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Video: Tati Korsakova

Video: Tati Korsakova
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Tati Korsakova
Tati Korsakova

About growing up

In their youth, many tall girls are haunted by the nickname "ugly duckling". This also did not pass me by. At the age of 13 (my height was then 174 cm), I was afraid to stretch in bed: I read somewhere that this way you can grow even more. I cried on my mother's shoulder because the boys constantly teased me. It was in the late 90s - Russia was open to scouts from western modeling agencies.

When the fashion for tall girls began, the complexes that haunted me and my parents all my youth (they are also tall) are gone. Already from the age of 14, boys drew attention to me, who a year ago laughed at me. And at 15 I was already headlong into the modeling business.

About pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I was a student with an excellent pupil syndrome: I promised myself to take the exam before giving birth, and then quickly return to school. And so it happened. I felt great all the time, but there was one "but": when my daughter Varya was born, she was diagnosed with hypertonicity. The same problem haunted me before giving birth.

This changed my attitude towards myself and my baby during my second pregnancy: the pace of life did not slow down, I still worked hard, but I set priorities differently, focusing on well-being. If I wanted to rest or sleep more in the morning, I did it without a twinge of conscience.

About sports during pregnancy

One of the main problems that worried me during my first pregnancy was back pain. The second time I managed to avoid it was only thanks to training at the London studio APPI Pilates - opened by the Australian Pilates Association. Together with the trainer, we practiced using a completely new method. It differs from traditional Pilates by a scientific approach: from the outside it seems that all the exercises are simple, but they strengthen the muscles very well and prepare them for childbirth. Already two weeks after classes, it seemed to me that my stomach had decreased - the muscles of the press had strengthened so much.

Pregnancy is the process of preparing for childbirth and caring for a baby. You need to train your arms, shoulders, back. If I had not been preparing for the whole pregnancy for long walks with a stroller, the constant carrying of a child, which by two months can weigh about 6 kg (my case), and feeding, the back muscles would suffer in the first place. The same applies to preparation for childbirth: in order for there to be no breaks and childbirth was easy, you need a strong press. A woman should be able to control her muscles.

After the second birth, I did not have muscle stratification, I continued to practice using the same method - and my stomach quickly became toned. Now I am combining training and breastfeeding. The main thing is to maintain a balance: get good rest and exercise moderately. Then this will not affect the presence of milk.

APPI Pilates also produces DVDs to study at home. This is exactly what my sister is doing now (she is seven months pregnant).

In no case should girls in position engage with incompetent coaches or repeat unthinkable exercises from videos available on YouTube. A person who has no education has no right to show other pregnant girls how to exercise: this is fraught with trouble. It's important to trust your coach.


About nutrition during pregnancy

The first trimester is the hardest part of coping with your desires. For example, I constantly wanted herring with ketchup. I had to control myself, because the stomach reacted very badly to such experiments. But in general, my diet did not change, after the 12th week I gradually increased the number of calories. By the third trimester, I consumed 280-300 calories more than my usual norm - this is exactly how much a child needs during this period.

I always started the morning with fruits or green smoothies, a couple of times a week I ate cereals, egg-based dishes. The basis of the daily diet was fish and vegetables. There is no need to create a "forbidden fruit" for yourself - you can eat whatever you want, only in small quantities and in the morning. If you feel that you really need sweet or starchy foods, allow yourself to do this until 10-11 in the morning - all calories will be burned during the day. An essential part of my diet is Udo's Ultimate Oil blend fatty acids (three teaspoons during pregnancy and two at any other time) and Schuessler's homeopathic mineral salts. They moisturize the skin, make it elastic, and strengthen hair and nails.

About body care during pregnancy

In two pregnancies, I have not had a single stretch mark, for which it is worth saying thanks to genetics, Weleda products, Udo's Ultimate Oil blend and a mix of organic coconut and sesame oils that I took internally. The second pregnancy fell in the autumn-winter period, when the skin needed additional moisture, so I applied a special oil for the prevention of Weleda stretch marks at least twice a day. From the 34th week, once a day, I did a massage with oil to prevent ruptures during childbirth (detailed instructions on how and in what sequence to do it are attached to the oil).

About leaving

I am a fan of Japanese and South Korean cleansers, masks and creams. BBcosmetic, for example, has excellent placental hyaluronic masks. One of my favorite rituals is to lie down for 20-30 minutes before going to bed with a collagen sheet mask: in the morning the skin glows.

To cleanse my skin, I use probiotic cosmetics from the British brand Aurelia - they have the miracle remedy Miracle Clianser. I put it on my face and remove my makeup with a special bamboo napkin. Gentle scrubbing twice a week. Sometimes I do light peels - only those that are allowed during pregnancy and lactation.


Before pregnancy, I tried many salon care procedures based on radio frequency radiation, did mesotherapy. Perhaps that is why my face did not change after giving birth. I am still interested in new items in hardware cosmetology, even if I cannot try them yet. In London, all the latest treatments can be done at the EF Medispa clinic, and if you find yourself in Miami, be sure to stop by the Barba Skin clinic.

Two years ago I got the Red Light Therapy for Boosting Collagen miracle lamp. If you lie under it for 10 minutes, your face instantly becomes fresh and rested. When traveling, my faithful assistant is the soothing Dr. Hauschka. 5-10 minutes is enough for no trace of fatigue to remain. They moisturize the skin around the eyes and constrict blood vessels. In my case, even the color of the eyes turns bright blue.

About makeup

I was lucky to work with renowned makeup artists. On a tip from Pat McGrath, for example, I use matting wipes instead of powder throughout the day. They perfectly remove shine in the T-zone. Another useful skill is eyelash curling - I was always afraid to do it, but it turned out that I just needed to adapt. I also learned how to naturally apply liquid blush on the cheekbones - gently drive them in with my fingers, as the pros do.

I always have Becca Backlight Priming Filter in my cosmetic bag - the only one that does not clog pores and evens out the skin. With him, she seems to glow from the inside.

I always carry with me the usual vaseline for lips with a pink tint, which can be found in all English pharmacies. I don’t use lipstick during the day, and petroleum jelly saves me from feeling dry. In the evening I can put bright lipstick on my lips, I really love matte shades, for example Rouge Dior 999 from Dior.

About hair care

My thin problem hair requires a lot of attention. Rescue products Original and Mineral without sulfates and parabens. This is where organic cosmetics really work. Once a month, I do a hair lamination based on Lebel Japanese Nutrient and highlight the strands around my face.

I really love the ESPA scalp mask, which helps out when traveling when the hair and scalp do not react well to water. Even Stella McCartney told me once that this mask works great. Another bestseller from ESPA is Pink Hair & Scalp Mud.

Dry shampoos always help me out. I use Oribe's Côte d'Azur Hair Refresher for volume. It is enough to sprinkle it on the hair after styling to achieve the desired volume.

After the birth of my second child, I rarely go to beauty salons - the masters come to my house. But if I had more time, then I would certainly drop by Josh Wood in London.

About yoga and pilates

Due to my high growth, they constantly tried to attract me to various sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming. But by nature I am not a sports person: running, athletics are not mine. Work on my body, the development of flexibility is much closer to me. My fitness idol is Amanda Bisk, an amazing Australian athlete who competed for her country's national athletics team.

Many people think that I am being disingenuous when I say that I only do yoga and Pilates. But this is absolutely true! Among my favorites are acroyoga with elements of acrobatics and vinyasa yoga. The latter is a kind of advanced level: during classes, the pulse goes off scale. Both are serious cardio workouts that can help burn calories.

The advantage of these activities is that you work with your own weight - the body becomes dry. Even footballers do yoga and Pilates. If you look at people who actively practice yoga, it is easy to see that they all boast flexible and pumped bodies.

A must-have part of my morning is a ten minute practice with crunches and downward dog. A good addition to yoga is Bar Stretching with Pilates elements.

About nutrition and health

You always define people who are conscious of their diet: they literally glow from the inside. There will never be fast food in my diet - I eat a lot of vegetables, herbs, fruits. Once a month I can afford a cup of coffee, the rest of the time it is replaced by the popular matcha tea. Although I try not to abuse this drink: it makes the youngest daughter Alexandra restless. I drink a lot of water, adding cucumber, lemon or berries to it to make it more alkaline.

Having moved to London, I practically gave up meat. It's not just humanism. Meat is now crammed with antibiotics and hormones and does not do any good for the skin and the body as a whole. I always have dried fruits, nuts and coconut water in my car.

I am a fan of homeopathy. With its help I fight both colds and fatigue after sleepless nights. Even to the hospital I went with a set of homeopathic preparations for infants. I am very fortunate to have Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy in London, which was founded in 1860, where they will always recommend the right remedy. In Moscow, one of the most useful addresses for me is the Center for Systemic Homeopathy.

I love going to hammams. I practice hardening in the form of air baths and swimming in cool water. My oldest daughter has been swimming since six months! Our favorite places in London are Grace spa, Regent's park, Farmacy London restaurant.


About development

Letters of thanks from other girls motivate you to develop further. In my blog, I share every day what I have already gained, I talk about the professionals I was lucky enough to meet. In the near future - shooting videos for pregnant and nursing mothers who want to recover after childbirth. Very often people can give wrong advice. For example, in the maternity hospital, I was recommended to do abdominal exercises that lead to muscle divergence. I believe that if something comes easy for you, you need to share it. That is why I do charity work, I talk about my workouts, nutrition, and grooming procedures.

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Text: Yulia Kozoliy

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