Works Even For Skeptics: How To Dream To Come True

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Works Even For Skeptics: How To Dream To Come True
Works Even For Skeptics: How To Dream To Come True

We are waiting for the new moon on October 28 - a great time for all beginnings. But the main thing is for desires. Our columnist Anna Miller explains how to want something right, even if you are a tenth generation skeptic.

avatar Anna Miller
avatar Anna Miller

Anna Miller

Writer, journalist

I am not strong in astrology, but I remember that for the new moon you need to collect all dreams (secret and explicit) in your soul and WISH, desire with all your might.

It seems that making a wish is the simplest task. Say what you want. But it only seems that making a wish is simple and only for pleasure. Know yourself, desire! Ha! So only small children can when they write a letter to Santa Claus.

⠀ How

do they write? From the bottom of my heart, what they want. “I want a magic wand,” they write. Or else "I want to become a mermaid." It's easy for them. They are sure that everything is possible, and the impossible is also possible (children, like Dima Bilan, they "know for sure").

And we, adult bores, as we wish? With difficulty, with a creak, with prejudices and a lot of fears.

More or less like this:

Nuuu, I need a bigger apartment. Yes-ah-ah. I'd like to. BUT!

First, what's the point of wanting her when it's unrealistic now ?! Where would she get it from me, a skinny freelancer ?? Yeah nuuu, useless desire.

Secondly, it is difficult. Oh, oh, now I wish it, and a high-paying job will fall on me, which means a great responsibility, and I won't be able to lie upstairs for more than half a day, I will have to work hard. Maybe, well, her, this apartment? Better upboop.

Or even scary - all of a sudden the apartment will be inherited, which means someone else, for the sake of my desire to live well. Uuuu, nooo.


The most difficult thing is to wish without fear of the consequences.

The second most difficult thing is to wish without thinking about who will do it.

This is what they talk about at such popular now trainings and wish-making marathons. Hordes of wise trainers, coaches and psychologists teach what nature has already taught - to want, letting go of fears, to want for yourself and in the name of your own (even if very incomprehensible to others) happiness.

Once I listened to a couple of lectures on making wishes and found out:

- that some people are embarrassed to wish for themselves. It's a shame - selfishly, and my mother's voice in my head hiss: "if you wanted to" or "for free - only cheese in a mousetrap."

- one wife and mother confessed that she could not even begin the list of her desires, she got used to wanting for her family and children, and constantly began with the words “we”, “us”, “them”.

How to guess correctly?

You wish, and the universe will figure out where to send you from. And believe me, it will send from where you DID NOT EXACTLY WAIT.

Wish with confidence. What you want one hundred percent. And you want it, not your mother. An eternal example. The girl wants to get married. And it doesn't work. Why? But because! One of my friends wanted and wanted, and then admitted: I want to go to study in the UK. And I also want a Yorkshire terrier and repair. And to get married … well, it's time, and all the friends are married, and my mother (oh, these mothers) worries that I am alone, and I am already 30 years old.

We wish, my dears, strictly our own desires, not my mother's and public ones.

I have already noticed that our universe always quickly and with pleasure fulfills desires that you wish with confidence. I once saw such a beautiful sweater in an online store, but it turned out that there was no way to order it, everything was sold out, but I really wanted it terribly, I already drew a picture in my head of how I was wearing this sweater, and a coat on top, and I am so bohemian, I sit drinking coffee, and my hands are warm even in winter, because this sweater is made of pure wool of a wonderful merino. I came up with everything, saw, felt, so to speak, its softness on my neck, and then such a bummer! I won't have such a sweater … Oh, oh, sadness.

And suddenly the next day a friend comes, whom she has not seen for many years, brings him as a gift! Only the colors of the other. Yes, it happens.

Or once again I wanted to go to the sea, but there was absolutely no money. And there was no vacation. No chances. But the desire was so strong. I felt stones heated by the sun with my heel. And suddenly - op - a colleague refuses a press tour, chic and stunning, to the sea in Italy. The colleague does not suffer because he refuses because of the wedding. And I am flying and happy. Yes, it happens if you want to desperately and in your soul whine at the universe, like children at their parents: "Well, please, please, well, please!"

And here one more time I wished uncertainly and with doubt. I flew to Minsk in winter. At the airport, I look at myself in the mirror and think: “The shoes are brown, but the tights, you fool, I put on blue. How did it happen? I would have brown tights right now!"

I go to the toilet, and there, in a trash bin, there are slightly ragged brown tights hanging on the edge. Perfect match for my boots.

If I had specified the universe - I want new brown tights - maybe I would have thrown it. But I didn't finish it, I stopped the process with the thought “where can I get brown tights at the airport?”.

God be with them, with tights. One should not be afraid to wish, dream, want, and think good things. Don't think about the highways along which it will come.

I just WANT and that's it!


- To wish for yourself (even if a new coat, and not an abstract, albeit such an important world peace).

- To wish, even if the health of the whole family, then formulating it like this: "I want to be a mother of healthy children."

- Desire, without harming anyone or anything (not so: “I want a friend's husband, so that she would be empty”).

- Desire your current desire, and not voiced by someone for you.

- To wish the most insane, daring, and not something that is necessary for everyone.

- Desire without fear of consequences.

- Wish … and no nails!

Are you doing it?

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