Raspberries From Kamchatka And Tangerines From Sochi: Russian Brands That Make Cosmetics From Local Products

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Raspberries From Kamchatka And Tangerines From Sochi: Russian Brands That Make Cosmetics From Local Products
Raspberries From Kamchatka And Tangerines From Sochi: Russian Brands That Make Cosmetics From Local Products

For many years we were sure: the best manufacturers of cosmetics are foreign. Thank you for this era of scarcity and post-perestroika times. Then there really was nothing to choose from. Since then, a lot of water, shampoo and balm have flowed under the bridge. And domestic brands more than once managed to prove that they are in no way inferior to foreign ones, and sometimes even surpass them. Many, for example, make natural and organic products that regularly make it to the international selection of the best.

There is another advantage. Some nutritionists believe that it is better to prefer Russian apples to any pineapple, there will be more benefits for the body. In the same way, some cosmetologists advocate the use of local ingredients in cosmetics. Like, our skin is more adapted to chamomile than to passionfruit, therefore the effect will be more noticeable.

We at BeautyHack stand for experimentation and choice. But still, we advise you to take a closer look at these Russian brands, they are worthy of attention.

Natura Siberica

For 12 years of operation, the company has become so popular that it has opened stores not only in our country, but also in other countries. Taiga, unique plants, old recipes - foreigners are delighted with all this, natural and ecological. The Times even included the brand's shampoo with Rhodiola rosea and cedar milk in the top five natural.

The brand's products are really created on the basis of extracts of Siberian herbs. They are grown on four farms: in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Kuril island of Kunashir and in Khakassia, where it occupies 33 hectares. This is the largest organic farm in Eurasia. The places were not chosen by chance. Studies have confirmed that the harsher the climate, the more nutrients the native plants contain. Plus, the company wanted to obtain a certificate in accordance with the European Organic Farming Act from the German association CERES. And for this, land was needed, free of chemical fertilizers. Ginseng, arnica, sea buckthorn, arctic raspberries, rose hips - all this is grown there without growth stimulants, pesticides and herbicides. And even "insect hotels" are set for biodiversity.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Phyto-scrub for the body "Ice Arctic" with peppermint, Arctic raspberry pits, ice novosversion.
  • Sea buckthorn shampoo "Nourishment and restoration" for damaged hair with a lamination effect.


The history of the company began in 2013 with a small soap production. Petersburgers Victoria and Leonid were getting ready for the birth of their daughter and decided to make their own baby care products. Just four years later, the organization received the international COSMOS Natural certificate. It confirms the eco-composition of products and is universal for the whole of Europe.

Almost all of the brand's products are vegan (with the exception of honey lip balm) and are not used on animals. They include spring water, cornflower hydrolat, rosehip, sage, celandine, blueberries, dill, milk thistle, broccoli, mint, potassium alum - volcanic minerals. Some of the ingredients are sourced from other countries, such as coconut oil or ylang ylang. However, the bulk of vegetable oils and extracts are Russian-made.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Natural vegetable "Squalane" for moisturizing and regenerating the skin, hair care.
  • Blue cornflower hydrolat to tone and moisturize the skin of the face.


The producers focused on fragrant herbs, juicy fruits and berries growing in the south of Russia. Walnut, mountain ash, rose, peony, blackberry, heather, basil contain trace elements necessary for nutrition, healing and hydration. They are complemented by exotic ingredients. For example, argan, cocoa, jojoba, coconut, shea butter.

The brand was one of the first to launch a Zero-West project in our country. Buyers can purchase balms, shampoos, gels, creams in reusable containers that do not emit toxic substances into the environment. And after use, refill it in special stores. Outlets, by the way, supported the idea. Several partners have already installed equipment and trained staff. To preserve nutrients in natural oils and extracts, the brand produces them in dark glass bottles and cans.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • The essence-starter "Revitalizing", which increases the immunity of the skin and enhances the effect of the cream.
  • Eye cream with almond oil, rose extract, wheat and cornflower seeds, slowing down the aging process, smoothing fine wrinkles.

Mi & Ko

The founder of the brand, Ekaterina, started thinking about organic cosmetics when she was pregnant. And in 2008, with the help of family and friends, it launched the first products for personal and home care without synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens, animal fats and genetically modified products. Now they are still not tested on our smaller brothers, they contain domestic plant extracts, essential oils of fruits, berries, flowers and herbs. And, for example, the olive oil required for some creams is bought by the company from a Russian manufacturer on an Italian farm.

The brand is Ecocert certified and some of its products have received the COSMOS Organic label. This means that quality is controlled at every stage: from the selection of ingredients to the disposal of packaging. And by the way, products for the face, body and hair, men's and children's product lines, household chemicals are sold in medical cans made of dark glass or in reusable containers. It can be returned to your organization's stores for reuse.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Solid shampoo "Beer" with essential oils of bey and black pepper to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth.
  • Body scrub "Ginger" anti-cellulite.


For seven years, vegan cosmetics with a stylish design have become so fond of consumers that they have spread from St. Petersburg to different cities and countries. No refined or animal products. Even honey and beeswax are prohibited there. Only flowers and herbs, vegetable oils, different types of clay, salt and minerals. Most products have a minimum shelf life because the preservatives are mostly natural.

Manufacturers emphasize that their creams, bathroom mixes, scrubs, soaps are handmade inside and out. The employees themselves grow and collect the ingredients, manually weigh the ingredients, mix them, arrange them into jars and bottles, and apply labels. And this approach, of course, captivates.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Solid deodorant "Lemon-jasmine" with sea buckthorn extract, candelilla wax, tea tree oil and cocoa.
  • A purifying facial mask with blue clay that unclogs pores and evens skin tone.

Pure love

The founder of the brand, Katerina, became interested in medical literature, studied with the technologists of cosmetic companies, graduated from the Chemistry Department of Mendeleev University. And knowledge was not in vain. In 2013, the girl launched a line of products aimed at skin restoration. Nothing more: creams, masks, serums, shampoos, balms, lotions. All components are natural, organic. Part of the brand buys abroad, part in Russia. However, each of them has quality certificates.

The products are free of silicones, parabens and artificial preservatives. Therefore, such cosmetics are not stored for long. However, Pure Love fans say that their “favorites” are not idle on the shelf.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Enzymatic mask (peeling gel) with hibiscus extract, which evens out the skin texture, exfoliates and stimulates metabolic processes.
  • Resveratrol face cream.

Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics

It all started with the thought of a long-awaited child. A resident of Moscow, Christina, did not manage to get pregnant. To distract herself, she started making soap at home. It worked: the miracle finally happened. Then the family decided to move from the polluted capital to the mountain village of Medoveevka not far from Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. Then, 12 years ago, even before the Olympics, almost no one knew about this place. The wife of the brand's founder started building a bar and an eco-hotel, and she organized a soap factory with them. She took glacial water and herbs nearby, bought honey from neighbors.

Now the brand has more than 400 stores throughout the country, in Kazakhstan and Belarus. The couple is building a 7-hectare farm to enable full-cycle production. All shampoos, gels, cleansers, scrubs, creams are created from local plants that employees collect themselves. The company uses only those ingredients that are allowed by the European standards for organic cosmetics, Ecocert and Cosmos.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Hydrolat "Mandarin" slows down the aging process, relieves inflammation, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  • Soap "Royal Jelly" with honey and grape seed oil, gently cleanses the skin, disinfects the skin, improves cell nutrition.

Berezka Lab

After living in Singapore for several years, petroleum engineer Diana became addicted to Asian cosmetics. Natural composition, unique formulas for different skin types, low price - the perfect combination. However, when she returned to her homeland, the founder of the brand never found a worthy replacement. I had to create it myself.

100% herbal ingredients, the quality of which is confirmed by special USDA or EcoCert / Cosmos certificates, organic essential oils that have an aromatherapy effect, packaging made of special violet biophotonic glass that protects against oxidation and ultraviolet radiation - Berezka Lab products are considered a luxury in the organic cosmetics market.

Where to start acquaintance with the brand

  • Antioxidant restoring Night Serum with grape seed oil, almond oil, blue chamomile, sea buckthorn extract, turmeric, fennel.
  • Serum for the skin around the eyes Eye Serum with pine nut oil, baobab, macadamia, vitamin E.

How to distinguish organic foods in a store

Even if a brand has eco-certificates, this does not mean that they have been assigned to absolutely every company product (we wrote about how brands mislead consumers in the article about greenwashing). Sometimes only 10–20% of products are labeled.

To buy natural or organic products, you should pay attention to the packaging. Look for the international certificate icon there. Considering that there are no uniform standards in our country, it is better to focus on the norms of European eco-associations:

  • Ecocert (France),
  • BDIH (Germany),
  • ICEA (Italy),
  • Soil Association (UK),
  • a single standard - COSMOS Standard (COSMOS Natural or COSMOS Organic means that the product received the highest possible ratings, the production process was controlled at every stage).

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