Diving Into Zero Gravity: How Floating From A Niche Routine For Yogis And Celebrities Became A Universal Relief From Stress

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Video: Diving Into Zero Gravity: How Floating From A Niche Routine For Yogis And Celebrities Became A Universal Relief From Stress

Video: Diving Into Zero Gravity: How Floating From A Niche Routine For Yogis And Celebrities Became A Universal Relief From Stress
Video: How to Bend Time | The Space Show 2023, June
Diving Into Zero Gravity: How Floating From A Niche Routine For Yogis And Celebrities Became A Universal Relief From Stress
Diving Into Zero Gravity: How Floating From A Niche Routine For Yogis And Celebrities Became A Universal Relief From Stress

The feeling "I want to have pens" is familiar to everyone. And now, at a time when stress is creeping out of all cracks - both because of the introduction of quarantine and because of its cancellation - this desire is especially acute. Someone seizes experiences with desserts, someone takes a sedative or turns to psychologists. There are a lot of options. Experts say that one of the best ways to feel safe and relieve stress is to be in a place that most closely resembles a mother's womb. Dark, quiet, calm and weightless - this is exactly the kind of environment that floats create. Let's figure out what it is and who is it for.

It took 20 years to develop

This procedure appeared in the 70s thanks to the American neuropsychologist John Lily. Studying consciousness, he tried to figure out how to immerse a person in total relaxation. Will he experience pacification if you turn off all stimuli, clear all sensing? Or will it have the opposite effect: because of the feeling of a vacuum, the nervous breakdown will intensify?

After lengthy experiments lasting almost two decades, and engineering developments, the doctor, together with colleague Glenn Perry, created a special capsule isolated from the outside world. Patients were immersed in an Epsom salt solution composed of chlorine, sulfur and magnesium sulfate. The water temperature, up to a tenth of a degree, repeated the body temperature - 34-36 ° C. Inside, the "bath" could be customized for yourself: choose either complete silence and darkness, or meditative music and light illumination. The effect exceeded all expectations. The doctors thanked them and called them a wizard, saying that they had never fallen asleep so quickly or got up so rested.

The action of the camera on a subconscious level resembles an embryonic environment, where we are protected and do not have to decide anything

For a long time, the device was treated with caution. Floating was popular only with yogis, politicians, big businessmen and Hollywood stars who needed relaxation. But recently, the service has ceased to be a niche. Office employees, young mothers, and those who have to work a lot physically sign up for it. It helps both: relaxes muscles and joints, frees the head.

avatar Julia Johansson
avatar Julia Johansson

Julia Johansson

Owner of the Vostochny Express SPA

Floating is a unique procedure that creates the effect of space weightlessness. It works on several levels at once - physical, emotional and spiritual. Such therapy is a special pleasure that cannot be experienced in ordinary life. All thanks to the active production of endorphins. The verbal-analytical left hemisphere, accustomed to verbally reacting to external stimuli, will subside in their absence and give you the opportunity to hear the figurative-intuitive message of the right hemisphere. Your brain will start generating low frequency theta waves. In this deep state, the brain actively produces endorphins - hormones of pleasure, so that you will experience truly embryonic bliss. Floating gives you a sense of harmony, security and deep meditative peace that stays with you long after the session. Furthermore,it has a cumulative effect - the more regularly you practice, the better the result.

Why is this needed?

Relieve stress, forget about anxiety

Thanks to the procedure, the production of stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline - decreases and the production of endorphins - the hormones of happiness - increases.

Stimulate brain function

Our brain is constantly in multitasking mode, it always analyzes something even in the background. By blocking access to external stimuli, we give him the opportunity to disconnect, regain strength and earn with renewed vigor. The capsule is the ideal space for creative solutions to any problem, it promotes mental clarity, accelerates the learning process and sharpens the senses.

Improve sleep …

Floating relieves fatigue after long flights, improves chronic fatigue and helps treat insomnia. 1 hour in a capsule is comparable to a full night of sleep.

… and fitness

Reduces the likelihood of stroke by lowering blood pressure and normalizing pulse and heart rate.


Smooth out wrinkles and reduce cellulite

Regular "weightless swimming" helps to reduce excess weight, increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite treatments, sports and therapeutic massages, and improve lymphatic drainage. Due to being in water with a high salt content, wrinkles are smoothed, skin color is normalized, and its nutrition improves.

Relieve tension in muscles and joints

It is like lying on the water in the Dead Sea - because of the salt, no effort is required to "soar". The muscle corset relaxes, hypertonicity and pressure on the intervertebral discs disappear. During pregnancy, floating is also beneficial: it relieves the joints and spine, which positively affects the physical and emotional state of the mother.

Accelerate recovery from injuries and surgeries

The procedure relieves pain in arthritis, migraines, fractures, helps in the treatment of the spine (osteochondrosis). Accelerates rehabilitation.

Help immunity

Floating also improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body, strengthens the immune system, and increases physical energy and concentration.

Can claustraphobes also be allowed?

This is one of the main questions that floatation professionals are asked. Many are afraid that they will be locked in a cramped booth filled with water, where nothing is heard or seen: “What if there’s a fire, but I don’t recognize? And if I want to get out and I can't."

Calm down. Now there are not only small capsules, but also whole rooms - there is dim light, a lot of space, you can come with your second half or a friend. You don't have to use earplugs, you can leave relaxing music, and you don't have to plunge into complete darkness - leave the iridescent LEDs.

The main advice to everyone who is going to the procedure is to stop controlling everything and trust the process

It would be nice to go for a massage before going to the capsule, it will be a preparatory stage. Afterwards, it will be easier to relax in the water. Think of this as an unusual form of meditation. And then you will be able to enjoy doing nothing and, perhaps, even fall asleep. By the way, after a few sessions, panic attacks and claustrophobia can recede. Ideally, if you add to this the reception of a psychologist.

How long does the procedure take?

On average, one hour. This time is enough to rest and feel a surge of strength. Want more? No problem, even all night. It is good for both the nervous system and the body.

You can take a course to consolidate the effect. People who are tortured by megacities, specialists with burnout syndrome or mothers with nervous exhaustion come to the spa once a week for this. 5-7 treatments are usually enough.

Where to immerse yourself in zero gravity

Float center "Tishina"

Address: st. Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, 34-36, p. 3

There is both a float chamber and a float capsule. The center offers individual programs that combine steam, massage and SPA.

Price: "Detox" (60 minutes of floating, 60 minutes of lymphatic drainage massage) - 4990 rubles.

"Pacific Ocean" (60 minutes of floating, 90 minutes of Thalasso Bretagne ritual 3 seaweed) - 5990 rubles.

Float Studio

Address: st. Bolshaya Tatarskaya, 7

One of the few centers in Russia with float rooms, not capsules. The 2x2 bathroom can comfortably accommodate pregnant women and claustrophobic people.

Cost: Immersion (60 minutes) - 4000 rubles.

"Full reboot" (45 minutes of body massage, 45 minutes of facial massage, 60 minutes of floating) - 8000 rubles.


Address: Bryusov lane, 2/14, p. 3

A salon a stone's throw from the Kremlin with affordable prices and the opportunity to purchase a subscription for the procedure.

Cost: "First time" (60 minutes of floating) - 2000 rubles.

"Float + massage" (60 minutes for each service) - 3900 rubles.

Enjoy Float

Address: Lyalin per., 23/29, p. 1, building 3

They offer floating, combined with a visit to a cosmetologist, psychologist or massage therapist, pair options and promotions for pregnant women.

Cost: Floating (60 minutes) - 2500 rubles.

Pair floating (60 minutes) - 3200 rubles.

ArtPlay persona

Address: st. Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, p. 10

Before and after the procedure at the club, you can use the services of a tuning expert who worked with the country's top officials and astronauts.

Cost: "First session" (60 minutes) - 1490 rubles.

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