Prince Harry Under Meghan's Heels Or His Own Rebel: Everything You Need To Know About This Story In One Article

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Video: Prince Harry Under Meghan's Heels Or His Own Rebel: Everything You Need To Know About This Story In One Article

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Video: Meghan and Harry's plot made Lilibet the center of attention revealed 2023, February
Prince Harry Under Meghan's Heels Or His Own Rebel: Everything You Need To Know About This Story In One Article
Prince Harry Under Meghan's Heels Or His Own Rebel: Everything You Need To Know About This Story In One Article

This is the best robbery ever! The woman simply took and stole the prince, - this is how journalists ironically comment on the decision of Harry and Meghan Markle to relieve themselves of royal powers. But the Windsors have no time for jokes now. The whole world is debating whether the decline of the British monarchy will follow the rebellion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

BeautyHack tried to figure out whether the "pact of independence" was so risky and how it could turn out for the participants in the story.

Why the couple decided to move

Over the past three years, the prince's chosen one has been so bullied that she never dreamed of her former mistress, and now Charles's wife, Camilla. Appearance, the status of a divorced woman, the profession of an actress, and a family came under fire. Tabloids hacked into her mail and published topless photos. They criticized behavior during pregnancy (holding her hands on her stomach for too long, attracting attention) and condemned for the fact that six months after giving birth, she did not have time to get in shape.

Patience ran out. The couple filed a lawsuit against the British press.

- My biggest fear is repeating history. I've already lost my mother. And now, when I see flashes, I remember her. My wife is falling victim to the same forces,”Harry explained. Then he admitted that he dreamed of moving to a place where he would not have to raise a child at gunpoint.

Elizabeth II did not like this turn. The commandment "Never complain, never explain yourself" was violated. The relationship ran high. A photograph of the rebellious grandson and his family has disappeared from the office.

Since relatives did not support the fight against fake news, the couple decided to act on their own. It is no coincidence that in her statement she stressed that she would communicate with the press in a new way. The pool of British media, which includes The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Times, The Sun and others, was denied privileges. That is, journalists of publications may be banned from appearing at events or refuse to be interviewed. At the same time, Harry and Megan are going to communicate more on social networks and collaborate with novice journalists.

Who is really behind the demarche

Newspaper covers are full of pictures: the prince under Markle's heels. The Duchess was even dubbed Yoko Ono for the dynasty, drawing parallels with Lennon's wife, who destroyed The Beatles. But is Harry really such a follower?

“He never dreamed of being with a woman who quietly follows her husband in royal battles. He wanted a prickly, piquant person who could stand her ground,”says the royal family biographer Angela Levin, who published the book Harry: Conversations with the Prince. - His romances with businesswoman Chelsea Davey and actress Cressida Bonas testify to the same thing. Both girls are as wayward as Diana.

"Harry has always liked independent girls who know how to defend their position."

True, he himself is a guy with a twinkle. Drugs, a fight in a pub where he called a French waiter a paddling pool, a strip game in Las Vegas, an attack on a photographer, a shirt with a swastika at a party - Harry regularly threw up reasons for articles. And since his youth, he dreamed of moving to Africa in order to stay away from the rules and do charity work.

So when he finally found a friend who shared his values, he felt more confident. The separation began immediately after the wedding. The young family started an Instagram account separate from William and Kate, left their charitable foundation and founded their own. She moved to another house and gave up the title of count for her son. And all this - despite the protests of relatives. The "Magnificent Four" - as the journalists called the Cambridge and Sussexes - began to drift away.

"Like all brothers, we have good days and bad days," Harry admitted. - Anything happens. Now we have different paths, we do not see each other as often as before, because both are busy. But I love him very much.

After the prince refused to participate in the annual hunt, the press again attacked Markle with criticism. Allegedly due to her beliefs and vegetarianism, Harry deviated from tradition. He himself recalled that he had missed the hunt before his marriage, as he is in funds that help animals.

In the end, when clouds thickened over Buckingham Palace after the statement of the Sussexes, the prince, like a real man, sent his disgraced wife to Canada. And he himself stayed to solve issues with his family.

Why Canada

A year ago, stories of friends Harry and Megan began to appear in the media that the couple was considering Africa, the USA and Canada for emigration. America would be ideal: many stars live in Malibu and New York, quietly go shopping, ride the subway. But that would mean complete detachment from the family. Harry called Africa his second home more than once, according to the prince, Cape Town is a great place to live.

But most often the bets were made on Canada. She is a member of the Royal Commonwealth, moreover, Markle lived in Toronto during the filming of Force Majeure for several years. And the press there is less sarcastic.

And so it happened. In a statement, Harry and Meghan explained that they plan to live in two countries: balancing the UK and North America. This, they say, will allow them to raise their son with respect for royal traditions and expand the family's personal space.

Former colleagues Markle said that she would gladly return to normal life. Eat spaghetti and fries that were excluded from the royal menu, wear ripped jeans and take selfies. According to the protocol, she was not allowed to hold hands with Harry in public - they often broke the last rule, causing discontent in the press. She was also worried that their son Archie had to wear shorts in any weather until the age of 8, and after 12 fly in different planes with his father. Now you can forget about the restrictions.

How will they earn

While the disappointed queen decides what to do with her grandson, the whole world wonders what is hidden behind the "financial independence" that the couple announced.

“It’s very brave of Harry and Meghan Markle to become freelancers in January,” users joke.

But do they really need subsidies from relatives? And where does the prince get the money from?

- He received part of the budget, the so-called Sovereign Grant Fund, from which they take funds for the maintenance of the royal family. During the year, only 5% of Harry's expenses were reimbursed from there, the money went to pay for security, expenses for official receptions and travel, the maintenance of the palace;

- About 95% of his income comes from the county of Cornwall and private estates on its territory, which belong to Prince Charles. Real estate is rented out and excursions are conducted there. For the past year, the profit was about 20 million pounds. Harry of this amount was allocated 2.3 million;

"Harry and Megan intend to attract benefactors

to their foundation"

- About 20 million pounds he inherited from Diana;

- Another 7 million came from Elizabeth II, but most of it is in trust funds.

Plus the fortune of Meghan Markle - it is estimated at 4 million pounds. She received money for shooting in TV shows and films, for renting an apartment in Canada and advertising in a blog that had to be closed at the beginning of a relationship with Harry. The total budget of the young family is about 34 million pounds, that is, 2.7 billion rubles.

According to the statement of the Sussex, they are now going to focus on the work of the charitable foundation. Plus, nothing prevents them from releasing souvenirs, magazines or clothing under their own brand.

In addition, Megan has signed a contract with Disney and has already voiced the cartoon character. The fee was transferred to the organization "Elephants Without Borders", which protects animals from poachers.

But even for this, the couple had to listen to a lot of criticism. The Daily Mail has published a video from the premiere of The Lion King. In the video, Harry tells the head of the studio that his wife is engaged in voice acting and is interested in cooperation. He is surprised and replies that he would be happy about it. As a result, the newspaper came out with the headline "Prince begs for work for his wife."

Is the monarchy threatened with overthrow

For most people in Britain, the monarchy is still an important institution of power, a historical symbol that unites the country. According to Royalty Magazine columnists, Elizabeth II still has weight in constitutional life. During the referendums on the independence of Scotland and membership in the European Union, this was confirmed once again.

Paradoxically, despite constant criticism, Harry and Meghan are some of the most popular members of the Windsors. Judging by the poll by YouGov, the prince bypasses his older brother and father. And his wife became the main trendsetter of the year. The items in which she appeared were most often googled and sold out in a matter of minutes. Even Madame Tussauds admitted that they have some of the most photographed Sussex figures. Therefore, although they were removed from the royal exposition, they were placed nearby.

Some experts believe that the separation of the couple could affect the entire Commonwealth. The Conversation notes that the demarche was a real gift for the supporters of the republic in Australia. And given that almost 52% of the continent's residents are in favor of getting out of the canopy of the British crown, and only 22% support the monarchy (according to a Research Now poll), the situation could escalate.

True, most analysts are still confident that the scandal will only cause damage to the image, but will not lead to the overthrow of the monarchy. First, there were more serious scandals in the family. Harry's great-grandfather and Elizabeth's uncle Edward VIII abdicated to marry a divorced American actress Wallis Simpson. But he was the direct heir to the crown, while the Duke of Sussex is only sixth in line after his father, brother and three nephews. Plus the recent accusation of the Queen's youngest son, the Duke of York, of pedophilia is much worse. Secondly, Prince William and his wife fully meet all standards and canons, which means that the British crown is in good hands.

Text: Tatiana Chernikova

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