How Modern Beauty Standards Develop Complexes

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How Modern Beauty Standards Develop Complexes
How Modern Beauty Standards Develop Complexes

Today it is fashionable to be beautiful, healthy and well-groomed! Only these concepts have undergone major changes over the past few decades. In the early 2000s, under the influence of Hollywood beyond the reach of the common man, the standards of beauty were seriously transformed.

You are fashionable if those around you with the naked eye see lips swollen to XXL size. You are fashionable if you have a third size, and not the infamous zero. You are fashionable if you can cut yourself on your cheekbones and lift slightly from the ground with a wave of eyelashes.

Nutrition is the same story. Previously, Odnoklassniki posted photos of kebabs, but fatter, today - spinach and beetroot smoothies.

If you eat cakes with a glass of red wine, there will certainly be someone who will look at you as if you are sick and highly infectious. The word "sugar" faints, and if someone had the imprudence to offer coffee with ordinary milk - this is a reason to delete it from your friends list forever and block the ignorant "monster" on Instagram.

All this could become a story about personal choice and ever-changing fashion (with this phrase it would be nice to recall the beauties from Botticelli's paintings), if ideal pictures on social networks with perfect faces (in 90% of cases made with the help of feistune) did not become a source complexes for ordinary girls. Let's speculate?

Brand trends

Brand Trends - Concise and clear about social media. This is not only about things. Reality is merciless. As soon as you pick up your phone and enter a social network, thousands of virtual flawless faces immediately start looking at you - without nasolabial folds, small pimples and wrinkles.

The keyword is "virtual". The reality is not always like this. Everyone, without exception, can have shiny skin and hair loss. Nobody wakes up with Hollywood curls and pretty arrows. But even if you are an adult adequate healthy person who understands all this, a worm named Vasya lodges in your head, which, no, no, will crawl out of its hole with the words: “Look at your fat barrel and crooked nose - you should fix it!”. In fact, there may not be fat barrels, but after listening to Vasya, you go to a restaurant and order a steamed chicken breast with a cabbage leaf. Then you come and look at your husband with tears in your eyes, who is eating delicious carbonara.

I'm not encouraging everyone to uncontrollably eat cakes and drink soda again. You need to love your body and not throw junk food into it, like in a trash can. There must be a balance in everything. And in the head.

I think the trouble is that we are increasingly using our body to gain respect and recognition. If a person does not meet the imposed standards, they may look at him as an alien: “Don't you fit into the standards? You have nothing to do with "normal" people."

The statistics are disappointing. According to unofficial data, about 70% of girls are dissatisfied with their bodies, while about 20% are prone to the development of dysmorphophobia, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia).

But the saddest thing in this story is not even statistics. Self-esteem indicator in this case is the presence or absence of a partner corresponding to fashionable insta parameters. You still don't have Jason Statham's torso millionaire? It's time to enlarge your breasts or shape your chin. Although it's not about her at all…. By the way, the lower a man's self-esteem, the more attention he pays to his partner's appearance. As they say, when there is nothing to boast about!

Not taught at school

Most often, adolescents suffer from pathological self-dislike. During puberty, the body begins to change rapidly. Sometimes it happens that in development it is significantly ahead of the psyche. And now you see in front of you an outwardly absolutely formed girl who plays with dolls in the evenings. Such a girl-girl walks in on Instagram, sees perfect faces without a single pimple and leaves there with a mass of complexes and a desire to be like a lady with ten plastic surgeries and a million subscribers.

I can already see the comments from the series “there is nothing for a child to do in Insta”. Yes, nothing - books are a very good way of knowing the world. Only children live in society. They go to school, go to sports clubs and go out into the yard. And there will certainly be someone who will tell, show and enlighten. Best case scenario. At worst, it will make a "dinosaur" without social networks an object of ridicule and bullying.

Psychologists say that the best way to avoid total dislike for yourself is to support loved ones and form the right attitude towards your own body. But this can only be done by those parents who adequately relate to themselves and do not elevate their own appearance to the category of a cult.

They lived happily ever after

You cannot condemn a person for wanting to be healthy and beautiful - this is a wonderful striving for self-improvement. But you just need to understand what really motivates him: the applause of others or really good health.

Today psychologists distinguish such a concept as physical perfectionism. This phenomenon is understood as a fixation on their appearance and a constant desire to fight nature. The famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky said: "Love yourself anyone, and then you can have any appearance." Is it trite? Not really.

Self-love is a constant job. It is much easier to go to the surgeon and make a "chicken bone" instead of a nose. Any manipulation with your own body without physiological indicators is masochism and a manifestation of self-doubt.

So, think: do you want recognition and likes on social networks, or do you want a normal life in harmony in your inner world? I choose the second option.

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