Beauty Care During Pregnancy: What Procedures Can And Cannot Be Done

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Beauty Care During Pregnancy: What Procedures Can And Cannot Be Done
Beauty Care During Pregnancy: What Procedures Can And Cannot Be Done

Unfortunately, during pregnancy, you will have to give up many cosmetic procedures that you used to do regularly. Nevertheless, expectant mothers should not forget about beauty care, only for it you need to choose special cosmetics and safe procedures. Specialists of the European Medical Center , cosmetologist Marianna Karapetyan and obstetrician-gynecologist Inna Alekseeva, talk about how to preserve beauty without harming the baby.


A ny injection procedure

During pregnancy, you cannot do mesotherapy, biorevitalization, "Botox" and fillers. First, to date, there is no reliable scientific data confirming the safety of injectable drugs for an unborn baby. Such studies have simply not yet been carried out. Therefore, you should not expose yourself to possible risks. Secondly, during pregnancy, due to a strong hormonal surge, the effect of injection procedures can be unpredictable. Even harmless hyaluronic acid can cause a variety of reactions: from allergic rashes to inflammation and edema.


Deep peels and cosmetics with acids, including fruit

Deep peels are deliberate damage to the upper and middle layers of the epidermis. Any damage to the skin during pregnancy can heal worse than usual and cause a number of complications. Acids, even if they are present in cosmetics in low concentrations, also have a traumatic effect on the epidermis. In addition, they can cross the placental barrier.

Retinol cosmetics

Retinol (or vitamin A) is a popular ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics that stimulates tissue regeneration and helps fight wrinkles. It is also present in our body and is a necessary component for the normal course of pregnancy, but even a slight increase in its concentration leads to serious congenital malformations in the fetus. Therefore, during pregnancy (and especially in the first trimester!) It is strictly forbidden to use cosmetics with retinol and its derivatives.

Hardware procedures for face and body

Laser, photo-rejuvenation, radiofrequency lifting - these and other hardware procedures have a serious stimulating effect not only on the epidermis, but also on the body as a whole. That is why they are not carried out during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Cosmetic treatments with essential oils

Natural essential oils are active ingredients and have a high permeability through the epidermis. They also pass the placental barrier, so it is better to postpone cosmetics with such ingredients during pregnancy and lactation.


Treatments by an aesthetic cosmetologist

We are talking about complex cosmetic treatments aimed at moisturizing, nourishing the skin, as well as preventing rashes and edema. EMC clinics offer special programs based on Biologique Recherche cosmeceuticals, which delicately and effectively solve these and other aesthetic problems associated with the skin. A light facial massage with vitamin cocktails, non-traumatic cleansing of pores, moisturizing masks - all this can be done. Such procedures will help correct hormonal changes in the skin that occur during pregnancy. True, peels and mechanical face cleansing will have to be postponed for a while.

But in the arsenal of a professional beautician there are alternative means for delicate cleansing and toning of the skin.

Foot and collar massage

These procedures can be done at any stage of pregnancy, but only by professional specialists. This is especially true for foot massage, since there are many active points on the feet, the stimulation of which can provoke the threat of miscarriage. A properly performed foot massage will help with swelling, and working out the neck zone will remove muscle spasms and clamps in the neck.

Light body massage

In the first trimester, the fetal organs are laid, and even if you feel great, a general body massage is not recommended. However, starting from the second trimester, you can return to massage. Of course, only if the pregnancy proceeds without complications and your gynecologist does not find contraindications for this procedure.

Body massage helps with swelling, back and leg pain, which are especially severe in late pregnancy. In addition to the collar zone and feet, light lymphatic drainage massage can be done in the lateral lines of the thighs and buttocks. But the abdomen and lower back areas are not affected during the procedure.

In contrast to the usual massage, during which the patient lies on his stomach, the pregnant girl sits or lies on her side during the session.

Hair coloring

Because of pregnancy, you should not refuse to visit a colorist hairdresser if you regularly dye your hair. But preference should be given to ammonia-free dyes, and better to tinting agents, since they are less toxic.


Leg Pressotherapy

This is perhaps the only hardware procedure that can be done during pregnancy if your health is stable. Leg pressotherapy is recommended from the 3rd trimester, the procedure helps to cope with edema and helps to remove excess fluid from the body. And after childbirth it can be done on the whole body, she has no contraindications for breastfeeding.

Wraps and prevention of stretch marks

Stretch marks (or striae) are one of the most common aesthetic problems that girls face during pregnancy. Their occurrence is associated with a genetic predisposition, and also depends on the current condition of the skin. In order to increase skin turgor and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, special body wraps can be done from the second or third trimester. Of course, not all ingredients are allowed during this period. For example, algae, essential oils and other active substances are best avoided.

In professional cosmetology there are even special lines for pregnant women. The procedure is done with an emphasis on the legs and hips, the beautician tries not to touch the abdomen and lower back. For home care, there are also effective and safe products for preventing stretch marks, such as Biologique Recherche's R-Stria cream, which can be used at any stage of pregnancy.

Cosmetics for sensitive skin as home care

Conventional beauty products you've used before may not work for you during pregnancy. Under the influence of hormones, the skin becomes more sensitive, and most often this manifests itself in the form of dryness or a tendency to irritation and redness. But some expectant mothers, on the contrary, begin to worry about oily sheen in the T-zone, excessive greasiness of the skin and inflammatory rashes on the face, chest and back. The reason is the same - the individual reaction of the sebaceous glands to an increased hormonal background.

In addition, during this period it is better to give preference to basic home care for the sensitive type. And in order to correct the condition of the skin, it is better to consult a cosmetologist. If necessary, he will help to properly supplement the care with pharmaceutical remedies allowed for expectant mothers.


You can have all the necessary cosmetic procedures before pregnancy. Hardware, injection procedures, peels - everything can be done in advance. It is best to start preparation a few months before the planned pregnancy, having drawn up a plan for the necessary cosmetic correction with the cosmetologist. In this case, during the period of gestation and breastfeeding, you can easily maintain your beauty with home remedies and light salon treatments.

The text was prepared by Veronica Shur.

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