Lockdown Was The Last Point: Celebrity Couples Who Filed For Divorce

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Video: 90 Day Fiance Update - which couples are still together & who filed for divorce? PART 5 2023, February
Lockdown Was The Last Point: Celebrity Couples Who Filed For Divorce
Lockdown Was The Last Point: Celebrity Couples Who Filed For Divorce

But psychologists warned: due to quarantine, the number of divorces will increase sharply. Quarrels will happen even among couples with strong harmonious relationships - after all, the constant presence with each other on the same territory is still a test for the psyche. And where everything was in vain, the inevitable will happen. And so it happened. Many families came out of isolation without rings on their fingers and with a firm intention to leave. There are also losses in the camp of star pairs.

Julia Roberts is tired of jealousy scandals

Rumors that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's marriage is hanging in the balance have been around for years. For 18 years, the couple really had many difficult periods. And it all started complicated: at the time of their acquaintance, the man was married and the actress paid his wife decent compensation so that she agreed to a divorce. After that, Danny himself more than once accused Julia of being used to commanding on the set and even at home decides all issues herself, without consulting him. Friends said that she was tired of carrying everything on her shoulders: the operator's earnings, of course, are not as high as that of the first-tier actress and producer. In addition, Roberts owns a large film company and receives interest from films. The controversy went so far that when Julia's sister and mother died, her husband did not even come to support her at the funeral. Also rumored to behe was insanely jealous of her and even tried to prohibit acting in films if the partner was attractive.

However, the final point in this drama was put by the lockdown. Daily scandals tired the star so much that she, without waiting for the abolition of self-isolation, decided to move with her children to a new house in San Francisco. Moder will stay in Los Angeles. So far, the main question is how the couple will share custody of 15-year-old twins Hazel and Finneas and their 12-year-old brother Henry.

Mary-Kate Olsen did not want to share a house with ex-wife Olivier Sarkozy

Выбор звезды комедии «Двое: я и моя тень» казался многим ее фанатам странным. Большая разница в возрасте, отличие менталитетов, культур и увлечений - у влюбленных было не так много общего. Когда они познакомились, Мэри-Кейт исполнилось 25, а Оливье, брату экс-президента Франции, - 42. У нее - проблемы с наркотиками и неудачные романы, у него - крупный бизнес, двое детей и развод. Однако пара быстро сошлась, а через три года, в 2015-м, поженилась.

But the first calls that things were not going smoothly in the relationship began to arrive almost immediately. Jealousy, disputes over where exactly to live, and most importantly - questions because of the warm communication between Sarkozy and his ex-wife. According to Western media reports, this is what, in the end, put an end to the marriage. During the pandemic, Olivier invited the first family to move into his mansion during isolation. Olsen was not against his son Julien and daughter Margot, but she refused to live under the same roof with their mother Charlotte Bernard. And urgently left the estate. Friends allegedly dissuaded her, explained that this was done for the safety of children, but the actress insisted that this was not normal.

Sarkozy did not appreciate such haste and immediately kicked her out of the house - he terminated the lease agreement for their joint real estate in New York, where the girl moved. Finding suitable accommodation and moving things under quarantine conditions is still a challenge. So the angry Mary-Kate immediately filed a lawsuit. Journalists have already dubbed the process an “ugly divorce”.

Megan Fox felt better away from her husband

Rumors about the separation of this beautiful couple have been circulating throughout the 10 years that they are together. But this time everything is for sure: Brian Austin Green has confirmed the divorce. “Our paths went our separate ways,” he said during his podcast.

The 46-year-old actor admitted that their relationship went wrong at the end of last year, after Megan Fox left to shoot a new film with 30-year-old rapper Colson Baker. And when she returned a few weeks later, she said that she was finally able to feel herself and liked herself more at that moment.

“She said she would like to try something new for herself. I was shocked and upset, but I could not judge her because it was her choice. I realized that she needed it. We had an amazing relationship, I will always love her and I know that she will always love me,”he announced.

During the lockdown, the couple once again realized the correctness of their decision: when they briefly met for the sake of their three sons, small quarrels broke out. However, after talking, they managed to reach the main goal: to maintain friendly relations and try to survive the divorce in a civilized way. Also, 34-year-old Megan said that she dreams of spending holidays and vacations with the whole family so that children do not suffer from parental discord.

Agatha Muceniece is tired of enduring drunkenness

This acting couple was considered one of the strongest and most romantic in our country. The guys met on the set of the "Closed School" series. Agata Muceniece was 18, Pavel Priluchny was 20. A spark ran between the young people, they started dating, and four years later, in 2011, they got married. Two years later they had a son, Timofey, and five years later, a daughter, Mia.

Rumors of family problems circulated periodically. It was said that Paul abused alcohol, raised his hand against his wife and was carried away by other women. However, Agatha herself denied everything.

The boiling point came because of the lockdown: the couple was locked up in a country house. The tear-stained Muceniece posted a video in which she confessed that her husband threw away her phone, so she had to communicate with her mother's help, beat her, brought the children to tears and kicked her out into the street. “He's inadequate, he doesn't dry out for ten days, I'm tired of covering him up,” she said.

After that, both announced a divorce. Agatha also added that she still loves her spouse, but every second is an experience and becoming. “A complete failure, a fiasco, a collapse of hopes, pictures from a cereal advertisement, all wisdom in doubt, is there love? Yes! But this is the way! It's great that this is so!”- she clarified.

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