Sofia Vergara, Courteney Cox And Other 45-plus Stars Who Garner Millions Of Admiring Glances In Bikini

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Video: Sofia Vergara, Courteney Cox And Other 45-plus Stars Who Garner Millions Of Admiring Glances In Bikini

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Video: Top 10 Actors Who Married Their Co-Stars 2023, February
Sofia Vergara, Courteney Cox And Other 45-plus Stars Who Garner Millions Of Admiring Glances In Bikini
Sofia Vergara, Courteney Cox And Other 45-plus Stars Who Garner Millions Of Admiring Glances In Bikini

“During self-isolation, my goal was to lose 10 kg. There are 15 more left …”- such jokes seemed funny until recently, in the spring. Now it's no laughing matter - the quarantine regime has been weakened in most regions, the swimming season in the south is open. The hand out of habit reaches for croissants and airy profiteroles, and the brain in panic looks for excuses: stress, slow metabolism …

BeautyHack has amassed a dose of motivation - over 45 stars who stay in great shape. With age, as you know, it is much more difficult to maintain a figure in perfect condition, but they succeed. We are inspired and pull ourselves together, looking at these beauties!

Courteney Cox

It was in the series "Friends" that Monica could eat boxes of cookies and not worry about being overweight. The actress who played it has been playing sports all her life and carefully monitors her diet. Her diet includes only low-fat varieties of fish and meat, hard cheese, vegetables, herbs, cereals and nuts. Instead of coffee, she prefers coconut water in the morning, and drinks at least 1.5 liters of water during the day. And, of course, workouts four times a week: strength and cardio exercises. All this gives its results: with a growth of 165 cm, Courtney weighs 50-55 kg.

On the day of her 56th birthday, she posted a video in a bikini with the caption "Diving next year." It was watched by 3.5 million people, almost 13 thousand left comments. Most, of course, are enthusiastic. We understand. We join.

Sofia Vergara

In a month, the actress will turn 48, but she looks no worse than in the photographs from the covers of the 90s. And the most amazing thing is that Sofia regularly uploads her culinary masterpieces and feasts with handsome husband Joe Manganiello on Instagram. What's the secret? “A woman who limits herself to delicious food cannot be happy,” she is sure. It turns out that the star of the series maintains a balance: on weekdays she has a fractional food system, where the main thing is fish, vegetables and fruits, and on weekends she can afford cheat meals. For example, pizza, pasta, cheesecake, and a glass of dry white wine.

She hates sports, but to maintain shape and flexibility, she regularly exercises on a special Pilates platform.

Elizabeth Hurley

Is it even legal to look like that 55? Several years ago, the actress and model went to work as designers and released her own line of swimwear. So now almost every day he posts his pictures in a bikini on social networks. Leopard, blue, fuchsia - in any of them Liz looks amazing. She recently boasted that she hadn't gotten a single gram for a lockdown. This is understandable - the star of the movie "Blinded by Desires" eats farm vegetables, fish and brown rice. Because of her weaknesses, she sometimes allows herself fruits and marshmallows (read more about her diet here).

At the same time, every day he makes 10,000 steps, does Pilates and yoga. And also squats to the music so that it is not boring.

Helena Christensen

One of the top models of the 90s continues to hit the catwalk and star in the covers. The latter is at Harper's Bazaar, where 51-year-old Helena is posing in a swimsuit and a transparent shirt. And at the same time it looks like the last 30 years have passed by her. Remember her in one of Chris Isaac's most sensual clips of The Wicked Game - in black lingerie by the sea? So, now there is no less sexuality in her, and her figure is no worse.

Judging by Christensen's Instagram, she is fond of hardening - she swims in a mountain river during a snowfall, sunbathes when there are no leaves on the trees. In an interview, she repeatedly admitted that she loves to walk a lot, alternating between running, boxing and going to the pool. This got rid of her cellulite. And she also writes a cross on her hand so as not to forget to drink water, and always uses a cream in SPF.

Sharon Stone

But she is 62! But the seductress from Basic Instinct is still good. She herself admits that she is inspired by her one-year-old - Madonna. And when he wants to skip another Pilates class, he thinks about her. Sharon gave up alcohol and after six months noticed how fresh her skin was. Every morning he drinks herbal tea, for lunch and dinner they prefer protein foods and vegetables with olive oil and lemon juice. The only harm she allows herself is bitter chocolate, she even has it in the bathroom.

Stone considers his flaw to be flat buttocks - he says that he works on this part of the body all his life. “This is a problem for my whole family, but we take this collective flaw philosophically. For example, we joke about dad, saying that someone stole his ass, so his trousers are hanging on him,”the star admitted. Well, she definitely has no problems with the rest. Especially with a sense of humor.

Elle Macpherson

It is not for nothing that her nickname in the modeling business was "Body". Perfect abs, athletic legs, beautiful back - at 56, McPherson managed to maintain an incredible shape. Therefore, he regularly publishes his photos in a bikini. And she even starred in a silver bodysuit for the cover of the gloss. Retouching and photoshop, say? Well, not without it, of course. But in home footage from a smartphone, El looks no worse. Two children did not at all prevent her from maintaining a slender waist.

No secrets: proper nutrition and sports. The supermodel replaced red meat with fish, and buns - with apples. The staple diet is now vegetables and fruits, which she eats with beans or lentils. This helped to remove swelling, smooth the skin and "deflate" the protruding stomach.

Brooke Shields

The 55-year-old actress, who became famous in her youth after her role in the incredibly beautiful film "Blue Lagoon", is still good. And then, and now she can afford to walk along the beach in a bikini without hesitation.

“Every time I want something sweet or I'm stressed and delirious to the fridge to seize my feelings, I pour myself a glass of water. After half an hour, the desire to consume everything indiscriminately disappears,”explains Brooke. She also walks the dogs a lot and does anti-gravity yoga. Well, judging by the photo in the swimsuit and sportswear, it is worth it.

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