How To Choose A Maternity Hospital? Experience Of The Stars

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How To Choose A Maternity Hospital? Experience Of The Stars
How To Choose A Maternity Hospital? Experience Of The Stars

Tutta Larsen, Yulia Prudko, Victoria Manasir and other famous girls talk about the Soft Childbirth program and explain where the best conditions for partner childbirth have been created in Moscow.

Center for Traditional Obstetrics

Tutta Larsen, TV and radio host


My experience of motherhood (Tutta has three children: Luka, Ivan and Martha - ed.) Suggests that childbirth is the most important event in the life of both a woman and a child.

I advise young parents to prepare for childbirth in advance. This also applies to studying information, attending courses, choosing a specialist.

If you want to give birth with “your” doctor (whom you know well and with whom you have interacted before), then, of course, it is better to sign a contract with him as soon as possible.

The cost of delivery under a contract depends on whether it will be a specific specialist or a team on duty. The average cost of childbirth is about 120,000 rubles, if this is not some kind of vip maternity hospital. I am not a supporter of overpaying not for a specific specialist, but for luxurious wards.

Michel Auden's formula for childbirth is very close to me - it should be quiet, dark and warm. Naturally, not all maternity hospitals can provide such conditions, but still they are. I was fortunate enough to get to know the Center for Traditional Obstetrics, where a woman can get the birth experience she wants. I gave birth to Martha and Vanya with the same midwife and was seen by the same doctors. Martha - under the program "Soft childbirth" at the Center for Traditional Obstetrics.

The program includes a special ward where you can give birth on a bed or, for example, in a bathtub filled with water. It also has a fitball and a special chair for women in labor. You yourself choose how to give birth: standing (the delivery bed has a built-in delivery chair), or sitting in the bathtub. The room is quiet and twilight, no one is running around you, there is no fuss. The midwife is with you, and the doctor periodically comes in to check the situation. But when an active process begins, the doctor is always there. An important feature of CTA: many procedures (such as opening the fetal bladder, clamping the umbilical cord in the first minutes after the birth of a child, episiotomy) are carried out strictly according to the indications and with the consent of the woman. Of course, natural pain relief is preferred here: massage, breathing, aromatherapy, etc.But for medical reasons, epidural anesthesia can also be given.

I was going to give birth to Vanya in maternity hospital # 68, it is headed by the brilliant doctor Yulia Dmitrievna Vuchenovich. For me, the most important thing when choosing a specialist is trust in the doctor and the fact that he does not unnecessarily interfere with the process of your body's work, while showing attention and sincere care. Also, I can certainly recommend the specialists of the Center for Traditional Obstetrics - Galina Vladimirovna Ovsyannikova and Tamara Sadovaya (the creator of the CTA).

Perinatal Medical Center "Mother and Child"

Olga Romanova, makeup artist, creator of the Romanovamakeup brand


I chose the maternity hospital for a very long time, so I signed the contract only at 38 weeks. In general, we were looking not for a maternity hospital, but for a specialist who would like to trust. I will not hide the fact that at first I had a prejudiced attitude towards the PMC, so for the first consultation I chose the Family Planning Center. But immediately entering the room, I realized that it was not mine. The place looked like a hospital, and such conditions cause fear in me and provoke the desire to escape.

At the same time, to my great happiness, Leila Tengizovna Kulumbegova, the doctor who led my pregnancy and whom I have known for many years, advised me to contact the highest category obstetrician-gynecologist Sergei Shcherbakov at the PMC. After the very first consultation, there was no doubt: Sergey loves his job so much, a real maniac in his field, that I decided to give birth only with him.

Since then, I have never regretted the choice. A very special atmosphere really reigns in the PMC: the staff is very friendly, everyone wants to please you, they worry so that you feel comfortable. As a very emotional person, any feeling of discomfort is disheartening to me. And here there is absolutely no gloomy hospital atmosphere.

Initially, I was planning a partner birth with a friend. But a couple of hours after admission to the hospital, my husband came to me and did not want to go anywhere.

A big plus of the PMC - the partner can be with you during childbirth without any difficulties and additional paperwork. I believe that such an opportunity should be in all maternity hospitals. When a girl is alone, in other people's walls at such an important period of her life, it is a great stress.

Another interesting point: usually girls note the importance of a midwife in the process of childbirth. I didn’t remember the other staff at all. Sergey Shcherbakov controlled all the moments.

The main thing in the birth process is the doctor who will take responsibility for making decisions. The place is already secondary. But from the point of view of psychological comfort, I would like every maternity hospital to be like a PMC.

It was important for me how the baby unit is arranged, there you can leave the baby without worrying to recover after giving birth. My birth lasted 14 hours. It could have been longer, but with the doctor, we decided on an emergency caesarean to keep the baby safe. He performed the operation brilliantly, very quickly, and after that I recovered quite easily. For this, my husband and I are very grateful to him!

68 maternity hospital

Yulia Prudko, founder of the June & July PR agency


For the first time, it was not the hospital itself that was fundamental for me, but the ability to choose a delivery program. During my pregnancy, I took courses at the Center for Traditional Obstetrics, and the Soft Childbirth program seemed very interesting to me. You are expected to have a midwife with you at all times during labor and a good room with a bathtub, dim lights, aromatic oils and herbal tea. But my childbirth began two weeks earlier than planned, and the doctor did not have time to prepare the necessary documents at the CTA, and we went to the 16 maternity hospital in the artists' village (it is now closed). The only plus of the place is the opportunity to give birth under the program "Soft childbirth" (at 16 maternity hospitals, a contract was signed with CTA). In terms of childbirth, everything was great, but I did not like the hospital itself in terms of arrangement and nutrition.

But during the first birth, I met a wonderful midwife Nina Antonova, who had a career growth in three years - Nina became a doctor and went to work in the 68th maternity hospital. For this reason, I was there for the second time. By the way, the place turned out to be very good!

At the moment of birth, everything that was important to me was nearby: Nina, a bathtub right in the ward, the right light, an individual delivery room, and respect for me and the baby. The whole maternity hospital is very cozy.

We signed a contract with the hospital in advance. You can also give birth there with a partner, but the second time I did not have a partner birth. The husband was waiting for the birth of George until the last, but flew away on a business trip to South Africa. When concluding a contract, you can count on a “family” type ward, where one of the relatives can stay around the clock.

There was a huge window in the ward in which I lay right after the birth. It was initially hung, but it was opened and the bright sun was allowed into the room - this is an incredible feeling!

And also in the 68th maternity hospital there are wonderful staff: from the orderlies to the head physician. They took blood from my vein a hundred times, and everything was done very delicately and painlessly. The maternity hospital has departments for pregnancy pathology and intensive care for newborns. The obstetrician-gynecologist and neonatologist are examined every day after delivery.

In principle, I am not a fan of maternity hospitals - for the second time I leave them on the second day after giving birth. Legally and with the permission of doctors. Therefore, in principle, I do not need chambers of the Four Seasons format. But still, I want to advise everyone to take food with them, because with food, things are not very good everywhere. Although the soup from the dining room, which was offered to me immediately after giving birth, I ate with great pleasure!

Perinatal Medical Center "Mother and Child"

Julia Belyaeva, CEO of Therr Maitz Group


It so happened that before giving birth, I visited several clinics. Anton and I went to one lesson at the Center for Traditional Obstetrics (where I was also observed during pregnancy) - it was our mutual desire as preparation for a partner birth. The courses lasted three hours, they were led by a very delicate girl, who literally explained on her fingers how a woman can behave during childbirth, what to do if the contractions were caught by surprise, how a man can help in these moments. I think the courses were useful: when my contractions started, we were ready. At CTA they rely on natural childbirth in a relaxed atmosphere close to home. I am very impressed with this philosophy, so I chose the most comfortable place for giving birth.

Initially, we examined the Lapino Clinical Hospital (I was there on an excursion) and the PMC on Sevastopolsky Avenue. Geographically, Lapino is more convenient for us, but three months before the birth, I went for a consultation with Dr. Tatyana Olegovna Normantovich at the PMC and realized that I had met my man. Tatiana Olegovna was recommended by a friend. I wanted a woman to take delivery, because this is an intimate process and a woman understands it on an intuitive level. In addition, Tatyana Olegovna is a mother of three children herself, a real professional and a doctor of the highest category.

We signed a contract with the maternity hospital about three months before giving birth, after that I only went to see Tatyana Olegovna and there, in the PMC, underwent all examinations and tests. By the way, it was in the “Mother and Child” maternity hospitals that the girls were given the opportunity to give birth with the same doctor who led the pregnancy for the first time. And also they are not closed for the "car wash".

We gave birth in the Home Birth ward. There is absolutely everything: a jacuzzi (initially the idea of ​​giving birth in water seemed attractive to me), fitballs, a rope, a wall bar to hang on, equipment for vertical childbirth.

During pregnancy, I generally refused to believe that I would lie on the couch and give birth in the traditional way. I wanted an alternative and modern! But in the end, everything was more than traditional and I spent most of the time at home.

Therefore, I have not tried all the charms of the chamber. Although I admit that if I came to the hospital with the first contractions, fitball and other paraphernalia would be useful.

We immediately got to the delivery room. And from there we were transferred to a regular one, where we stayed with my husband and baby until discharge. A very important point: the wards are equipped in such a way that you feel comfortable being there with the whole family. Anton was given an extra bed, and he spent all the time with us. There is a separate room with a crib for the baby. But it was not useful to us. He slept next to him all the time in a transparent cradle. We used the nursery when we received guests. There was enough space for everyone!

PMC is often praised for its excellent menu. Food was brought to us five times a day, everything is home-made, delicious, fresh. I am very happy with the birth at the PMC and I am almost sure that I will return there next time.

Clinical hospital "Lapino"

Victoria Manasir, owner of the VikiLand family club


I gave birth to my daughter Dana in the Maternity Hospital named after THEM. Sechenov. At that time, this place was closest to my husband's office. Roman gave birth at the PMC (the maternity hospital was closed, and my friend sent me there to be saved). The other two children, on the advice of Mark Arkadyevich Kurtser, gave birth to in "Lapino". The youngest Andrey was born there in 2017. I never thought about giving birth abroad, unless I had to give birth urgently. The last time I returned to Moscow was a week before the X-day.

If I were asked to name three advantages of Lapino, they would be: specialists, quality of patient care, thoughtful comfort. You can choose the doctor who will deliver the baby when you sign the contract. You can meet with any of the doctors at the reception or on excursions around the maternity hospital - they are held 2 times a week. There are also open house days.

Lapino has one large five-storey building with an area of ​​42,000 square meters. There are: an admission department (next to ultrasound rooms with the latest equipment), an eco and maternity department, a pregnancy pathology department, a neonatal center, a children's clinic and a hospital, an emergency department, a diagnostic and treatment center, a surgery department, etc.

All delivery rooms are individual, there is a shower and a sanitary room, transforming beds are controlled by a remote control.

From the interesting: the CTG apparatus records not only the heartbeat, but also the frequency of contraction of the muscles of the uterus - in this way contractions are controlled. The beds in the postnatal wards are also equipped with remote controls - this is very convenient with a baby.

There are germicidal lamps everywhere, there is a button to call personnel.

At the time of my stay, I caught myself thinking that she did not want to leave. I was also observed there during pregnancy, and it was not even scary to go to Lapino from the center. Anna Valerievna Agranovskaya was my doctor, and Mark Arkadievich Kurtser performed the caesarean section. After a cesarean, they usually ask to stay in the clinic for 4-5 days, but I would have “cooled off” there longer. All conditions have been created for this: 1-, 2- and 3-room wards with several bathrooms, a separate room for a child, the ability to constantly receive guests, food is brought directly to the ward six times a day (it is difficult to surprise me with something, but simple delicious the table pleases).

The difference between the younger sons is 8 years, and during this time a lot has changed. Now, in fact, any whim is possible. I understand that the most important thing is a healthy baby and a happy mother, but after such a pleasant service I would like to return to Lapino again. There is everything you need and even more: spa, swimming pool, care for moms, cafe, shop, pharmacy, photographer, courses for moms, beauty salon. Perhaps, I did not reach the library, by the way is it there?

Interview and text: Yulia Kozoliy

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