On Demand: The Stars Who Breastfeed Their Babies At Work And Outing

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Video: On Demand: The Stars Who Breastfeed Their Babies At Work And Outing

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Video: Mum shares video of herself breastfeeding her four-year-old - Daily Mail 2023, January
On Demand: The Stars Who Breastfeed Their Babies At Work And Outing
On Demand: The Stars Who Breastfeed Their Babies At Work And Outing

After the scandal in the Hermitage, from where a visitor was kicked out for breastfeeding a child, it became clear once again: this topic is still taboo in our country. Psychologists are sure: the only annoying thing is that people do not accept in themselves. Confused by someone else's naked body, which is not even visible under a scarf or sling? Hence, the problem is in the rejection of one's own sexuality.

Many young mothers also say that there is nothing more natural than breastfeeding. Including the stars. And we agree with them.

Natalya Vodyanova

The 38-year-old mother of five children has repeatedly talked about how important the moment of attachment to the breast is from a psychological point of view. Plus, milk contains a lot of substances useful for the child's body. And someone else's opinion is definitely not a reason to deprive a child of all these benefits. The supermodel is sure that a woman has the right to feed her baby anywhere: at home, at work, on the street, in transport.

In 2016, Natalia took part in a campaign against hypocrisy in relation to this topic. She published a snapshot on social networks with a request to support her in this matter.

Regina Todorenko

Almost immediately, as Michael was born, the TV presenter and singer withdrew from the decree. But this did not stop her from breastfeeding her son. Regina believes that participation in the "Heads and Tails" program has tempered her and taught her not to care about public opinion. Mother's milk is the best that nature has created for babies, and the statements of strangers should not affect this in any way, she recalls.

When the child was one year old, Todorenko posted on her Instagram a picture in which she was captured at this touching moment.

Elena Kuletskaya

The fashion model and TV presenter is raising two children. She says that she always fed them on demand, even during filming. But I tried to find a secluded corner and hide behind a stole or scarf. In order not to embarrass and irritate others.

“Sometimes in the process such shots are born … And what are they - wonderful or“wow, a nightmare, why show this”- we already read this in the comments,” Elena sneers.

Alyssa Milano

47-year-old star of the series "Charmed" without embarrassment published pictures of breastfeeding her son and daughter. “I am not doing this in order to draw attention to myself or the problem of censure of this process in public. These are just very important moments in my life, that's all,”Alissa explained. She also noted that sometimes it is easier for the public to sexualize the mammary glands than to perceive them through the prism of what they actually exist for - feeding a small person.

Olivia Wilde

It is so natural for an actress to breastfeed a crying son and daughter that she constantly did it while working. Once the star of "House Doctor" asked to interrupt the photo shoot for the magazine to feed the baby. The photographer asked permission to capture the moment, and Olivia agreed. And the editorial staff liked the frame so much that they decided to publish it.

“People give some frank coloring to this event, although for some reason advertising of pizza or building materials with a half-naked girl does not bother them. It seems that this is not with the mothers, but something is wrong with them,”- says Wilde.

Gisele Bundchen

The former Victoria's Secret angel, who has been considered the highest paid model in the world for almost 10 years, has not given up feeding her two children, even at the risk of losing her job. She admitted that she saw her breasts lose their shape and become of different sizes. This saddened her, but she considered it more important to give everything the kids needed. She advises other women not to turn off the GW for at least six months and not pay attention to other people's opinions.

“Thanks to such moments, a close bond is created between the baby and the mother. This is a unique moment when our body adjusts to the child, and it is an incomparable pleasure,”Giselle is sure. The picture in which she feeds her daughter Vivian, and around the whole team prepares her for filming, has circulated in many media. Bündchen was pleased: she said that more attention should be drawn to the problem of condemnation of vital processes and the thinking of blinkered persons should be reshaped.

Miranda Kerr

The 36-year-old mother of three sons has often been photographed without clothes. And she does not understand why society takes these pictures with a bang, and some people often condemn the shots where children are lying on her chest.

The supermodel and ex-Victoria's Secret angel admits that breastfeeding is great, but it can have a negative impact on your appearance and skin. However, this does not stop her, because the health of the babies is much more important.

Candice Swanepoel

Another "underwear" top model, famous for her ideal forms, stands for naturalness and following instincts. It is a common process for animals to give milk to their young because they understand how important it is. Candice believes that it is not only nutrition, but also a complex form of communication. So why should people be stopped by someone else's opinion, when health, mood, and the emotional connection of the baby with the mother are at stake?

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