out time for training has disappeared - without the road to the gym and back it takes exactly an hour, so it’s much easier to find it during the day.

On June 23, the fitness rooms were up and running again, but customer demands have already changed. We spoke with industry trendsetters to find out what to expect from fitness in the second half of 2020.

Mindfulness trend

Victoria Borovskaya

Movement expert, certified trainer, founder of the Newyorkfitspo.ru School of Healthy and Smart Fitness

Few people now talk about awareness, but in 10 years, believe me, we will all live in it. Self-care is one holistic approach where you perceive the body as a system. Everything affects everything. Roughly speaking, you cannot wear braces without working with an osteopath, you cannot engage in abs without working on the pelvic floor muscles, you cannot pump up your ass without working on your feet.

Of course, it is easier to treat weight loss like this: I'll go take a couple of magic pills, run cardio - I will lose 10 kg in a month. Well, I don't care that my hormonal system will fly off in a couple of months. I'm living a rough draft of my life. Most people think so.

I think that this approach is getting out of date, and now everything is moving towards the modern concept of wellness fitness. Since robots will do everything for us, simplifying almost all areas of life, it is time for us to focus on something that no one will take away from us. This is consciousness and awareness. This is the ability to hear yourself. It's about being able to focus on your current thoughts and feelings, applying them to movement. Not online training and not new simulators, but awareness is the main trend in fitness for many years to come.

Lack of awareness suppresses the kinesthetic intelligence of our body. Here we spend working days on a chair, literally driving the hip joints into immobility. If this happens every day, the joints simply stop working. Well, somewhere wear appears in another place, which compensates for the stationary region. If we do not activate some parts of the body for years, then the brain forgets about them. So much for awareness.

It is important to understand that there is work of large muscles, which are created for movement and movement. And there are small and deep muscles, as well as passive structures (cartilage, etc.) that need fine tuning, a little work without deliberate tension and effort. On the contrary, relaxation, without which effective movements of large muscles are IMPOSSIBLE and, as a consequence, visual appeal.

Working on proper breathing

There are no small things in the body: everything is interconnected. For example, we all stop breathing correctly and effectively over time. It would seem that we are breathing. Inhale and exhale, but suddenly the back, neck, head hurt, fingers go numb, wrinkles appear on the forehead and neck, shortness of breath and abdomen appear. We sin on food and age, but in fact, we need to solve a tangle of problems with breathing. As soon as you stop breathing through your mouth, learning to do it again with your nose, miracles happen. The abdomen becomes flat, asthma, night snoring, pain in the back and hips go away. And you need to approach a flat stomach through the abdominal diaphragm. Fortunately, more and more coaches are beginning to understand causal relationships and are offering clients extraordinary workouts that change the quality of life and movement.

Muscle Slings Workout

No, baby slings are not just an option for carrying your baby on your chest. These are large muscle groups that work in synergy with each other to create effective movement. For example, in tennis or volleyball, we actively use the front oblique and back oblique slings. When we walk or run - too. We use slings constantly in any movement. Even to get the cup off the shelf, we need to turn on the sling. Needless to say, it makes no sense to train biceps or triceps separately in the gym, because everything in the body works according to the principle of synergy, in commonwealth. And if we arrange for ourselves a day of hands or the anterior deltoid muscle, the same sections of the chain are gradually overloaded, and somewhere the kinetic energy simply does not pass. Therefore, my bet for 2020 is training for all muscle groups at a time, taking into account muscle functional chains,because this is how we gain functionality, and not by jumping onto the bollard from CrossFit. While training on sling, we load the whole body evenly, not worrying that in the summer at the dacha we will grab our back out of the blue.

Focus on health, not outward form

Peri Huseynova

Founder of Elastic boutique studio

I don't think there will be any major changes in fitness. What will seriously change - online will firmly enter the life of the consumer. Because those who seriously worked on the form before quarantine were not ready to lose the work they had managed to achieve. But in isolation, they realized that quality results can be achieved at home. Yes, maybe there is no contact with the coach, atmosphere, service history, but if the goal was a result, then it turned out to be real to achieve it. Plus online means saving both time and money.

People are not ready to try new things, it takes time to understand: stability is returning. Everyone wants it to be the same. This situation made it clear that the most important thing is health. There was a request to bring the body into good condition, not to get along with someone on the beach, but to be protected from the point of view of health.

During the quarantine, there was a huge number of online trainings, there was a resource to see, compare, and understand. There was a choice and comparison, now not those instructors who count the number of squats, but more educated ones, are more in demand. There was an opportunity to see clearly how those and others work.

Group training

Anna Kanyuk

Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, blogger, splits stretching expert and founder of the TOPSTRETCHING network of studios

In addition to online training, marathons have become a trend. They provide additional motivation in the form of prizes and various bonuses. The ability to improve physically online has become a fashion trend for progressive Internet users. This does not mean that the halls will be empty, exercises can be performed in the hall - only according to a clearly planned program.

But the big trend, in my opinion, is group training. On July 23, when the fitness centers started working, everyone rushed into sports, which is especially necessary after the immobile lifestyle and the many sweets that accompanied the quarantine. Studios and fitness centers pamper with a variety of group programs, the atmosphere of which charges with energy, strength and great positiveness to everyone who has attended them at least once. People yearned for communication and emotions, so group training will be preferred by many.

VR fitness

The virtual space is increasingly occupying the consciousness of people, and this has become another reason for the development of the fitness industry. Various active games with different sets of exercises and workouts now in virtual reality. In search of entertainment while sitting at home, people have tried this type of exercise and many liked it. It is only necessary that at least for the first time someone was watching the process, so as not to inflict injury on oneself by accidentally violating the allotted space for classes and at the same time causing damage to household property.

Short workouts

Such exercises gained popularity in the 1960s when athletes realized their effectiveness. It has been proven that the body begins to burn fat at a heart rate of 65-75% of the maximum value. Interval training accelerates the heart rate to 95% of the maximum value. At this moment, 90% of carbohydrates, 1% of proteins and 10% of fat are burned, which is significantly more than during normal exercises. 15 minutes at maximum activity can give an effect no worse than an hour-long workout, but such exercises are aimed specifically at getting rid of fat, so they must be alternated with regular hour-long workouts that allow you to build muscle, strengthen the body and tone it."

Corporate online classes

Irina Kutina

Founder and CEO of Encore Fitness

The demand for distance workouts has given impetus to think about Encore's online membership, as fitness content has become very popular with people who live in cities where our network has not yet reached. But we will also preserve the already familiar online training - those club members who love live broadcasts and who would like to be able to add home training to their classes will be able to use this option in the near future.

Online corporate workouts in the office were popular before quarantine, but will be especially in demand now. Large companies offer employees to cheer up and, as a break, perform a set of exercises with an invited trainer in a master class format. Another area that will be emphasized is personal online training. Of course, face-to-face training with a trainer is more effective and more convenient, but when you are in the country or in another city, there is a desire to return to online classes.


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