Brands That Show A Real Female Body In Ad Campaigns

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Brands That Show A Real Female Body In Ad Campaigns
Brands That Show A Real Female Body In Ad Campaigns

Being mindful of your body and health is the main value now. To love the body, work on it, exercise for pleasure and for the soul, do not torment yourself for a piece of cake and do not succumb to the influence of brands that seem to exist in the world of ideal forms and faces without wrinkles.

More and more companies are not afraid to give up the usual retouching in favor of a truthful and honest conversation with their customers who are faced with stretch marks, acne and overweight. These brands will be discussed in the material.


Back in 2018, Dove announced that it would use the no digital distortion mark on all advertising images. Since then, the entire marketing policy of the brand has been built around body positive. The brand's philosophy is described in an article titled "Dove Real Beauty Pledge" on the official website. Guided by the slogan “Beauty for everyone”, the company follows three main principles: 1) attracts only real people to shoot in advertising campaigns, not models; 2) shows everyone how they look in real life; 3) as part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, they work with young girls to give them confidence and increase their self-esteem. You will not find traces of Photoshop on the brand's social networks either: the company works with girls of all races and ages.


In February 2020, the brand officially announced that it would no longer retouch the skin in promotional images. The rule also applies to photos taken by influencers working with Olay. This is just the first step towards great change. This year, the company will start using the Olay Skin Promise logo, which will confirm that the photo has not been processed in Photoshop. Explaining their decision, brand leaders cite the following statistics: in the United States, 40% of women are unhappy with advertising campaigns of beauty brands, as they inspire them with false expectations. Actor Busy Phillips, plus size model Denis Bideau and comedian Lily Singh have been chosen as ambassadors of the new strategy.

Savage x Fenty

Of course, creating content for the lingerie brand that Rihanna came up with is not complete without Photoshop. But this is a 100% body-positive project - at Savage x Fenty, a girl with absolutely any figure can choose lingerie. Of course, Rihanna did not make a revolution, and before her many brands willingly worked with plus size. But the singer's name helped to draw even more attention to the problem. Savage x Fenty is definitely about a tolerant attitude towards people of all races, nationalities and sizes.


Although the retail giant has not announced an official refusal to use Photoshop, there is a huge number of real photos of models of different shapes with imperfect skin, stretch marks, folds or acne marks on social networks and on the Asos website. This Asos approach has been supported by hundreds of girls on social media, including famous actresses and bloggers.

The site has a whole category Curve & Plus Size, in which you can find absolutely everything - from swimwear to outerwear. The maximum size is UK30.


CVS is a huge American retailer that works with hundreds of beauty brands. The latest innovation of the company is the CVS Beauty Unaltered project, within which all advertising campaigns that were not using Photoshop will be marked with a special sign. Photos of Revlon, Covergirl, Neutrogena have already received such marks.


A Swedish brand that creates swimwear for all body types, in fact showing that a curvy girl looks attractive even in the most revealing swimsuit. Of course, models are attracted for filming, but all shots look very realistic. In the photo, as if no one is ashamed of stretch marks, folds and excess weight. Plus, the swimwear itself is created in such a way as to be out of trend.


The Monki brand belongs to the H&M corporation. His team has created a real community of girls who are close to the philosophy of no agism, no racism, no body shaming. You can verify this by going to the brand's Instagram. What's more, all Monki stores are recyclable, they run on renewable energy sources and want to switch to only recycled materials by 2030.

Don't touch my skin

The new cosmetic brand is a project of beauty blogger and geologist Adel Miftakhova, who has been painstakingly analyzing the compositions of products for several years, translating useful materials into Russian and giving the most honest recommendations. As a result, Adele launched her line of products. So far these are only three products, but we look forward to continuing. Brand advertising campaigns are a separate kind of pleasure. Models of different ages participate in them, and wrinkles on their faces are an absolute decoration. Here's what the project team thinks about age-related changes: “At DTMSkin we believe that any skin is beautiful and we don't want to fix anyone”.

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