Best Breakfast Cafes In Moscow: List

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Best Breakfast Cafes In Moscow: List
Best Breakfast Cafes In Moscow: List

Alena Ryabikova, a special correspondent of BeautyHack and a true connoisseur of secluded atmospheric places in Moscow, has compiled a list of favorite cafes that will appeal to lovers of beautiful architecture and honest healthy cuisine.

One of the most cozy, picturesque and ancient parts of the capital - Zamoskvorechye - disposes to long walking walks, awakens interest in architecture and history of the city. There is everything here: mansions with bizarre facades and bas-reliefs, churches in different styles - from Empire and Baroque to neo-Russian and classicism, secret courtyards and cafes inviting showcases.

The winding streets of Zamoskvorechye have preserved the spirit of old Moscow. You wander through alleys and courtyards and do not notice the distances covered: you look, and the pedometer already shows the cherished 10 thousand steps. It's time to refresh yourself. Fortunately, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants in this area - in almost every house.

The editors chose several places where on weekends you can have breakfast before lunch or even until evening, according to the popular expression of the sybarites "When you wake up, then it is morning."

And even if you and idleness are seemingly incompatible concepts, believe me, to pause in the eternal bustle, relax and have a leisurely delicious breakfast - what the doctor ordered.

This item should definitely be included in the personal care program for your beloved. Well, sitting in a cafe on weekends with friends can even be equated with therapy.

By the way, if you, on the contrary, wake up early and prefer to have breakfast first, and then get involved in business as much as possible, then our list of recommendations will also suit you: some of the listed cafes work from 8 am. Yes, yes, and on the weekend too.


Breakfasts on weekdays from 8.00 to 12.00, on weekends from 8.00 to 14.00

The owners of the restored mansion of the middle of the 19th century on Pyatnitskaya, 42 decided to combine a chamber hotel, a vermouth, a bar, a gallery of modern art and, in fact, a restaurant under the arches of the art space. The site is often chosen for lectures and master classes, and not only locals drop in for a drink: bartenders will readily support conversations about the psychology of modern society and easily join in dialogue improvisations from the series "What Men Talk About".


In summer, Richter has a miniature green garden with many flowers and designer furniture, and in winter, exquisite scented candles and the resinous aroma of live needles. Considering that at eight in the morning in Moscow it is as dark as in the evening, then breakfast by candlelight is not such a dubious decision, by the way.

On the breakfast menu, seemingly traditional omelet or poached eggs are served either with a truffle (600 rubles) or with broccoli and avocado (450 rubles). And in addition to the rather classic cheese cakes (350 rubles), soft-boiled croissants and old-school eggs baked on the spot (150 rubles each), you can order a fragrant spelled porridge with parmesan (350 rubles) or apricot porridge with urbech (300 rubles). The latter, by the way, may well pass for a dessert, because it consists of apricot puree, thickened with a small amount of flour and, in fact, nutty sweet urbech. We would also include a melon and mozzarella appetizer with rose petals in the same category (500 rubles). The portions, unfortunately, are traditionally small - but, alas, this is the trouble of all the capital's establishments, whose cuisine is usually called author's.

Waiting for meals can while away a tour of the mansion. There is also a chamber library, the exposition of the exhibition spaces is changed quite often - so there is a chance at each visit to get acquainted with the authorship of another representative of contemporary art. And bread, and circuses, as they say.


Breakfasts on weekdays and weekends from 8.00 to 20.00

The principle of a cafe with one of the most popular macarons and cakes in the capital's Instagram is rather laconic: “Only natural products. No substitutes. No compromises. " And judging by the taste of the dishes, the owners of the establishment are not lying.


There is almost always a full seating here, despite the fact that the chain includes another cafe on Prospekt Mira. Therefore, it is better to book a table in advance and be sure to inform about your preferences. You can be seated both at a high family table in the center of the hall for 6-8 people, and in an author's chair by a huge antique full-length mirror, if you prefer privacy. And, of course, the most desirable option is a table in the distance by the laconic white wall by the window overlooking the cozy Pyatnitskaya street and with a panoramic view of the entire cafe interior. The place is also strategic in the sense that it reduces the risk of eating something extra. Because the closer you sit to a huge display case with desserts, the harder it will be to resist the temptation to try everything.

By the way, I would not recommend focusing exclusively on cakes and pastries. Paradoxically, it is not sweet dishes that win in a pastry shop. Of course, if your type of breakfast is coffee + cake, then it is useless to dissuade you. Moreover, the combinations of both on the menu are very diverse. From always double espresso (150 rubles), cappuccino (from 225 rubles) and other classics to spicy cayenne mocha (cocoa, shot espresso and cayenne pepper for 475 rubles), chemex (475 rubles) and other alternatives.

A nice bonus - you don't need to pay extra for lactose-free, soy, almond or coconut milk separately.

There are also no less than twenty dessert options. And the choice is quite difficult. But still, take a look at the savory tarts, salads and cereals - they are simply excellent here. Hearty and delicious home-style.

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce and ripe avocado (375 rubles) are served on artisan yeast-free bread with an ideal toasty degree: with a crispy crust and a soft, soaked core. By adding our own salted trout (+150 rubles) and a super salad (+475 rubles) from a mix of lettuce leaves with avocado, three types of citrus fruits, quinoa seeds, chia seeds and pomegranate seeds, we get a perfectly balanced healthy breakfast, after which you can safely fold mountains and not get hungry until late lunch.

Porridge lovers are also remembered here: from classic oatmeal with prunes / almonds / fresh berries (325/375/475 rubles) and rice with coconut milk with cashews, spicy sesame seeds and Thai mango (450 rubles) to buckwheat with asparagus, avocado and a poached egg or the same asparagus, but with a grilled turkey instead of an egg (450 rubles).

You can choose the filling for the airy omelet (275 rubles) - from goat cheese with oregano (+100) to asparagus, spinach in cream and lightly salted trout (+150 rubles for topping).

Separately, it is worth noting an appetizer called Homemade Pesto. Finding real Uzbek tomatoes in Moscow in winter and not saving on them, continuing to generously add them to salad - an art that few chefs of local establishments own. And Yumbaker does.

Perhaps that is why a deep plate with a lake of fragrant pesto sauce, viscous tender strachella and those very tomatoes with balsamic, you want to lick every last drop, contrary to all the rules of etiquette.

The obvious disadvantage is the lottery with the speed of service. Repeated personal experience of visiting this establishment did not reveal any correlation between the seating position and the quickness of the waiters. Sometimes the staff is so passionate about exchanging cute remarks with each other that they do not always have time to look around and respond to guests' requests. Well, the categorical nature of the phrase when calculating with a card: "We can write off the amount with a tip at once" is somehow, in my opinion, inappropriate.

Pate & Co

Breakfasts on weekends from 10.00 to 16.00, on weekdays from 8 am to noon

If you want to take a walk in the center before breakfast, you can build a walking tour of the city, for example, from the Kuznetsky Most, go to the Bolshoi Theater, go down to Zaryadye and from there go to Zamoskvorechye across the bridge. Before the second wind opens up for a march along no less romantic streets or embankments, it would not hurt to refresh yourself.


The eclectic interior of authorship impresses with its instagram - lovers of beautiful food in the same beautiful scenery will be happy. Sweeping fern leaves on the accent wall, the attractive emerald color of the furniture, coupled with splashes of red interior details, black and white tiles on the floor, an abundance of daylight from many windows - all this makes the cafe located next to Balchug a desirable point on the gastronomic map of the city. It is clear that you will not be full of the interior, and the brasserie understands this very well.

It clearly follows the most striking breakfast trends: bagels, bowls, superfoods, poached eggs compete with the classic positions in the form of omelets, croissants, cheese cakes and cereals.

A traditional Parisian breakfast is a classic croissant, a small piece of butter or jam, a cup of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. But for Russia, this option is too "empty": the majority prefers more satisfying options.

At Pate & Co, despite the French accent, the trend of satiety is strongly supported. Here you can assemble a constructor from potato gratin, scrambled eggs from two eggs, tomatoes and croutons, adding to this base something from meat specialties, for example, Iberico jamon (unlike serrano jamon in the pig diet - in Iberian, more expensive, animals are fed with acorns and fodder) for 990 rubles; pastrami (pickled, smoked, and then baked in a special way beef brisket - 880 rubles), as well as trout (690 rubles) or avocado salad (640 rubles).

Eggs Benedict on a soft bun is served here with the same trout, pastrami, avocado or sausages (690 rubles), jamon (1100 rubles) or crab (740 rubles). By the way, in the latter version, the portion is smaller - apparently the crab meat cannot afford to get lost among two eggs, so the dish is served with one.

Omelettes or scrambled eggs from three eggs (230 rubles) are served here with toppings of your choice: mushrooms, tomatoes or cheese (+100 rubles), bacon (120 rubles), jamon (720 rubles). An airy omelet with a crab will cost 880 rubles.

From cereals, classic oatmeal (280 rubles) with caramelized pear (+120 rubles), rice with apple and almonds (360 rubles) and quinoa with banana (540 rubles).

A dessert bowl is prepared with mango and coconut milk with granola, banana, blueberries, chia seeds and raspberry powder, and the nourishing one with spinach, breaded shrimps, pumpkin and coconut.


Breakfasts only on weekends from 12.00 to 17.00

We have included a small wine gastrobar in an old mansion on Zatsepa Street, 26 for those who consider breakfast not only as a purely utilitarian meal, but also as an excuse to have a glass. The end-of-year time pressure and winter break provide an excellent explanation for this behavior.

Restaurateur Anna Shpak, who opened the Conspirators together with her partner Maria Presnyakova, was at the forefront of the creation of Odessa-Mama: a place that is warmly spoken about by everyone who has ever treated a hangover in a hospitable southern cafe.


In addition to a free glass of sparkling wine, in fact, the breakfast itself can be assembled as a constructor. To the base of two eggs (of which they will cook scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached or simply boiled) for 120 rubles, you can add salmon or fried bacon (250/200 rubles), truffle cheese or hummus (130/100 rubles), avocado (100), cucumber, tomato or spinach (50), as well as a croissant or potato bun (200/150 rubles), sour cream sauce with herbs (50 rubles), or according to the suddenly reappearing trend in Moscow for "truffle in all dishes" - mayonnaise with truffle (100 rubles).

Serving morning meals, unlike the main menu, does not pretend to be sophisticated: if you are still photographing food, you will be disappointed: the cuisine's motto is “Simple. And no problems. " The interior is also quite brutal. Brick walls, dark furniture, and what is there - even a crystal chandelier over the open space of the white kitchen hangs somehow threateningly.

But in sunny weather, there is a lot of daylight in the loft from large windows, often musicians perfectly play various improvisations on the piano for no reason, and the staff here are not very intrusive, friendly and sincere.

Yes, I almost forgot: if you choose a table with a view of the fireplace, the impression of the restaurant's interior changes dramatically. Magic, not otherwise.

Breakfast can be eaten without building puzzles. An excellent crispy toast with a guacomole cap, pomegranate seeds, almonds and poached egg is best taken with salmon (420 + 250 rubles). If you cannot live without oatmeal, then try the original porridge on the water with Adyghe cheese (320 rubles), for satiety I recommend a good shakshuka (450 rubles), and for dessert, homemade delicious pancakes with strawberry-peach sauce (350 rubles.). From cereals in the "Conspirators" they also cook rice with apple and cinnamon or oatmeal on alternative milk with berries (380). And black coffee can be drunk in unlimited quantities, paying 350 rubles.

Text: Alena Ryabikova

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