Personal Experience: 8 Ingenious Gadgets That Make Life Easier For Moms

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Personal Experience: 8 Ingenious Gadgets That Make Life Easier For Moms
Personal Experience: 8 Ingenious Gadgets That Make Life Easier For Moms

Yes, and now we are still emotionally burned out, tired and crazy from Groundhog Day with a small child. But it would be pointless to argue that hundreds of the finest inventions save us in everyday life. The editors and readers of share not the most obvious, but ingenious inventions that are ready to take to a desert island.

Children's bathing slide Angelcare

The experience of Natalia Pikus, chief editor of BeautyHack

Of all the possible adaptations for a newborn, the bath was the most protesting for me. Where to store this bulky contraption in a removable "odnushka"? Absolutely unaesthetic bulky contraption, which at first requires a special insert.

At first, I wanted to do without a separate bathing container altogether. But in the "mom" group (yes, I am also subscribed to the most active ones) they dissuaded me from this idea and advised the Angel care slide. Having tested it, appreciating all the advantages, I can safely convey this recommendation to the masses.

What is her thrill? For maximum convenience and ease of use. You put water in the bathroom, put in the bath - that's it. She has an orthopedic back, the baby conveniently "flows" into all physiological dimples, but does not slip - the coating is made of hypoallergenic silicone. The slide is made so that the head remains raised and the body is immersed in water. Brilliant!


I bathed my son in this hill from the first months: at first I supported him, of course, but when he grew up, he was already lying in it himself, "floundering" with his hands and feet, expressing the pleasure of the process in every possible way. And I could afford not to stand over him all the time in the “si” position.

After bathing, there is no need to pour out the water, or to be sophisticated in some other way: he flushed the water, took out a slide (it is compact and light), hung it on the wall by a loop.

By the way, we used it until the child was 8 months old and began to sit confidently. Although conventional baths last for a maximum of three months. This is definitely a purchase that I will repeat a second time.

Price: 2270 rub.

Backpack for mum Tarde, Forest

Anastasia Lyagushkina's experience, BeautyHack project manager


Wet wipes, dry handkerchiefs, antiseptic, diapers, water, food, toys, change of clothes … And all this is vital during a daily walk with a child. Will the shopper cope? Perhaps, but my back is definitely not! A year ago, I bought a backpack for mothers, which I peeped at from one blogger, I still am not overjoyed, and I have five reasons for this.

  • The first reason is pockets. Thermal bottle pocket, wet pocket, easy access pocket for wet wipes and 5 more inner ones.
  • The second is the ability to attach it to the stroller handle.
  • The third reason is the back zipper, with which you can get things from the bottom without turning everything upside down, and the main zipper, which opens the backpack completely, making it easier to access all things.
  • The fourth reason is spaciousness: in addition to children's things, I can easily fit a MacBook backpack, a book, a cosmetic bag, if I try, even a sweatshirt. This means that he helps out on one-day trips with a child or long-term ones as hand luggage.
  • The fifth reason is that it is waterproof and dirt-repellent, and my daughter and I like to walk in the rain and snow and have a picnic on a sandy beach in summer.

Price: 1600 rub.

Digital video baby monitor SCD620, Philips Avent

The experience of Margarita Lieva, the founder of the portal


Choosing between a radio and a video baby monitor, decide directly on a device with a camera. This is many times more convenient! My daughter recently turned three, and I still use the baby monitor. This is a mega invention. You can go to another room and not watch the child's sleep. At the slightest movement of the baby or crying, everything is audible and visible (our device has a night vision system).

On the gadget, you can press a button and speak into the microphone - the child hears me. That is, you can say "shhhh" and start to lull him to sleep without even reaching the bed.

The baby monitor also has five built-in lullabies that can be played at any time. Please note that Philips Avent does not sync with Android and IOS systems.

Price: 12 990 rub.

Cocoon Red Castle, Cocoonababy

The experience of Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty director of BeautyHack


"We will give you a cocoon!" - said the best friend when she found out about my situation. Not that I was against it, but then I could not imagine that in my hands would be the best children's "gadget" invented by mankind.

Cocoon Red Castle is a unique development of French doctors, neonatologists and kinesitherapists, which creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for a newborn. The shape of the mattress allows the baby to be in a grouped "intrauterine" position that calms him or her. The inner cover and retaining strap are machine washable.

Arriving from the hospital, I put Tasya in a cocoon, which literally hugged the baby, and used it every day until 3.5 months.

The ergonomic mattress is convenient to carry with you throughout the house - the child is guaranteed not to wake up, and you will not have to constantly check the baby monitor and listen to the rustle. You will not need to worry when you put your baby to bed with you. Cocoon is ideal for visiting - no need to worry about sleeping places and bedding for your baby.

Manufacturers recommend using it up to 3-4 months, when the baby begins to roll over. To be honest, I had to get used to life without a cocoon, but for sure, if I chose one single gadget for life with a child, I would have left the cocoon.

By the way, a life hack: a cocoon can be bought at Avito or Yulia. They are used for a maximum of 4 months, so they usually remain in perfect condition. And if you are squeamish, you can buy a new case.

Price: 10 725 rub.

Baby K'tan sling

The experience of Yulia Kozoliy, editor of BeautyHack


Before talking about how the sling saved me from postpartum depression, I want to draw your attention to the fact that here I describe only my personal experience and share a recommendation about a thing that suited me and my lifestyle. Therefore, before making spontaneous purchases and listening to the advice of friends, think about how much this or that item will be necessary for you.

And now for the pleasant! When I gave birth to my daughter, I was quite young by today's standards of parenting, and I also listened to the advice of grandparents, who, of course, said that it was better not to get a baby out of the stroller unnecessarily and not visit public places until one year old. It was in September, winter quickly came, which the baby and I spent according to the clear instructions of the older generation … and almost went crazy. It was incredibly difficult for me to put up with the new way of life, the circumstances did not allow me to leave the child with someone, it was scary to go somewhere with her, and there was no one to ask for advice (my friends had not yet become mothers at that time).

By the end of winter, suspicions began to creep into my head that there was life outside the children's room, but no one would organize it for you. So I got a sling, which actually replaced the stroller. I chose a fabric scarf, learned how to tie it in two ways and literally untied my hands. The first spacewalk was strange (hello, 2014), every now and then I caught the glances of passers-by. And then she just relaxed and returned to all her pre-parental affairs, began to take the baby to meetings with her friends (she sleeps with her whole body pressed against her), and you don't need to think about where and how to roll the stroller. The issue of feeding in public places also resolved itself. So we had an amazing summer full of walks, sitting on the terraces and impressions! And then autumn came, the baby went, and new impressions awaited us.

Therefore, if it is important for you to feel inner and outer freedom, being immersed in motherhood, here is my confident recommendation. But once again I will make a reservation that I am not the mother who, going out into the street, takes the whole house with her. Therefore, in addition to the sling, a small (but roomy) cross body bag with the most important things was enough for me, which is what I wish for you! Price: 3850 rub.

Doona Car Seat

Experience of the special correspondent of Ekaterina Kotova


When we were expecting a baby, we planned, in fact, until the last trimester that we would buy a stroller with a base on wheels + a car seat with the ability to put it on the same base. It seemed to us more than sufficient and convenient (oh, naive!). But once we were discussing the topic of transport for newborns in a chat room with the same pregnant friend, and I was struck by her phrase: "We will not even consider anything else, only Doona." I did not know then what kind of animal it was, and went to Google.

It turned out that this is a small compact stroller from Israel with a non-removable base that folds into a car seat with one click and with one hand. I watched a bunch of videos from Doona, but the price was biting. As a result, after viewing analogs and thinking, my husband just went to the store and bought a real Doona, beige, stylish and beautiful. And all that almost a year that we traveled with her and my son around Moscow, flew in airplanes (she fits on the seat of an air seat), I caught a buzz with every folding and unfolding, every surprised look of a taxi driver who opened the trunk to hide the wheels / base / stroller, and we already had everything folded, ready for installation in the cabin - and without any additional body kits. Super lightweight, maneuverable - maybe there is no suspension, but if you are careful, you can do it without it, I skated honestly all that time,while the baby climbed into it by weight and height (up to 8–9 months).

A separate (and very important) thrill is that a child in Doona can be taken out of a sleeping taxi by itself, without the help of anyone, carefully unfold the wheels, and he will not wake up. If you do not intend to stay at home, but you do not have your own car, this option is ideal.

Price: 27 899 rub.

Zip and Velcro diapers

Experience of Natalia reader


I don’t remember who recommended these diapers to me, but taking them with me to the hospital was one of the best solutions. During the courses and from experienced friends, I heard that the first time a baby needs to be swaddled - it is more comfortable, safer for him, he does not wake up and does not injure himself with pens. But the problem is that doctors constantly come to the ward: either nurses - to show how to wash and handle the umbilical cord, then neonatologists - to examine, check reactions, then nurses - to get vaccinated. Plus, you have to change the diaper quite often. And all this is done with hook hands, which are not yet used to handling a human cub.

So, at the thought that I would have to swaddle back and forth ten times a day, it made me sad. And it turned out that the solution to this question had long been invented: you can buy diapers with a lock or with Velcro.

Velcro seems to be more convenient - you can swaddle with them tighter or weaker, they are suitable for all children. The ones that were locked came to me more, but my roommate's baby was born large and did not fit into a diaper with a lock.

Price: from 600 rubles.

Babycook Solo Steamer Blender

Experience of reader Evgeniya


The daughter is sensitive to food from birth, so just go to any cafe and choose from the proposed menu is not our option. At the same time, our family is very mobile: we constantly travel out of town, fly to other countries. And the first thing I pack for the trip is a double boiler.

Firstly, it is really very compact - at home in our small kitchen there is a place for it, it was important for me. Secondly, it grinds, cuts, cooks and warms up, that is, it does not require any accompanying devices! It is also very convenient to wash it, this is generally almost the most important of all the listed points. Lightweight, easy to operate, I really don't know what else to write. For us, she became a real lifesaver from the beginning of complementary feeding.

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