Everything About Cellulite In One Text: Who Gets It And Why, What To Change In Lifestyle And What Procedures To Do To Reduce The Appearance

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Everything About Cellulite In One Text: Who Gets It And Why, What To Change In Lifestyle And What Procedures To Do To Reduce The Appearance
Everything About Cellulite In One Text: Who Gets It And Why, What To Change In Lifestyle And What Procedures To Do To Reduce The Appearance

All information about cellulite should be in one article! - we decided and asked Elena Chernyavskaya, a fitness trainer, founder of a brand of natural cosmetics and a popular Instagram blog with more than a million audience (@lenel_ya), author of the book “BodySculptor. Fitness, nutrition, care for those who are lazy or have no time”to tell all the myths and truth about irregularities that annoy us so much. Let's figure out once and for all what this phenomenon is and how to reduce its manifestation on the skin.

avatar Elena Chernyavskaya
avatar Elena Chernyavskaya

Elena Chernyavskaya

Fitness instructor

Surely you were hoping to find out a new secret that would help get rid of orange peel forever. But I have to upset you … Or maybe make you happy. Cellulite is the norm. Not a disease, but a marketing legend!

The term itself appeared at the end of the 19th century in France and denoted a rather serious disease - inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin caused by staphylococcal infection, and had nothing to do with the "orange peel". And in 1973, Nicole Ronsard, an enterprising owner of a New York beauty salon, published the book Cellulite, in which she wrote that it was “the wrong fat” that the body could not cope with, and called women under the banner of fighting this physiological defect. It's simple. Nicole sold "anti-cellulite" beauty services and products. And thanks to such advertising, cellulite made her a millionaire in a few years.

There is no turning back; over the past few decades, the beauty industry has instilled stereotypes in the minds of modern women that cellulite is ugly, unhealthy, nonsexual, shameful. Nevertheless, official scientific research confirms that there is no difference between cellulite and normal adipose tissue, and its presence does not affect health in any way.

How the "orange peel" is formed


Fibers (connective tissue) attached to the skin connect it to deeper tissues to form cells that contain accumulations of fat. This is the norm. But when the fat cells grow in size, these cells bulge out, forming cellulite.

By the way, women have adipocytes (fat cells) larger than men and accumulate more fat, and the skin is thinner and more elastic, which makes cellulite more visible. Despite this, cosmetology continues to replace the concept of cellulite with lipodystrophy.

Another point - the manifestation of the orange peel is enhanced by excess liquid. The volumes become larger - the connective tissue (remember the constrictions on furniture) shows pits and bumps even more. Therefore, any massages like lymphatic drainage, as well as nutrition with a low salt content, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is an indicator of lifestyle

Yes, you can endlessly curse this entrepreneur who has added to the hassle of a modern woman, but nothing can be changed: you have to work on yourself and find advantages in this. For example, the one that, in pursuit of getting rid of cellulite, we turn to the principles of proper nutrition and include physical activity in our regimen, which means that we improve the quality of life and prolong youth, that is, we show true self-care, take care of ourselves.

To begin with, I will repeat a few simple but effective rules that will help get rid of (or prevent the appearance) of cellulite.

Drink more water

Water is involved in all intercellular processes, therefore, it directly affects the metabolism in tissues. Helps to remove from the body toxins and metabolic products that inhibit the process of microcirculation. With a lack of fluid in the tissues, there will be stagnation, which means cellulite!

Breathe deeply

Breathing affects the intensity of lymph movement. If breathing is shallow, movement in the lymph slows down and stagnation of the intercellular fluid is formed. Therefore, try to breathe deeply, exhale slowly, especially when doing physical exercises and stretching exercises.

Remove from use:

  • tobacco and alcohol,
  • pickles and marinades,
  • too fatty fried food,
  • reduce your intake of coffee and strong tea to adequate.

Go in for sports or get active

Actively - this does not mean that you will now park your car 100 meters further from the office, but daily continuous walks for at least an hour, refusal of an elevator, ski, bike, etc. Or at least twice a week (and preferably three) doing any kind of fitness activity.

And, of course, skin care

As we have already determined, stagnation of fluid leads to the formation of an "orange peel". The circulation of blood and lymph is impaired, as a result of which decay products and toxins are not removed from the tissues. Fat cells increase in volume, local metabolism is disrupted, tissues become inflamed, and the same cellulite appears on the skin.

You can get rid of the "orange peel" only by normalizing blood circulation and lymph flow. Therefore, even the most branded anti-cellulite cream will not work without active mechanical active influence.

How to care for your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Exfoliation (scrubbing)

Dry air, ultraviolet radiation, tight and tight clothing - all this provokes the daily formation of dead skin cells. Therefore, the use of a scrub is one of the main conditions for full body care (especially if there is not enough time or money for weekly SPA). Moreover, if it contains special components, it can also combine anti-cellulite properties.

Do not use the scrub too often: excessively intense exposure can disrupt the process of cell regeneration.

And this means that the skin will lose its ability to renew itself, falling into a kind of dependence on mechanical cleaning.

Scrubbing is the removal of the keratinized layer of cells, deep cleansing of pores, local blood flow in the massaged area, improving its microcirculation, and removing toxins. And all this together gives a reduction in the orange peel.

Scrubbing should be carried out during the active fight against cellulite 2 - 3 times a week, for prevention - at least once a week. After using the scrub, it is ideal to wrap.



In addition to getting rid of the "orange peel", wrapping is considered an effective procedure that helps to reduce the volume, increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin (the editors of BeautyHack.ru tell about inexpensive means that really work here). There are two types of wraps that are offered on the modern cosmetology market - cold and hot. The essence of a hot wrap is that at a sufficiently high temperature or warming components in its composition, the vessels expand, the pores open, the liquid, along with toxins, is excreted through the skin. As a rule, "heating" components are used here: ethers, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, etc.

Many people understand cold wrapping literally - the cold composition of the mixture. But actually it is not. Due to the "cooling" components included in the wrapping (menthol, mint, acids, clay), the vessels and pores are narrowed, liquid and toxins from the subcutaneous tissues are naturally excreted.

Dry brush massage

Dry brushing massage helps to stimulate lymph flow in the body, speed up metabolic processes and trigger the removal of excess fluid. All this leads to a decrease in volumes. Plus, the procedure improves blood circulation and removes congestion that provoke the appearance of cellulite. But, as always, regularity is important. In the article "Massage with a dry brush was first adored by everyone, and now they are blacklisted: does it hurt the skin or not" we have collected all the nuances of massage.

Vacuum massage

This type of massage (or self-massage) is based on creating a pressure drop in tissues (skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles), as a result of which the blood is actively flowing to the area in the bank. Thanks to this, cellular metabolism is activated (cell renewal is accelerated), additional capillaries are opened - the skin nutrition, oxygen supply is enhanced, lymphatic drainage is accelerated, which means that the volume and manifestation of cellulite decrease.

Vacuum massage is done using a jar (silicone or glass with a pear), which can be bought at a pharmacy for a penny. The most difficult thing in this procedure is that the hands will get tired quickly at first. But, I assure you, this is a matter of habit, and the effect of the massage will be brighter and brighter.

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