“Get Old Naturally. Coli Botox ": Cynthia Nixon - In A Video About Double Standards For Women

Video: “Get Old Naturally. Coli Botox ": Cynthia Nixon - In A Video About Double Standards For Women
Video: Be a Lady They Said - narrated by Cynthia Nixon 2023, February
“Get Old Naturally. Coli Botox ": Cynthia Nixon - In A Video About Double Standards For Women
“Get Old Naturally. Coli Botox ": Cynthia Nixon - In A Video About Double Standards For Women

Provocative and inspiring - this is the video about the conflicting demands of society for women. As soon as it appeared on the Vimeo platform, the video immediately went viral and gained over a million views.

Camilla Rainville, an American student, was the author of the words about the rules for the fair sex. True, she wrote these lines back in 2017, studying in the library. Then she heard a conversation about the fact that the concept of "being a lady" often hides incompatible concepts. And I wondered what some people have to go through in order to meet the expectations of others. The girl posted a post about this on her Facebook page. And her friends liked him so much that he soon spread far beyond social networks. It was reprinted by magazines and newspapers, words from there even began to be printed on T-shirts.

To prevent her work from becoming "popular", Camilla created a separate blog, where she began to post her thoughts on the topic of gender prejudice and inequality.

And late last year, Girls.Girls.Girls. Magazine, founded by fashion photographer Claire Rothstein, decided to shoot a video with the same text. The actress Cynthia Nixon was offered to voice him, and the student immediately agreed with this candidacy. After reading the words, the Hollywood star herself caught fire with the idea. Most of her will be remembered for the role of careerist Miranda Hobbs from the TV series "Sex and the City". But in her filmography there are also serious roles, for which she was repeatedly nominated for Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Golden Globe awards. For the past few years, Nixon has been in politics, in 2018 she ran for the governor of New York. In addition, Cynthia supports the LGBT movement, including the right to enter into same-sex marriage. She is in a relationship with a woman and has two children. And stands for freedom of choice, sayingthat she is tired of the imposed demands: love the one who is allowed, be beautiful, do not complain. She called this video a manifesto for women's rights.

The video was produced by Rothstein herself, and Paul McLean, who worked on the Fendi campaigns and Hugo Boss, who shot videos for Harper's Bazaar and Office, was invited as the director. The cuts used frames from films, clips and advertisements.

- It's a triumph! Hundreds of hours of work, brainstorming, incredible support, tears and tantrums (the last two points are exclusively from me). It certainly sounds like we won the Oscar, but sometimes it seems like this is it. I am very proud of what happened, - wrote Claire on her Instagram.

The BeautyHack editors also appreciated the project. It's hard to disagree with these words:

“Be a lady,” they said. Your skirt is too short. Your skirt is too long. Don't expose so much of your body. Cover up, leave something to the imagination, don't tempt. Men cannot control themselves, they have needs. Look sexy, look seductive. Don't provoke. You asked for it yourself. Wear black, wear stilettos. You're too smart. You are too inconspicuous, you look like you have neglected yourself. Be a lady, they said.

Don't be too fat. Don't be too thin. Eat with gusto. Don't eat so fast. Lose weight. Stop eating so much, order a salad, don't eat carbohydrates, skip dessert, go on a diet. God you look like a skeleton, why don't you just eat? You look emaciated, you look sick. Men don't like bones alone. Be size zero, be thinner, be nothing, be less than nothing. Be a lady, they said.

Remove excess hair. Bleach this, bleach that. Get rid of scars, hide stretch marks, make lips plump, hide wrinkles with Botox, tighten your face, remove your belly, pick up your breasts. Look natural, you try too hard, you look desperate, men don't like artificial women. Be a lady, they said.

Do your makeup, highlight your cheekbones, line your lips, paint your eyebrows, make your eyelashes longer, paint your lips, powder, brown, apply a bronzer, apply a highlighter. Your hair is too short. Paint your curls, just not blue, it looks unnatural. Look young, old age is ugly, men don't like ugly. Be a lady, they said.

Take care of yourself, be clean, don't be a whore, don't sleep with just anyone, men don't like whores, don't be a puritan. Don't be so tight-lipped, smile more, satisfy men, look experienced, be innocent, be sexy, be depraved, be cool, don't be like other girls. Be a lady, they said.

Don't talk too loud, don't talk too much, don't be scary. Why are you so unhappy? Don't be a bitch, don't be bossy. Don't be so emotional, don't cry, don't shout, don't swear, endure the pain, don't complain. Fold his clothes, make him dinner, make him happy, it's a woman's responsibility. One day you will be a good wife. Take his last name. Did you take a double surname? A sick feminist. Give birth to his children. Don't you want kids? Once you want it, your opinion will change. Be a lady, they said.

Don't get raped, don't drink too much, don't walk alone, don't go out too late, don't dress like that, don't get drunk, don't smile at strangers, don't go out at night. Do not trust anyone. Don't say yes, don't say no. Just be a lady, they said."

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