12 Healthy Lifestyle Instagram Stars Worth Following

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12 Healthy Lifestyle Instagram Stars Worth Following
12 Healthy Lifestyle Instagram Stars Worth Following

How to master ballet and improve stretching at home, what to eat for breakfast, and where to find motivation to exercise? BeautyHack shares its "findings" about a healthy lifestyle in the vastness of the network.

Victoria Demidova

Victoria Demidova is one of the most popular fitness bloggers in Russia. On her page, a blonde with a perfect press shares a workout video, care and nutrition secrets. Despite having a business, motherhood and a recent family tragedy, Victoria finds time for colorful and cheerful photos. And recently she became a mother for the second time. If you are looking for a set of exercises for the buttocks or do not know where to start working out after childbirth, you are here.

Mary Helen Bowers

Every girl at least once in her life imagined herself as a ballerina, famously writing pirouettes on stage. If you sleep and still see yourself in a white tutu, subscribe to Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Natalie Portman for the Oscar-winning Black Swan. Thanks to her online classes, ballet will be mastered even by those who are very far from dancing. Due to injury, the girl had to leave the New York City Ballet. But she did not say goodbye to the stage, but found her viewer on social networks: daily 560 thousand subscribers applaud her.

Shauna Harrison

Shauna Harrison is an example of how you can be a hip-hop dancer, bodybuilder, boxer and yoga fan at the same time. Yes, this is the page of the very girl with whom you want to have a cup of coffee or ride a bike in the park.

I mean, you don't know how to do a headstand yet? Sean Harris will teach. Few people know that the athlete and Komsomol member has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. So that!

Valentina Zelyaeva

Supermodel Valentina Zelyaeva should be subscribed to, if only because it is beautiful. And also - "delicious" (read a detailed interview with Valentina here). On Valentina's page (a certified health coach, by the way) you will find many useful recipes, nutritional tips, and information on superfoods.

Olga Malysheva

If you still don’t know how to make a pie with sun-dried tomatoes that you can eat in the evening and not get better, take a look at the “culinary” light to the specialist in nutrition and detox Olga Malysheva. The blog has recipes for simple and delicious dishes (in case you haven't decided how to treat yourself to dinner), useful tips about healthy lifestyle and, of course, detox.

Olga Yagnetinskaya (@yagnetinskaya)


One million subscribers follow Olga Yagnetinskaya's page. The "guru" of dietary sweets and the mother of two weather women, who lost 15 kg in 4 months, share the secrets of harmony and excellent appearance. For recipes for healthy pastries, ice cream and touching photos of children - here.

Natasha Corrett

Natasha Corrett is Victoria Beckham's nutritionist and author of the "alkaline" diet. Her blog focuses on healthy eating and food parsing and health benefits. No, it's not boring! Cute family photos are attached to the page.

Sisters Felicia and Diana

Felicia and Diana are sisters from Australia, who have set themselves a goal: to help everyone get a dream figure. They are good at it. In addition to photos of dumbbells and exercise machines, your account contains recipes for healthy breakfasts and many more interesting things.

Laura Kasperzak

This account is a must-learn for all yoga fans. Its author has been fond of yoga since the age of 18, comprehending the intricacies of this "philosophical" sports direction. Laura is raising two children and even managed to instill a love for asanas in her husband. Family yoga classes? Why and yes.

Masha Muller

Little Polina's mother, astrophysicist and traveler Masha Muller cannot boast of a million audience - here we are talking about quality, not quantity. The girl is known in narrow circles. If you surf the waves instead of the Internet, participate in marathons, exercise a lot, or enjoy yoga, this account will definitely be familiar.

Alya Samokhina

Alya is the author of the book "50 Shades of Green", which contains "healthy" recipes and healthy dishes for vegetarians and not only. On Samokhina's page, you will find all this in addition with valuable advice from nutritionists and colorful photos.

Victoria Gazinskaya

Victoria Gazinskaya is a famous Russian designer and winner of the Russian Silhouette competition. Not only Russian celebrities regularly appear in the outfits of the Vika Gazinskaya brand. Katy Perry, Blake Lively and Giovanna Battaglia are fans of Vicky's talent. Not so long ago, Gazinskaya delighted her subscribers with good news: she now has a page about healthy eating. Moreover, Victoria has developed her “evolutionary diet”, which does not include calorie counting and malnutrition. And it really works!

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