Off The Shoulder: How The Resale Sphere Suddenly Started To Gain Momentum

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Off The Shoulder: How The Resale Sphere Suddenly Started To Gain Momentum
Off The Shoulder: How The Resale Sphere Suddenly Started To Gain Momentum

In the month of awareness at BeautyHack, we made an article about where in Moscow you can give things that you no longer need. It also told about the sites where to buy used things: from the luxury to the Middle segment. It turned out that the second direction is no less in demand by fashionable girls. We talked about who goes to resale stores and how this business works with the creators of two projects - Buy By Me and Relove Moscow.

How are resale projects created?

Buy By Me, a platform for finding premium and luxury apparel, is seven years old.

“We conceived a resell platform that would combine service and quality back in 2010, when we studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. But we implemented it in 2012,”said the founder of the platform, Victoria Klinovskaya.

But real interest in the project has appeared recently. Victoria explains the rise in popularity of resale stores by changing consumer habits. First, they are fond of fashion trends, then they develop their own style, and then they reach the understanding of "quantity - quality". And at this stage, resale stores can also fall into their sphere of interest, where they make more desirable, balanced and long-term purchases.

Relove Moscow is a project that is only two months old. Its creator Marina Abramovich also sensed the change in mood and created the space she herself dreamed of.

“I like to dress in thrift stores, find stylish and quality items, but I don't like rummaging through things. Confused by the mountains of stretched jersey and other classic nuances of secondhand. I adore middle-segment Russian brands, I like design, cut, high quality, but these brands have always been beyond my means. Here the question is not even about money and prosperity, it is about values, when we choose between a dress for 30 thousand rubles and a trip to another country for the same money. Even if I have free 30 thousand, I will not spend it on a new expensive dress, I see no point in this. For me, impressions, knowledge, rest, the opportunity to make a good gift to a loved one are much more valuable. And I think a lot of my customers are just like me."

In Relove Moscow you can find middle-segment items: from Russian brands like Ushatava to Western brands Jil Sander, Sandro, See by Chloe.

“A real treasure for me would be to add The Row, ACNE and Toteme to the assortment at affordable prices,” Marina dreams. And she says that the customers have no fear of clothes that someone else has already worn. In addition, the brands themselves support such an initiative.

“Ushatava, for example, responded positively to the offer and were glad that we are giving their things a second life,” says Relove Moscow.

How does the resale business work in Russia and where do things come from in such stores?

It all depends on the built business model. On the Buy By Me platform, you can post items and sell them yourself, in the same way you find clothes that interest you and buy them.

“We accept for sale only original products with mandatory authentication of each product. The initial reception and assessment is carried out by our multi-brand specialist. Basic authentication and conclusion is performed by a team of professional authenticators, including external experts and consultants,”explains Victoria. In the case of Buy By Me, the moment of checking the item for authenticity is especially important, since the site contains iconic models from Celine and Bottega Veneta, and a Chanel wool jacket can be bought right now for 75,000 rubles. The final cost is determined based on criteria such as seasonality, brand, collection, size and condition of the item.

Relove Moscow works according to a slightly different scheme. Marina herself connects with girls whose style she impresses, and also writes to friendly brands. This is how clothing appears in Relove that fully matches her personal ideas about style:

“The list of brands is my precious guide from which I try not to deviate. I am attentive to the feedback from our customers and I know that most of them vote for 12storeez replenishment, are in line for Ushatava. I know that if I post Vatnique, about 40 people will write to me in a day. There are many brands on my list, but the requirements are general: noble, basic colors, style and quality."

At the same time, Marina admits that selling luxury resale is a much more profitable business: “I believe that our format can be profitable. While we are in the process of finalizing the business model. It takes a lot of work to get everything right. As you know, we make big discounts, obviously, we don't have 400% mark-up as stores can afford. If we talk about the resale-sphere, of course, luxury is much more profitable. But I do not look in this direction at all, we have room to grow in our niche. " Among the main factors that motivate shopping in kesale stores, girls highlight the desire to abandon fast fashion, and also note the acute ecological and partly economic situation in our country.

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