Schoolchildren Changing The World: Ocean Cleanser And Banning Plastic - Credit

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Video: Schoolchildren Changing The World: Ocean Cleanser And Banning Plastic - Credit
Video: What Is PLASTIC POLLUTION? | What Causes Plastic Pollution? | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz 2023, February
Schoolchildren Changing The World: Ocean Cleanser And Banning Plastic - Credit
Schoolchildren Changing The World: Ocean Cleanser And Banning Plastic - Credit

Greta Thunberg is on everyone's lips. After her speech at the World Economic Forum and being awarded the title of Person of the Year by TIME, the schoolgirl from Sweden became a symbol of the fight for the environment.

However, she is not the only young activist who was invited to such an important event along with the presidents. These girls and guys are much less media persons, but their proposals are often much more rational.

BeautyHack studied the guys' projects and was very impressed.

Autumn Peltier from Canada

What it does: Ensures that pipelines are laid away from drinking sources

Autumn, 15, is a native of North America. For half her life, she fights for the rights of local clans to drink water, not fearing to die from poisoning. Many sources are contaminated with oil products and industrial emissions. Now the schoolgirl represents 40 "tribes", travels on reservations and UN events. And he approves with the regional governors the places where it is possible to lay pipes with the fuel coming through them.

Ayakha Melitafa from South Africa

What it does: Forced organizations to control the amount of harmful emissions

The girl became an activist when her family, living in a village near Cape Town, faced a climate disaster. Due to drought and water shortages, farmers were on the verge of ruin and starvation. Together with other initiators, she developed the project "90 by 2030", in which she proposes to change the attitude towards the Earth's resources by 90% in 10 years. Another community of which Ayakha, 17, is a member, the African Climate Alliance, is demanding a transition to a low-carbon economy. And he tells exactly how.

Fion Ferreira from Ireland

What it does: Invented a liquid that collects plastic from water

Since childhood, he went kayaking on the sea. And he began to notice that more and more harbors are covered with "plastic islands", and fish and animals perish, mistaking caps or bottles for food. The guy invented a new method for extracting microplastics from water using a unique substance. It attracts 88% of the garbage to itself. For development, the 18-year-old genius has already received 12 major awards, including at the Google Science Fair.

Melati and Isabel Wiissen from Indonesia

What it does: Help cleanse the ocean of debris

The sisters initiated a ban on disposable bags, tubes and utensils on their home island of Bali. Founded Goodbye Plastic Bags. At lessons and parties, the girls explained how this affects the environment and what alternatives can be found. They also staged a campaign to clean up the coast and water area, which was joined by 20 thousand people. As a result, 60 tons of waste were collected. Then they went on a hunger strike to attract the attention of politicians and businessmen. It worked. Last summer, plastic was taboo. 19-year-old Melati and 17-year-old Iza are among the most influential teenagers, according to TIME magazine.

Salvador Gomez-Colon from Puerto Rico

What it does: Provides people with alternative energy

Three years ago, I learned that his village could lose electricity for a long time due to a hurricane. Then the guy found investors and organized a company that helped deliver solar-powered lamps, hand-operated washing machines and other things to settlements. In total, he helped almost 3,100 families. El Salvador is now doing the same for the Bahamas. The 17-year-old activist received the US Environmental Protection Agency's Presidential Award and the Diana Award for Social Humanitarian Work.

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