Personal Experience: How I Tried To Correct The Neck Without Surgery - With Threads

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Video: Personal Experience: How I Tried To Correct The Neck Without Surgery - With Threads

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Video: 4 PROVEN Neck Lift Methods WITHOUT SURGERY // Dr Rajani 2023, February
Personal Experience: How I Tried To Correct The Neck Without Surgery - With Threads
Personal Experience: How I Tried To Correct The Neck Without Surgery - With Threads

Once the special correspondent of BeautyHack Natalya Evgenieva lost 18 kilograms and became the happiest person in the world. Happiness was not overshadowed even by a fold on the neck: it appeared right in that tender place where the jaw goes into the throat. The adipose tissue was gone, and the skin did not tighten. “Anyway, no one but me sees her,” she thought. But just in case, I asked the beautician how to fix it. She advised Facebook building - they say, you can't really do anything with the neck. Face-building was lazy, so they lived with this fold. But 10 years later, the situation was different.

The ghost of old age

The fold sagged more and more and already resembled a chicken beard. True, my mother persistently assured me that I was talking nonsense, and there was nothing there, but … For prophylaxis, they put monofilaments for me to tighten the skin, and did SMAS lifting. The first did not give a visible effect, the second only until the edema subsided. “You can't do anything with the neck anyway,” I thought, and resigned myself to that damn beard.


And then it turned out that the one who looks at me from below can see this sagging fold perfectly. Even without heels 180 centimeters inside me - people look at me from the bottom up quite often.

“You know, I don’t like how you did it here,” Lena's friend poked her finger right under my chin. Yes, it was there that they did nothing to me. It was a sign of impending old age in its purest form. And reality fell on me like heaven on the shoulders of an Atlantean. It's unpleasant.

And here we will tie a bow

… A week later, I went for a scheduled peeling. Of course, she complained about a friend who poked her finger at my most sore spot.

"So let's put the threads on!" - Anisa, my beautician, was delighted.

The threads have already been put on me twice. Results - wow. True, after lifting the nasolabial folds, I looked like a Frankenstein monster for a week. But the effect has been lasting for two years.

“Come on,” my mouth said faster than I had time to realize what I was agreeing to.

In a second, Anisa was already cheerfully injecting me with anesthesia and uncovering the threads of the “cog” variety. They are generally magical - you only need one for each zone. “Kogami” even manage to change the shape of the nose from a proud hump to a perky snub nose. And then the terrible began.

A cannula puncture for tightening the submandibular zone is done behind the ear. That is, all these "tie a knot on the back of the head" is not a joke at all. It didn't hurt, it was still anesthesia. But it's scary.

“Right there throat, veins,” I groaned timidly.

“Why are there veins, a cannula - it's stupid,” Anisa was twisting something behind my ear. - This zone is the most difficult in terms of rehabilitation. It will hurt, drink anesthetic, wipe it with chlorhexidine."

I didn't expect that. The last time the procedure did not affect my life. There was a crunching sound from behind my ear as a long, flexible needle pushed through the tissue.

"Wow, how much skin you have here!" she said in a moment in amazement. Yeah. You can sew a wallet.

Now on the other side. An assistant came in to admire the work of the master.

“Your skin here is very thin,” Anisa explained as she walked. - It is very easy to pierce it, but I would not want to. So now I'm diving under your muscle."

At these words, my hands trembled finely and disgustingly, the assistant flew out the door. Anisa just grinned and tightened the thread. The jaw immediately began to pull back. It was difficult to move it, even the diction changed.

Jaw aniston

The result was great. Except for the "puffs" that came out near the ears. I knew from experience that these folds of excess skin would have to break up over time. It will take ten days, or even two weeks. You can cover it with your hair, it's not scary. But what a long neck I have!

"Wow!" - Mom said in amazement. Since my mother noticed that I looked better, then it really means better.

"You've got Aniston's jaw!" - said friend Lena.


Yeah. It looks cool. It hurts like hell. Who would have thought that chewing is so difficult. But I know from school that only the lower jaw moves … Brushing the teeth dragged on for 15-20 minutes, it is impossible to keep your mouth open for a long time. I couldn't turn my head either. Moved like Tilda Swinton's character in The Dead Don't Die. She plays there an alien, if that. Getting some sleep was even more difficult. And I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Of course, from pain.

The body reacted to traumatic stress with a complete lack of appetite, thirst and mild nausea. A day later, jeans began to sit on me noticeably freer.

Nice side effect, I thought.

I wanted to lie down all the time, even at work. And I looked in the mirror two hundred times a day: how are my "puffs"? The puffs felt good. “They look like gills,” said the daughter. I, unlike puffs, did not feel very well. It was only warming that I registered my friend Lena to my beautician. Let him suffer too.


On the tenth day I could already eat, talk - normal diction returned, without "prying" - turn my head. The neck, however, became less taut, the result slightly "rolled back". But it still looked better, about the same as it was 8 - 10 years ago. A sudden difficulty was a cold, when the tonsils were swollen and began to press from the inside on the unhealed threads. I saved the usual streptocide, I applied the powder to the throat from the outside. Everything went literally in a day.

But the most difficult thing was not even the pain. It was more difficult with loved ones. Those to whom I honestly admitted that, yes, I dared to tune, reacted the same way: "Oh, why are you doing nonsense, everything is all right with you." Or: "You need to grow old beautifully, with dignity." Yes, good health, grow old as you like! Especially if genetics allows you to do it beautifully.

Why do our attempts to cheat age meet with such unequivocal disapproval? “Have you injected Botox? Well, why not? Is it scary to admit that yes, age takes its toll?

Try an experiment: write on social media that you are on a diet. And start the countdown: 3 … 2 … 1 … until the first comment in the style of "Why do you need this, do you want to turn into anorexic ?!" And there will be such comments, even if you are 156 cm tall and the same kilo of weight.

You know, I'm happy that I lived to see such a wonderful time when you don't have to go under the knife to correct your appearance. All procedures are reversible, because nothing will be cut off or pulled over to you. Now I say that never again! I will never go to these hellish procedures, the maximum is peeling. But at the same time I understand - well, who am I kidding? Of course I will.

Cosmetologist comment

avatar Katerina Nikolaevskaya
avatar Katerina Nikolaevskaya

Katerina Nikolaevskaya

Cosmetologist at the TORI Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine

- Cog threads are Korean. They move the excess skin flap, folds are formed in the area of ​​movement. They can be tightened gently or more firmly. The technique has rehabilitation, because after the procedure of the jaw zone, the patient is constrained in movement. When the patient gets up after this procedure, he sees a wow effect, and the folds behind the ear no longer bother him. I also tried this method, I liked the effect, but it passed quickly enough, in just a month. There are alternatives to this procedure, but one must proceed from the patient's needs, from his initial data. For example, in this case, I would recommend to tighten the dermis, for this there is an ultrasonic lifting. The procedure is expensive, but rarely done. It reduces the volume of the flap. The skin can be hardened with drugs that stimulate collagenogenesis. These are not one-time procedures, they are cumulative.After that, you can already make the threads, they will hold better and last longer.

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