The Right Mindset: What Is Eustress And Why You Shouldn't Avoid It

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The Right Mindset: What Is Eustress And Why You Shouldn't Avoid It
The Right Mindset: What Is Eustress And Why You Shouldn't Avoid It

This month, the editors found a topic that is important for themselves and, we are sure, for you. Let's talk about how to turn negativity into positive emotions. Because, as the editor-in-chief Natalya Pikus wrote in her letter to readers, “if this whole story with the coronavirus and the general global crisis is not stress, then what is stress in general?”

Natalie Leroux, an international life coach using the gestalt approach in therapy, on the important term "eustress", which allows you to use a freelance situation as a motivation for winning.

Stress is the body's natural response to danger and has been carefully honed over millions of years as a defense mechanism.

Imagine a morning in the jungle: you are hunting a roe deer and suddenly you feel danger with your skin - a saber-toothed tiger is approaching you. Adrenaline instantly bursts into the bloodstream, the stress hormone cortisol is produced to quickly get a burst of energy and save your life!

Today you don't have to run away from tigers and fight mammoths, but there are many other annoying factors like traffic jams, worries about losing or changing jobs, being late, debts, and lack of time. Our body reacts to all this in the same way as in the old days - it mobilizes all resources to cope with the task.

But stress is not only harmful and destructive.

Eustress is a positive reaction to a stressful situation. The term was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye.

It is a positive cognitive response to stress that does not harm your health, but rather makes you feel satisfied or other positive emotions. Selye coined the term “stress subgroup” to differentiate a wide range of stressors and manifestations of stress.

Eustress is a favorable stress, as a result of which the body's reserves are activated, we overcome difficulties faster and more efficiently. Short-term stresses are useful, they give energy and strength in order to move forward and improve yourself.

Positive psychology works with positive emotions: it helps to look at the problem from a different angle and change negative attitudes. This is how you go from normal stress to eustress.

In case of any stress, the body reacts in the same way - the adrenal glands produce adrenaline. It all depends on your mood: either you are defending yourself, you are in an uncomfortable state and tension, or you are in a positive mood, which gives a powerful boost of energy. Positive and stimulating emotional tension is eustress.

For example, let's say you're preparing for an important presentation to the board of directors tomorrow. Your promotion depends on this presentation. Having successfully presented an idea, you can move on to a new stage in your life, which promises you more decent pay and many other opportunities. There is a serious price at stake, and the fear of failure is also present. A situation like this will definitely increase your stress levels. The body will go into a mode of increased efficiency, for a while your efficiency will increase, and you will want to eat and sleep less. All forces will be devoted to achieving the goal.

In such situations, stress is an ally, without it the body is in a more relaxed state, it is more difficult to achieve success.

But the resources are not limitless. Constant stress is exhausting. After an emotional event, be sure to give yourself some rest. You need to be able to switch to a more relaxed state in order to fill your body with energy and enable it to recover. Otherwise, what was beneficial in the short term begins to harm us in the strongest way.

From endless excitement, the vessels narrow, the organs cease to receive oxygen in the required amount. In a series of unfortunate situations, stress is superimposed on new stress. We become sensitive, impatient, irritable, and can slip into anxiety and depression.

Organizing your own thoughts helps you cope with negativity and come to eustress. To tune in to solving a problem, you need to relax, retire and be alone with your thoughts. If you can't calm down and calmly ponder and let go of the situation that has occurred, you should switch to various techniques for dealing with negative thoughts.

The most common ways to deal with anxiety and stress are:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Sports or yoga
  • Controlling negative thoughts

We will definitely analyze each of them in a separate article.

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