Hacker Mom: Six Tips From Mila Jovovich

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Video: Hacker Mom: Six Tips From Mila Jovovich
Video: Милла Йовович (Milla Jovovich) в Обитель зла - Возмездие 2023, February
Hacker Mom: Six Tips From Mila Jovovich
Hacker Mom: Six Tips From Mila Jovovich

On December 17, Mila Jovovich celebrates her 44th birthday. Very soon she will become a mother for the third time and will give her two daughters - 11-year-old Eva Gabo and 4-year-old Dashiel Eden, her sister. Read about how the actress and model brings up their children in the new article BeautyHack. We have collected the brightest quotes from the star about motherhood!

The beloved aspect of motherhood

Now I am enjoying motherhood. Ever and I have become real friends. I watch her grow up to be a smart and kind girl. I have time to calmly paint with her, see her talent and not worry that paint gets on her face, furniture, carpet. My favorite part of being a mother is listening to Ever, discussing school matters, talking about dreams and fears.

About the first and second pregnancy

My pregnancies were very different. The first time I felt great, but I ate a lot (I could have six eggs with bacon and croutons for breakfast). The skin became oily, age spots and redness appeared. I worked and flew all the time, so the defects had to be hidden under makeup.

During the second pregnancy, for the first four months, I felt bad. Constantly nauseous and headache. It's funny that the eldest daughter began to copy my behavior. She complained at school of dizziness. It seemed to her that constantly being at home and lying (as I did) was fun. It's good that in the second and third trimesters it was much easier.

About the third pregnancy

After finding out I was pregnant, I experienced many mixed feelings, from absolute joy to horror. Because of my age and the loss of a previous child, I didn't want to get attached to this pregnancy too quickly. It wasn't much fun, and for the past few months my family and I have been living on pins and needles, waiting for test results and constant visits to doctors. Thank God, everything turned out well, and we learned that we were blessed with another girl.

About moms who inspire

I have always been inspired by moms living in third world countries. They are independent of gadgets and spend almost all their time with their child.

The Western model of parenting presupposes rapid maturation: a child immediately has his own room, he goes to kindergarten early - this breaks the bond between him and his parents.

My husband and I can spend 14 hours on set, so often the children sleep with us.

Traveling during pregnancy and with children

I remember how, during my first pregnancy, I sat on the plane for 8 hours, and then I saw that my legs increased threefold. The second time, I gave up frequent flights.

If you are planning a trip, I advise you to have a massage and a cool foot bath upon arrival.

When traveling with children, I always take impressive luggage. I will never forget a flight from Paris to Newcastle with a 10 month old baby catching the flu. Now we always have a first aid kit, plasters, antibacterial gel, wet wipes and a bottle of water with us. And also paper and pencils. It is not known how long you will spend at the airport!

About daily care

Since I was 11, I cleanse and moisturize my skin every day. As a teenager, I led an extreme lifestyle, smoked and slept a little - all this affected the skin. I always say: if it were not for the daily beauty routine, I would look 1000 years old!

Every evening I cleanse my face with scrub or oils. I have three different serums that I alternate throughout the week to keep my skin from getting used to it. During pregnancy, coconut oil was added to my usual care, which I applied over a night cream.

About rest

We relax with our children: we draw, walk, read or just wallow.

Adults need to be careful what they do, because kids always copy them. I was in the habit of playing video games, and eventually my daughter started to play them.

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