Get Infected With The Coronavirus, Take An Online Excursion To Zoom And Other Ways To Make Money That Appeared During The Quarantine

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Video: Get Infected With The Coronavirus, Take An Online Excursion To Zoom And Other Ways To Make Money That Appeared During The Quarantine
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Get Infected With The Coronavirus, Take An Online Excursion To Zoom And Other Ways To Make Money That Appeared During The Quarantine
Get Infected With The Coronavirus, Take An Online Excursion To Zoom And Other Ways To Make Money That Appeared During The Quarantine

Optimists say that even if you are eaten, you have two options. Jokes aside, but in an era of pandemic, when even giant companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, and the future is very vague, self-confidence will not hurt. If you suddenly come up with an unusual idea that no one believes in, do not rush to say goodbye to it. Perhaps in these non-standard times it is she who will "shoot". What is there! Some do not despair, even having received a positive test for COVID-19: they manage to monetize a blog about their disease. We, of course, are for safer ways of earning money, but we shake our ideas.

Tell about your treatment in the telegram

Having gone to a concert of his favorite group DIIV from Minsk to Berlin in early March, 24-year-old Victor did not even think about the danger. The borders of the countries were open, in Italy they have not yet declared an emergency. A few days after returning, a friend he was traveling with complained of high fever and weakness. The doctors who arrived diagnosed the coronavirus. It became clear: the guy, as a "first-level contact", was also waiting for a test. An ambulance took him from his home to the hospital and put him in quarantine. In order not to get bored, Victor started the Me and COVID-19 telegram channel.

“The system is not working properly. They put me in a four-bed ward, where pensioners lie. If I have a "crown", then they are finished. Doctors in special coats said to wash their hands and treat them with an antiseptic. It's funny that the antiseptic immediately ran out, and the soap was simply stolen, "- thanks to such revelations, the channel became interesting to large publics who gave a link to it.

At the time when the author was confirmed to have a virus, 40 thousand people were subscribed to the channel.

Taking advantage of his work experience - for several years the guy was an SEO specialist, he created interesting content, posted photos from the ward. As a result, advertisers began to go to it. For a couple of weeks, he managed to earn about 150 thousand rubles. However, when he asked his followers whether he should write on other topics - for example, about the fall in oil prices, they answered in the negative. Over time, the number of subscribers fell sharply, and Victor himself also left the group, having previously informed that none of those who communicated with him had become infected.

Arrange online walks in Zoom and Skype

There is no opportunity to travel now, but there is more than enough desire. Especially now, in spring, when everything is blooming and cities are changing. I would like to see London sprinkled with wisteria petals or New York, pink from sakura, even for a minute. Guides bored with nothing to do found a way out. And now they arrange virtual walks for their clients using smartphones. Live streams on Instagram, calls using Zoom, Skype and Youtube, interactive Google Earth maps - absolutely everything is used. Some of the mass excursions are held free of charge - as an enticing moment, so that later those who liked this format could order an individual tour. Some are sold at an affordable price - for example, for 200 rubles. A trifle. But, if 200 people enroll in the group, you get 40 thousand rubles per day.

Slava Spiegel, a Russian-speaking guide in New York, has launched a series of online tours on Instagram and Zoom, and there is a demand for them. An hour and a half walk around Midtown will cost 500 rubles, an hour survey of the Financial District - 300. Local residents are not prohibited from leaving the house, so he calmly wanders through the empty streets, showing the sights. This is Central Park, this is the city train station, and this is the famous library and boarded-up boutiques on Madison Avenue. In the process, you can ask questions, ask to come closer, enter into discussions. Among the pluses - no one interrupts and is not late for some point, distracted by the photograph.

Volunteer for a vaccine test

Get paid to save humanity from the virus? Really! And for this it is not necessary to be an infectious disease doctor who has developed a cure for adversity. You can become a volunteer who has suffered this dangerous disease under the supervision of doctors. In the UK, anyway. There, the government announced a search for volunteers - in total 20 thousand people are needed.

Each of them will receive about 320 thousand rubles for possible risks

True, the deadly strain itself will not be planted; two of its less aggressive species will be used. In theory, this should help scientists develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Almost anyone who does not have serious chronic diseases can become a participant. After infection, patients will be required to spend two weeks in quarantine in the laboratory of the Queen Mary BioEnterprises innovation center in London, not to communicate with anyone and follow a diet.

Discuss conspiracy theories and recovery stories on YouTube

At first, the platform banned monetization of any video that mentions the coronavirus. But after the indignation of users, I reconsidered my decision. All bloggers were refunded the money that had been credited to their account for the advertisements viewed in the intervals.

“It became clear that the topic of the virus will now be a constant and integral part of daily conversations. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that news companies and content creators can continue to produce high-quality videos,”said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

“Such issues have a crazy number of views, both reach and“watchability”increase - that is, the user watches the video, and does not read the comments while the“talking head”is telling something,” explained one of the channel's creators. Until recently, he promoted entertainment content about travel and fashion, and now he switched to the virus. And the number of subscribers has increased by half. And the number of views - six, from 50 thousand to 300. Naturally, there were more advertising. True, the tax blogger is in no hurry to report incomes.

Help travel with the navigator in Google Earth

Programmer Egor Smirnov from ITMO University also decided to help fellow countrymen who are bored without travel. And he created a virtual assistant for online travel around the world. This is such a pedestrian navigator with which you can make an interesting route in Google Earth and wander around interesting places without leaving a safe home. To do this, you need to install the Sight Safari application on your smartphone. True, it only works on the Android platform.

From the phone it will be possible to "fly" over the city, bring closer the stucco molding on the old facades, "sit" on a bench in the park

Now many Russian cities and several foreign ones are available for tours. But the developer promises to improve his invention.

Investors have already become interested in its service and intend to invest a decent amount in the project.

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