May Baby Boom: Celebrity Couples Who Became Parents This Month

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May Baby Boom: Celebrity Couples Who Became Parents This Month
May Baby Boom: Celebrity Couples Who Became Parents This Month

There was a baby boom in quarantine! Some star couples announce pregnancy (we talked about them here), others - about the birth of children. Someone became parents for the first time, and someone already had a sixth child. All the latest news about replenishment in families of celebrities - in the selection of

Anastasia Shubskaya and Alexander Ovechkin

26-year-old model Anastasia Shubskaya and 34-year-old hockey player Alexander Ovechkin became parents on May 27. The couple had a boy, whom they named Ilya. Also, the spouses have a son, Sergei, in August this year he will be two years old. Earlier in an interview, Anastasia and Alexander often said that they dream of a big family and, it seems, their wish comes true!

Katya Grigorieva and Anton Shunin

On May 22, 31-year-old model and former Victoria's Secret angel Katya Grigorieva and 33-year-old goalkeeper of Moscow Dynamo Anton Shunin announced the birth of a child. The couple had a girl, whose name they still keep secret. For Katya, this child became the first, and for Anton - the second. He already has a 7-year-old son Artemy from his first marriage.

Laura Dzhugelia and Mikhail Yurchuk

On May 19, the founder of the Peopletalk portal Laura Dzhugelia and businessman Mikhail Yurchuk became parents for the second time. Boy Eli was born just a few days before the two years of his older brother Aaron.

America Ferrera and Ryan Pierce Williams

36-year-old actress America Ferrera gave birth to a baby girl on May 10, Mother's Day. The baby was given a double name - Lucia Marisol. For Ferrera and her husband, 38-year-old Ryan Pierce Williams, Lucia Marisol is the second child. The couple is also raising a two-year-old son, Sebastian. By the way, America announced the first and second pregnancies to fans on New Year's Eve.

Elon Musk and Grimes

On May 4, the son of 48-year-old SpaceX engineer Elon Musk and 32-year-old singer Grimes was born. It is interesting that when choosing a name for the boy, the parents showed a special imagination. They first named it X Æ A-12, and then changed the name to X Æ A-Xii. The name, of course, has an explanation: X stands for an unknown variable, Æ stands for the elvish spelling of the abbreviation AI (love and / or artificial intelligence), and the letter A is associated with the favorite song of Elon and Grimes "Archangel". In an interview, Musk explained how to pronounce his son's name: "X Ash Hey Twelve."

For Elon, this child became the sixth; he already has five children from his first wife Justine Wilson. At the same time, Grimes became a mother for the first time.

Chloe Sevigny and Sines Makovich

On May 2, 45-year-old actress Chloë Sevigny and her boyfriend Sinisha Makovich, art director of the Karma Art gallery in New York, had their long-awaited first child. It is interesting that they decided to name their son Vanya (Vanja). By the way, Chloe, unlike many of her colleagues, did not hide her pregnancy. And in the last term, the actress starred for the covers of several magazines.

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