How To Choose A Winter Overalls For A Child: Honest Reviews Of The Most Popular Brands

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How To Choose A Winter Overalls For A Child: Honest Reviews Of The Most Popular Brands
How To Choose A Winter Overalls For A Child: Honest Reviews Of The Most Popular Brands

From the most popular Reima to the stylish Moncler. All the advantages and disadvantages of children's winter clothes are in the reviews of mothers - beauty hackers.


One of the most famous manufacturers of winter clothing for children. Adults love Reima for economical prices and decent quality at the same time. Plus, the brand has been on the market for almost 100 years. The first overalls were made back in 1939 in the city of Kankanpää, where the Pallo-Paita factory was evacuated from Helsinki. Now the brand is chosen for water and dirt-repellent impregnation without fluorocarbons BIONIC-FINISH®ECO, water resistance of all seams, the presence of elastic bands on the cuffs and hood (where snow does not get), reflective details and easy washing (dirt can be washed off under running water or washed overalls at a temperature of 40 ° C)

Natalia Pikus, chief editor of BeautyHack

For the second winter, my child has been at Reima. Firstly, this is the most technologically advanced and affordable option - overalls of this brand can be bought in almost all children's stores, and they often end up on sales. Secondly, it is really high quality. If you overcome the psychological fear that a child cannot be warm in such a thin membrane suit in winter, you will discover the following advantages:

- it is lightweight, agile and thoughtful. Designed to keep warm in cold weather, and to remove moisture in warm weather.

- it does not get wet. Neither wet snow nor falling into the "slurry" had any effect on the child's inner comfort. You can wallow in the snow as much as you like.

- protects well from the wind, repels dirt - that's all you need for a walk.

- there are reflective details - this is very important for me, because in winter in Moscow it is dark already from 16.00.

- can be washed in a machine with a special powder for membrane products. Also a plus.

- I really like that you can assemble a complete set of the brand: fleece, hats, waterproof mittens. Everything with a jumpsuit wears well, it is fastened with buttons - this is convenient.

But there are also disadvantages. They do not belong to the functional part, but these points are also important. For example, you need to be prepared that all children on the playgrounds will run in the same overalls. Reima's colors are generally so-so: everything is pretty dull.

We still had such a moment: the son, incredibly active last winter, this time prefers to move around the street exclusively on his hands. And all of Reim's technology is still geared towards active children. It is still quite warm outside, and it does not freeze. But I worry that in real frosts it will be cold.


Moncler is one of the few brands that makes winter suits for kids exactly the same as adults' designs. It's also arguably the most instagramable baby romper. Only natural down is used as a filler, which is processed according to a technology patented by the company. This makes it possible to put on a down jacket even at sub-zero temperatures. At the same time, it remains weightless and does not restrict movement. And Moncler overalls have a well thought-out external design - there are fasteners in contrasting shades.

Ekaterina Domankova, founder of BeautyHack

Many people complain that Moncler overalls get wet, but we didn't have much of a problem with that. I think this is due to the fact that my girls do not really lie in the snow in winter. All three of them go to Moncler (assuming we have alternative overalls just in case) - I love the brand for the large selection of overalls for both very toddlers and separate sets for older girls. And so that you understand that the overalls are really high quality, I’ll tell you that my youngest daughter, who is now a year and a half, wears the overalls of the elder Marusya (she turned six this year). This is a good purchase that will last a year if you have more than one child.

Separately, I would like to note the height of the trousers in the sets - at Moncler it is perfect. With other brands, they may be too high and are only suitable for very cold weather. And since in recent years we have not experienced particularly cold winters, such clothes are not very comfortable.

I prefer mid-rise trousers so that the child feels comfortable not only on the street, but also in the car.


Danish brand of children's clothing, founded in 2003. Now the company creates not only winter clothes, but also cotton sets and even swimwear. But they became famous precisely because of their winter overalls, the main characteristics of which are:

- water resistance: 8.000 g / m2 / 24 hours, all seams are taped.

- temperature regime: from + 5 ° С to -25 ° С.

- filler: 3MTM ThinsulateTM (retains heat, allows the body to breathe and remains dry and light).

- lining: fleece.

- care: can be washed in a washing machine (30 ° C) and drying cabinet at low temperatures, but in order to extend the life of the overalls, the manufacturer does not recommend using a dryer often.

- size range: up to 164 cm.

Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty director BeautyHack

Membrane jumpsuit with fleece lining in cut and fittings similar to adult ski suits. In winter overalls there is a layer of Thermo Lite MICRO insulation. All seams are well finished and glued.

Thanks to a special impregnation, the fabric has water, dirt-repellent properties, so swimming in muddy snow puddles is not scary for me or my child. Cool Colors - Every season has classic designs and new ideas. This winter we wear a jumpsuit with polar animals.

Il Gufo

Il Gufo is an Italian brand that grew out of a small handicraft manufactory. This is a family business, so the company has a super personalized approach to creating collections. Even the most practical winter models of down jackets are distinguished by their "adult" design. The filler is 90% down and 10% soft feathers.

Ekaterina Domankova, founder of BeautyHack

Il Gufo are good for very cold winters. My child is now wearing his first suit, and I'm just getting the impression of the brand. But I can say for sure that for a classic winter in our latitudes, until the temperature drops below -5 ° C, it is too warm. Il Gufo's trousers have a rather high fit, due to which the suit is very warm - you want to open the jacket in the car. But if you are going into a really cold winter, take note.


An extremely budgetary brand for active parents who prefer to buy several sets of winter clothes for their children. The brand has several categories of cold weather overalls: Lassietec and Suprafill. Pay attention to them. Lassietec protects against water and wind, while the polyurethane coating conducts air, which means the jumpsuit will "breathe" and comfortably wear. Suprafill is just as good, but it is more difficult to maintain as it cannot be tumble dried.

Julia Kozoliy, editor of BeautyHack

My daughter puts on such a jumpsuit in kindergarten - I choose the most practical outerwear that does not need to be washed every day. And Lassie can simply be wiped with a damp cloth if the child is playing on the playground. Plus, in overalls it is comfortable to walk and move - it does not restrict movement. Lassie has several lines, I always choose Lassietec. There are no complaints about the jumpsuit, it really does not get wet, but for me this is the most important criterion for the quality of such clothes.


Another greetings from Finland. Kerry warm clothes are developed exclusively for cold winters - down to -30 ° С. During production, a coating is used that simultaneously retains heat inside, wicking sweat, and does not allow moisture to pass from the outside - this, in principle, is the essence of all membrane overalls. Heaters are always branded KERRYFILL. If you are afraid that the baby will freeze, choose a heater 300 g.

Yulia Kozoliy, editor of BeautyHack

A budget option that will be good for every day if your child goes to kindergarten and actively spends time on the street. I like a few things about Kerry: reflective elements (in winter, when it gets dark at 16:00, they are a must), lining of the inner collar made of velor, the presence of silicone slippers (snow does not get into shoes, no matter what your child does). I chose Kerry when Ulyana was younger so that she could lie in the snow to her heart's content. The only thing that confuses me is the colors: it seems that the brand specifically chooses variegated shades. Very much an amateur, and in this sense the same Reima with its monophonic variants is much closer to me.

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