INSTA HACKERS: 5 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs To Subscribe

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INSTA HACKERS: 5 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs To Subscribe
INSTA HACKERS: 5 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs To Subscribe

Influencers are actively promoting healthy lifestyles on social media. BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova decided to go out on Instagram to find the most interesting blogs to subscribe to. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the selection to get inspired not only by the content, but also by the philosophy of each girl.

avatar Sofia Vorobyova
avatar Sofia Vorobyova

Sofia Vorobyova

BeautyHack Editor

Blog @ salatshop

Olga Malysheva, the author of the bright page and website Salatshop, started making “delicious” content in 2014. She still talks about nutrition, detox, movement into joy and lightness. Each of her posts is like a storehouse of knowledge: personal experience and simple vegetarian recipes in which you will not find sugar or flour.

Olga's motto for life: "More greens, vegetables and fruits - less pots and difficulties."

From the age of 18, the girl did yoga and switched to a healthy lifestyle, which grew into a profession. Having received a diploma in detoxification (Natalia Rose's program, New York, USA), Olga began to share her experience: how can any person be healthy and vigorous in Moscow or another metropolis, so as not to lose common sense and joy from having fun parties with friends.

Also, the blogger did not want to stop studying nutrition and lifestyle, because her loved ones were faced with serious diseases, to which doctors could not give answers about their occurrence and how to prevent them.

Why you should subscribe: The blog provides answers to questions about food combinations, dietary changes, and recipes under fantastic bright pictures.

Blog @avocadosasha

On this page, you can dispel the most popular myths about health and get advice on nutrition. The author Alexandra Efimova will compose individual menus upon request and will answer in detail the most common questions, creating a separate post for them.

This girl is a certified biomedical scientist and advocate of naturopathy, and her approach to health is a combination of herbal nutrition and dietary supplements of natural origin (they are proven by clinical studies). Alexandra specializes in gastrointestinal diseases, weight management, detoxification, skin diseases and mental health.

Why subscribe: Learn to eat healthy animal-free, not make yourself an ethical vegan.

Blog @alya_samokhina

Alya Samokhina, a culinary blogger and vegan, inspires with her “green” content and interesting posts. Those who have subscribed to this girl for a long time should definitely read the author's book “45 shades of green”. There you can find a complete guide to building a vegetarian diet, tips on how to maintain vital energy by sticking to a plant-based diet, and healthy and simple recipes for every day.

For Ali, being a vegetarian means being trendy, so she prefers coconut milk over cow's milk, replaces steak with a quinoa burger, and starts the morning with a glass of kiwi and avocado smoothie. She is 27 years old, 13 of which she does not eat meat. Her blog carries the idea of ​​"wholesome" (English "sane, full of health"). From the age of 18, Alya suffered from complexes and beauty standards. As a result, in pursuit of a slim body and harmony, she became interested in a healthy lifestyle. In the blog, she talks about her thorny life, as well as interesting places with vegan cuisine.

Why you should subscribe: find healthy lifestyle spots in Moscow for snacks, learn about findings from grocery stores and get inspired by recipes (millet syrniki, bruschetta with vegan salmon and cream cheese on gluten-free quinoa bread and many others).

Blog @simplegreensmoothies

Those who cannot live without a smoothie and are tired of the banal apple-and-pear tandem should get ideas from the brightest and most nutritious Instagram page. It is hosted by two friends Jen and Jada from California.

Their concept is “not a day without a healthy smoothie,” so these superfood recipes will last 365 days a year. Girls also post important tips for cleansing and healing the body. You can also find recipes for complete meals on the blog.

Why subscribe: Diversify your breakfast and marvel at the unusual combination of ingredients.

Blog @mynewroots

Danish author Sara Britton worked for a year on an organic farm in the United States. After staying there for a week, she decided to change her diet, which consisted of whole, unprocessed foods. She also did daily physical activity. After that, Sarah realized what a huge impact diet and exercise have on the body and mind.

After resting, she returned to school to study holistic nutrition in detail. She wanted to share the knowledge she gained with others, so she started the blog “My New Roots”. She talks about unusual, delicious recipes and inspires stories about how to eat right.

Why subscribe: Explore vegetarian and plant-based recipes, learn how to replicate Sarah's favorite cashew dream cake, and mentally travel to a beautiful corner of the planet - Copenhagen.

Text: Sofia Vorobyova

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