How To Make Patches At Home And Will They Work

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How To Make Patches At Home And Will They Work
How To Make Patches At Home And Will They Work

Quarantine days are not in vain. We have learned how to do our own manicure, switched to home workouts, improve our skills in the kitchen and learn new makeup techniques. Homemade beauty recipes are in demand - there is time for experiments, and your favorite products are running out.

To diversify the beauty routine, bloggers on Instagram suggest making patches at home. With the help of three ingredients and a form of patches, you can make a beauty product at home that will relieve puffiness under the eyes.

Tatiana Al Sabunchi, Ph.D., dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, chief physician of the TORI clinic of aesthetic medicine

Due to the natural composition, "home" patches work no less efficiently than purchased ones. And due to the fact that "home" patches are in the refrigerator (exposure to low temperature), an additional lymphatic drainage effect occurs. An important nuance: since the patches contain natural ingredients, in order to avoid possible irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and an allergic reaction, place the patches further from the ciliary edge.

⠀Recipe for "home" eye patches

The hardest part in this business is finding a mold for filling. The best option is a box of purchased patches.

1. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of gelatin in cold water (very little water).

2. Brew a useful "liquid" in another container:

- green tea (leaf tea is better, not dust from a bag)

- chamomile decoction -

dill decoction

** if there is no allergy, you can add a drop of honey.

** Do not cook much liquid. For such an amount of gelatin, no more than 3 tablespoons of broth is needed.

3. Mix gelatin and warm broth

4. Pour into a mold and send to refrigerator.

Prepare patches in the evening and in the morning ready-made cool gelatin patches will be great for eye puffiness. This recipe takes no more than five minutes, it is applied under the eyes for 5-7 minutes, until the jelly begins to melt. The thickness of the patch must be selected: thick ones do not adhere well to the skin, thin ones break when taken out of the mold.

If you haven't found a patch form, you can soak cotton pads in a decoction of herbs and apply under the eyes.

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