Personal Experience: How I Went To Bed Before 22:00 And Why I Won't Continue This Story

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Personal Experience: How I Went To Bed Before 22:00 And Why I Won't Continue This Story
Personal Experience: How I Went To Bed Before 22:00 And Why I Won't Continue This Story

I have been preparing this article for a month and a half. The editor-in-chief suggested testing a new healthy habit, and then writing down what changed in my regime and well-being. I thought: two weeks should be enough for the purity of the experiment. But in the end, for 14 days, I only tried unsuccessfully to accustom myself to go to bed before 10:00 pm and failed. The reasons for postponing going to bed were as serious as possible: they stayed for a walk - I didn't have time to do chores around the house and read to the child on time before bed; I want to finish reading a book; late dinner; too long film; a couple of work tasks that would be nice to complete, etc. Only two weeks later I got involved, at first I forced myself to go to bed, and then it became a habit.

To be honest, by the end of isolation, my usual schedule went wrong. The child stopped going to kindergarten, developmental activities were temporarily canceled, remote family work and routine household chores tired everyone. Being a mom and dad who juggle with plates, laptops and a vacuum cleaner has become mentally difficult. We relaxed, began to succumb to laziness and look for joy in simple little things: walking, movies, dinners, reading, without setting deadlines, but simply spending time as we wanted. On the one hand, it's a good practice. On the other hand, there was no more regime: both morning and evening. The schedule had to be restored for the sake of experiment. It’s not so easy every night to agree with a child that it’s time to sleep, win your place in bed while they’re having fun or watching a movie, and systematically explain to everyone that I’m going to rest.It turns out that you have to take care of your sleep. And if you do not live alone, it will have to be won back.

But the truce was concluded, the family accepted the fact: we have an experiment, and we go to bed at 22:00. Here's what good came out of this idea:

There was time for personal affairs and yoga in the morning

Waking up while the family is still asleep and going about your personal affairs is perfect! A place for a yoga mat and a "window" for wonderful morning practices, when the child does not try to repeat the asana, and the dog does not sit next to him, suddenly appeared in the apartment.

In addition, in the morning in complete silence, you can calmly drink coffee and collect your thoughts - this is difficult to do when you wake up late and immediately have to dive into a routine. Irritation cannot be avoided here.

Stopped flipping through social media feeds before bed


Everyone knows the story: go to a social network or messenger to check something specific, and an hour later you find yourself looking at the photos of a university friend. It is easy to give up this hobby before bed, and smartphone manufacturers are even ready to help with this. I have set a forced block - most applications turn off at 22:00, and notifications from instant messengers are not displayed until the morning. I especially like the latter - most often it is with Telegram that the amazing story of night Internet travel begins.

If you still need to enter the application, I choose the time limit offered by the iPhone: another minute, 15 minutes, or the whole evening. Even if you want to disable the lock for the whole evening, the smartphone will still remind you of it - you won't be able to freeze for a long time.

All this sounds like a maniacal desire to defeat the gadget, but in reality the truth works.

I started to fall asleep qualitatively

There are many beneficial breathing practices in yoga. In one article I read about the 4-7-8 method, which helps to fall asleep (and if you are not used to going to bed at 22:00, it will be quite difficult at first).

The technique includes several simple steps:

  • you need to place the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth;
  • exhale with an open mouth, making a whistling sound;
  • close your mouth and inhale air through your nose, for a count of 4;
  • hold your breath and count to 7;
  • open your mouth and exhale for a count of 8;
  • repeat the cycle three times.

It relaxes and soothes well.

Thinking about what I eat and drink before bed

Experts recommend eating three hours before bedtime. If you need to go to bed at 22:00, then the number of late dinners and family happy hours with wine and snacks is automatically reduced.

It is even theoretically difficult to overeat in such conditions, because your evening is literally scheduled by the hour.

I do not drive myself into a strict framework

Above, I described the pleasant moments and habits that have appeared in life with the new regime. But the main conclusion is that a dream is a very individual story, and it is not entirely correct to put yourself in the framework designated by specialists or journalists. Everyone has a different lifestyle, different goals and a different body. And living by the clock can cause additional stress for the body when you do not listen to yourself, but are engaged in some kind of healthy lifestyle.

Before the experiment began, I could not say that I was not getting enough sleep: the freelance regime allows me to be flexible in terms of waking up in the morning and daily routine. As a result, evenings are always unpredictable. I like this story and more than happy with it, and the lights out at 22:00 imposes certain restrictions on the life of the whole family, which are not always to their liking.

It's great to learn how to relax without a phone in bed, wake up and enjoy a quiet morning, fall asleep without feeling guilty that you allowed yourself to eat too much, but it's also great to arrange late summer walks around the city without looking back at the time, sit up until dark on the terraces with friends, ride with a child on rollerblades until 9 pm, and then noisily and cheerfully tumble into the bathroom and splash there for another hour, watch movies with the whole family until the eyes start to stick together. My choice: such a golden mean without strict daily alarms.

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