Screen Into The World: YouTube Travel Channels That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster

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Video: Screen Into The World: YouTube Travel Channels That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster
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Screen Into The World: YouTube Travel Channels That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster
Screen Into The World: YouTube Travel Channels That Make Our Hearts Beat Faster

While there is no way to travel, we watch the channels of the most popular travel bloggers and … no, we do not cry (!), But make a list of places that we will definitely visit when the pandemic is over. The channel of the former host of "Eagle and Tails" Anton Ptushkin already has a mini-film about life in Bali, and the best blogger according to the Best Blogger Awards, Leonid Pashkovsky, has shot many videos with places for extreme lovers and fans of extraordinary routes. For those who go on the tour alone, we advise you to subscribe to Masha Sebova's vlog, and the couple in love will love the recommendations of the Americans Kara and Nate.

Anton Ptushkin

Anton Ptushkin announced his retirement from the show "Heads and Tails" a year ago. And immediately began filming his own travel vlogs. Moreover, the rating is no worse than on the Friday channel. In hour-long videos, Anton talks about interesting facts about a country or city, interviews local residents or our compatriots who live there. And most importantly - the views that he manages to capture on camera: they are beautiful! Ptushkin has already managed to shoot projects about Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Switzerland. He also released a mini-film about life in Chernobyl today. And the highest-rated video so far remains "Bali and why everyone is crazy about it" with 10 million views (by the way, Regina Todorenko also took part in it).

WANT TO HOME - Travels You Won't Go On

Blogger Leonid Pashkovsky's channel lives up to its name: it shows really unpopular and even dangerous routes. Leonidas has already visited the African tribe, where only women live, and the Papua village of Indonesia, where men buy wives; met Thai monks and walked along the "path of death" on Mount Huashan in China. Also in his travel-box are almost all the countries of Latin America. But the most popular video with almost 2.5 million views was a tour of Tibet.

Andrey Burenok

Andrey Burenok is the founder and CEO of the TripMyDream travel service. For the YouTube channel, he films the lives of people in other countries, touching on the most relevant topics - from local traditions, which the whole world discusses, to education, relationships between men and women, and raising children. He also has a series of videos called "Expats" in which he communicates with our compatriots who have left for permanent residence abroad. It is interesting that Andrei interviews several characters at once, whose opinions often do not coincide with each other. But everyone frankly talks about their way of moving and the pros and cons of living far from home.

Abandoned world

The videos on this channel are both mesmerizing and frightening at the same time. The author shows abandoned places in different parts of our planet - houses in remote villages, schools, hospitals, laboratories, garages. Accompanied by music, vlogs resemble shots from a horror or disaster movie. We advise you to look at your mood!

Rita Galkina

Rita Galkina is a fashion blogger, but on her YouTube channel there are not only videos with style tips, but also travel. The series "One Across America" ​​deserves special attention, when it drove by car along the famous highway 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles and back. On the way, Rita talked about herself, showed interesting sights, cafes, vintage shops. As a result, she got a personal travel diary, after watching which you will definitely want to plan a similar trip and also download a playlist for yourself, like Rita's.

Masha Sebova

Masha Sebova's canal is a godsend for budget travelers. She talks about how you can save money on your trip, from plane tickets to accommodation and local attractions. Masha also shares interesting walking routes, a list of the best cafes and places for perfect selfies. Her tips are universal, and they should be taken into account right now - they will be useful for the first tour abroad after the pandemic!

Kara and nate

English-speaking channel of a couple from Tennessee, USA. They traveled around the world in January 2016 and have already traveled to over 100 countries. Their vlogs contain reviews of hotels and apartments, attractions and food. Lovers talk about everything with humor and without embellishment, giving ideas for their honeymoon. Kara and Nate has nearly 1.5 million subscribers and over 600,000 views for each video.

The bucket list family

In this blog, a couple is traveling with three children and knows all about how to make the vacation interesting for everyone. Their videos show the best itineraries for a large family and hotel reviews. The spouses also often give life hacks on raising children - in one video, dad teaches his son to swim underwater, in another - to ride a bike.


Another English-language channel that cannot be ignored. The 15- or 30-minute videos are more like Discovery programs, with incredibly beautiful sights and voiceover. The feed contains both a guide to individual cities and a series in the spirit of "10 best beaches in the world", "10 best castles in the world", etc.

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