What Manicure Is In Trend Now

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What Manicure Is In Trend Now
What Manicure Is In Trend Now

Top cover

What manicure is trending now? A new interpretation of "nude", transparent varnish, for the second season has been running the show on the catwalks and harmoniously complements the looks with casual curls and minimalist makeup (remember the shows of Balmain, Christian Dior, Gucci and Fendi).

The sheer finish is a great base for trendy, laconic nail art: just add a couple of bright dots or stripes.

This trend will surely fall in love with those who are constantly in a hurry: there is no need to wait until two layers of colored varnish are dry.

Bonus tip for the ever-late: UK brand Little Ondine makes eco-friendly water and resin based nail coatings. With these varnishes, you can do a manicure even at work, even in transport - they do not smell, they dry very quickly and are removed from the nails with a film. You can order wonderful varnishes on the official website of the company.

Top coat with a mirror shine Big Shiny Top Coat, 434 RUB., Sally Hansen.

Blue and pink

The Pantone Color Institute has named pastel pinks and blues for 2016, so hurry up to add these shades to your collection. Spring and summer are the best time for a manicure in delicate tones, as if diluted with milk, and pink and blue complement each other perfectly, so do not be afraid to experiment with nail art!

Varnish from a set of Sweets For My Sweet, shade Candy Girl, about 3 100 rubles, Deborah Lippmann.

Nail Lacquer, shade Bluette, 1 235 RUB., Dior.


For this season, it is better to give up long extended nails and intricate designs (don't worry, fashion is cyclical, so aquarium manicure and coffin nails will return). In spring, as never before, you want something elegant, so we spied an elegant solution at the Kenzo and Marc Jacobs shows - sequins. Find a pair of coarse, sparkly topcoats to add a childish playfulness and runway chic to your look. They can be applied over a colored varnish and even instead of a transparent coating, in any case, it will be in the top ten!

Varnish Vernis à Ongles, Superstar, 1 260 RUB., Kure Bazaar.

Varnish Vernis à Ongles, Rêve, 1 260 RUB., Kure Bazaar.

The black

Black varnish has long migrated from subcultural paraphernalia to the catwalk, and this season it has also moved from autumn-winter shows to spring-summer ones (Derek Lam, Rag & Bone, Creatures)! As you know, black is a versatile color that will give a casual look a little grunge, and an evening one - elegance.

Varnish La Petite Robe Noire, 007, 1 705 RUB., Guerlain.


Last summer, almost every fashionista adorned her hands with a gold or silver flash tattoo, and this season metal nails will determine which manicure is currently in trend (for example, at the Chanel show, they combined silver nails and a clutch). Do not be afraid to mix both metals in a manicure, but know when to stop: apply silver polish on all nails, but on only one make a gold hole or a silver free edge, as you did at the Rodarte show. By the way, if you walk on top of such a coating with a translucent varnish of a milky shade, you will get the effect of aged metal, as on antique jewelry!

Varnish Janice, 1 580 RUB., Christina Fitzgerald.

Varnish Le Vernis, Chaîne Or, 1 536 RUB., Chanel.

Text: Maria Stefanova Manicure: Natalya Khubaeva / Louise Dzgoeva / Kynsi salon Photo: Asya Zabavskaya

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