SPF Cream, Cardio And A Ban On Sweets: How To Look 20 After 45

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SPF Cream, Cardio And A Ban On Sweets: How To Look 20 After 45
SPF Cream, Cardio And A Ban On Sweets: How To Look 20 After 45

The most beautiful women on the planet continue to prove that age is just numbers. You can have perfect skin and a toned figure not only at 20 and even at 30-40 years old.

The BeautyHack editors have selected celebrities who look no worse than in their youth after 45 years, and also collected their beauty and personal care tips. Take note now!

Elle Macpherson, 55

Beauty Secrets: An Australian supermodel admits she starts her morning with 500 ml of pure water and meditation. She also cleans her face with a scrub every day and does home peeling twice a day.

During the shower, El uses a body brush and then applies oil or cream to the skin. If MacPherson spends time on the beach, then he uses improvised means - he mixes body cream with sand, rubs the skin well with the resulting composition, and then rinses off in the ocean.

In ordinary life, a celebrity does not use decorative cosmetics, allowing the skin to rest. But always (even in cloudy weather) applies sunscreen spray or cream.

Whenever possible, the supermodel goes to massage and relaxing SPA treatments. And always ends the day with a lavender bath. Another life hack of El's ideal appearance is 8-hour sleep.

Nutrition: McPherson hasn't eaten meat or abused sweets for years. She tries to eat in small portions 4-5 times a day, sometimes adheres to a blood type diet.

Also, the supermodel rarely drinks coffee (and if this happens, then cappuccino and latte prefers espresso), but loves herbal teas with honey.

Sports: Every day El runs on the beach or in the park, works out in the gym 4-5 times a week. She also leads an active lifestyle: she walks a lot, rides a bicycle, goes surfing in summer, and downhill skiing in winter.

Cindy Crawford, 53

Beauty Secrets: Cindy adheres to a strict daily routine - go to bed early and get up early. Crawford starts the morning with a glass of water and a 20-minute exercise for all muscle groups. If after sports she has to wash her hair, she pre-applies a moisturizing conditioner or oil to the strands. And he never uses tight hair ties!

The supermodel has no strict rules in facial care. She uses only proven means and does not go out without UV protection.

If you've had a tough week, Cindy devotes time to SPA treatments. But most of all she loves the infrared sauna.

Nutrition: the celebrity does not deny himself anything, but tries to maintain a balance - her diet should contain at least 80% healthy food. She eats small meals 3-4 times a day, makes small snacks.

Also during the week, Cindy drinks smoothies, which she most often makes herself. Her favorite ingredients are almond milk, cocoa, a slice of banana, a cup of spinach, a few mint leaves, a pinch of matcha powder and some protein.

Sports: Crawford trains five times a week. She devotes 20 minutes to cardio, and then she does strength exercises for half an hour or an hour. Also, the supermodel loves to walk at a brisk pace and always walks up the stairs.

Halle Berry, 52

Beauty secrets: the actress starts the morning with a smile and a glass of water. Before applying makeup, Holly wipes her face with rose water, and can also use it throughout the day.

In addition, like the previous stars from our selection, Berry always has sunscreen on hand.

She pays a lot of attention to her hair too: she always applies oil to the ends, and before styling with a hairdryer or ironing, a protective conditioner.

Another celebrity uses the advice of his mother: in the morning and in the evening, he applies a moisturizer to his neck and chest. And he always wears a bra, even when sleeping. According to her, this type of underwear helps a woman to keep her breasts in good shape until old age.

Nutrition: Holly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at an early age, so she always has to monitor her diet. Berry never eats sugary or fatty foods. But her menu includes vegetables and cereals.

Sports: The actress trains three to four times a week. He devotes a lot of time to cardio and sometimes does exercises with light weights. In the past few years, Halle Berry has taken a great interest in boxing.

Heidi Klum, 46

Beauty secrets: immediately after waking up, the supermodel drinks water with lemon. After a shower, she always applies moisturizers to her face and body. And sometimes natural oils.

Heidi practically does not use decorative cosmetics in everyday life. But in her cosmetic bag there are always products with SPF. And this despite the fact that Klum tries not to be in the sun for more than half an hour.

Nutrition: Heidi, like Cindy Crawford, adheres to the 80/20 system. This means that 80% of her diet consists of exceptionally healthy foods. However, Heidi does not eat white bread and pasta under any circumstances. But every night the supermodel drinks a glass of milk.

A celebrity once admitted that her coach does not approve of dairy products, but she listens to her body.

Sports: Klum began to actively train only after 30 years, when she felt the need for it. She now works with a personal trainer at least five days a week. The supermodel pays special attention to working out the press and buttocks.

She also tries to devote time to cardio every day. Most of all she enjoys running in the park or on the beach, brisk walking and swimming.

Jennifer Lopez, 50

Beauty Secrets: The singer and actress believes that in order to feel great, you need to drink as much water as possible. In the morning J. Lo starts his morning with water, and then drinks it throughout the day.

Also, the celebrity does not hide the fact that with a busy schedule, he always tries to visit a beautician and do all kinds of SPA programs. Jennifer's favorite procedure is chemical peeling.

Lopez admits that he loves tanning, but never goes out in the sun without good sunscreen.

Food: J. Lo has not eaten sweet, starchy foods and fried foods for many years. She prefers steamed vegetables, meat and fish. The singer eats 5-6 times a day in small portions and, what is important, at the same time.

Sports: The singer never misses a workout. Every day at home she performs a complex of yoga asanas and meditates, and during the day she devotes 1.5-2 hours to cardio and strength training. Her schedule also includes dances and rehearsals, walks with children and, if possible, jogging in the park.

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