The Right To Vote: How To Learn To Hear Your Body And Lose Weight By Starting To Eat Whatever You Want

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The Right To Vote: How To Learn To Hear Your Body And Lose Weight By Starting To Eat Whatever You Want
The Right To Vote: How To Learn To Hear Your Body And Lose Weight By Starting To Eat Whatever You Want

I have been in the subject of healthy lifestyles and sports for too long, aware of all the magic diets, the exposure of magic diets, diets that pretend to be healthy, and more. For a long time I have not aspired to experience another method of losing weight - health is more valuable than professional interest. Therefore, when I was invited to get acquainted with Dr. Elkin's method, I refused at first. Moreover, the description sounded a little fantastic: modeling the body and face by pressing certain points. They say that these manipulations trigger those organs that for some reason were not included in the work. As a result, the body detoxifies, metabolic processes improve. "Side" effects - activation of sleeping energy and, as a result, changes that go far beyond weight loss. Just like in a song: press the button, you get the result.

Sounds intriguing, right? And when I found out that the magician is a gynecologist-surgeon of the highest category, I finally decided that I had to figure out for myself who Leonid Elkin was and why the entire elite of the capital was lining up to him.


About candy and goals

The entrance to the doctor's office, which in 20 years has lost weight and rejuvenated the stars, gloss editors and countless politicians, is inconspicuous: I was expecting something like this on a grand scale, but on the door there is a modest sign that you can't immediately see. The office is small but cozy. On the table is a vase of chocolates. Catching my gaze, Leonid Arkadyevich grins.

- No, this is not a test of willpower. By the way, I don’t forbid eating sweets, if you want, please,”he says, smiling. - They are for my pleasure, I don’t eat myself, but I like to stand like this.

From these lyrics, the doctor suddenly got down to business.

- Well, what are your goals. Do you know what you want?

Here's your number, I think. I, of course, came so smart, skeptical. Like, where do we start prohibiting? By the set of products in the black list, you can immediately calculate the "school". And he just - and demands to formulate goals.

I made myself comfortable: interesting. I listened to myself: the words "lose weight" stuck in my throat. Because, in general, I didn't want to lose weight a long time ago. No, I would not refuse to decrease in some places, but I have not experienced suffering from fluctuations in weight for a long time.

And Elkin insists:

- My method is not suitable for everyone. It will work, of course, even when you don’t believe in it. But it will fully open up if you help me in this work. The important part is to understand exactly what the need is.

And I suddenly said: in energy. Not that it escaped by chance: I managed to read that the basis of Dr. Elkin's method is balancing acupuncture points (“cold” to revive, “hot” to extinguish) and energetic contact effect. The released energy is reflected in everything: physical condition, stabilization of processes in the body, the amount of strength. It changes everything around. And this energy, as a working mother of a two-year-old son, has been sorely lacking lately. Well, using the opportunity, I would like the jeans that were suddenly stretched on the hips to hang again pleasantly. Elkin nodded and offered to undress.

Day 1: when I realized that you also need to be able to breathe

Leonid Arkadievich offered to take an accelerated course: six sessions every other day. After working with him, I had to go to classes with a yoga specialist Egor. There is also a psychologist in the center, but so far they have decided to do without him.

The manipulations performed by the doctor are not like massage. Here he pressed, rubbed there, pinched - sometimes the whole thing is quite painful. Explains that my body tells his hands where to remove the clamps. A Chinese master taught him to work with energies many years ago. The doctor says: he himself did not expect that he, a materialist, would be so drawn in, because he went out of pure interest. And so.


All 45 minutes he tells something and asks, but I was counting on relaxation! Finally, he gives a short instruction: liquids - 2 liters in total. The water is mineral with gas, it de-slags cells and saturates them. Less green tea - it retains water, reduce wine to a minimum - there are few calories in a glass, but it contains carbohydrates like two full meals. Milk is not recommended - for adults it is a heavy product, but sour milk - please. Punished to sleep enough and was about to say goodbye when I could not resist: what, there will be no list of prohibited foods?

“Our goal is not limitation. Any bans do not work for a long time. The important thing is to set up the connection between head and body. We often overeat, sit down at the table when not hungry - we ignore the demands of the body. Believe me, as soon as the connection is restored, you yourself will refuse products that you do not need.

The yoga is also a surprise. I was getting ready: now I’ll show that I’m facing down, and in the pose of a warrior, and in general with a subversion. And Yegor made me breathe. He says that in big cities we all do it wrong: we reduce our breath, breathe shallowly. And this is not only oxygen saturation, but the tone of important muscles. After a set of different types of breathing, I felt a slight dizziness and transverse abdominal muscle. The one that, when properly loaded, does not allow the stomach to "fall out", and which, alas, is one of the weakest links in girls. For the next 30 minutes, we opened the chest, found painful clamping points under the shoulder blades and kneaded them. Everything seems to be very lazy. I was expecting such a full-fledged workout.

I walked to the editorial office that morning a little puzzled: as if nothing had happened, but for some reason the mood was wonderful, I even wanted to jump up and down, walking, and smile at passers-by. It was decided to continue the experiment.

Day 2: when I found out why my back hurts after walking

- Well, what has changed? - Leonid Arkadevich meets me every other day. I was already at a loss. What should change after the first session? As if nothing.

- How are you sleeping? - the doctor smiles sarcastically. Me: thank you, good … So, wait, it's really good. I woke up exactly once during the night - to give the child water. The rest of the time she slept like a dead woman: deep sleep. And woke up refreshed.

There have also been some other changes that are not customary to talk about in a decent society. I did not pay attention, but this is a sign that the body has begun to dump unnecessary things.

- And say, nothing happens, - Elkin has fun. - But I'm used to it: I work in such subtle, non-obvious matters that for clients what is happening seems to be a coincidence.

On the second day, the doctor advised me to switch to the good old three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. She says that the catch of frequent eating in small portions is that, in net count, much more is eaten per day. As before, there is no ban - only advice to limit white and whole grain bread (it contains additives, due to which it is stored longer, if you really want to, it is better to choose classic black). And a reminder that even pasta made from c / z flour remains a carbohydrate, and, even complex, we do not need it in large quantities.

In yoga, Yegor taught me to walk. Most of us can't do this either, it turns out! Although this is the most physiological load and such a basic thing. But a sedentary lifestyle shortens the ligaments and limits the ability to step, and all this brings along, of course, many changes in the body, which compensates where there is not enough, and carries a double load where it is excessive.


After looking at how I was measuring the room, Yegor made several diagnoses at once: firstly, the lateral muscle of the right thigh does not work, because of this I kind of wiggle my pelvis, but only in one direction. Secondly, it became a much greater discovery for me: when walking, the gluteus maximus muscles should work mainly, if they do not turn on, the lower back compensates for them. At that moment, I realized why even after an hour of walking, my lower back hurts terribly.

We again did fairly simple exercises, but which worked one step at a time: we stretched the achilles of both legs, made that very lazy muscle work. Egor gently hinted that it would be nice to do all these simple exercises regularly, I promised, but …

Day 3: when I almost gave up the experiment

Dr. Elkin again demanded a report. I honestly dug into myself, but I did not find anything to add to the previous set.

He constantly explained something: we discussed fashionable nutrition systems (there is nothing better balanced), controversial foods (soy, for example, the doctor does not recommend) and the importance of sports activity (walking and walking again). It turned out that the doctor is also a professional cook, is in the best cuisines in the world, and regularly hosts dinners for family and friends. He prepares the pasta in such a way that Giovanni Diana gave a standing ovation, but does not eat himself. I ask: how can you resist. He is cunning: but the body does not want it, this is heavy food for him.

At some point I asked: Leonid Arkadyevich, I thought you needed silence to feel the energy.

"Do you think I'm chatting here for my own pleasure?" He laughed. - All this time, every minute, I work with your consciousness, even when it seems to you that we are going far from the topic.

In yoga we breathed again, kneaded points, pulled. I already wanted some kind of action, I could not believe that there would actually be some serious results. In addition, the need for early ascents and trips to the Arbat was added to the huge list of tasks, which crumpled the entire morning schedule. It became difficult, and I was seriously considering scrapping the experiment. How suddenly …

Day 4: when the unexplained began to happen

I remember that on the first day Leonid Arkadyevich told me a story: a large banker came to face modeling (Dr. Elkin also owns the technique of rejuvenation) and casually mentioned that he had been struggling for more than one month to solve an important issue, but in no way. After several sessions, he just casually shared that suddenly everything was decided in the best way for him.

- I say: when energy is released, changes occur in many areas. But almost never patients connect them and our work, although the dependence is direct, - the doctor said then.

And so I experienced this effect myself: all of a sudden, an acute housing issue began to be addressed. The options came up unexpectedly, one better than the other. The heroes easily agreed to interviews, I suddenly felt a surge of strength and inspiration. I didn't understand: is it a coincidence or …?

The doctor was more satisfied with the changes in the volume of the body than I was: I did not notice any special changes, but Leonid Arkadyevich drew my attention to the fact that the swelling was gone, the ankles and wrists became thinner.

But yoga surprised me again. On this day, we strengthened the abdominal muscles. And I know 1001 ways to build abs. But the simplest static exercises made the whole body shake finely with tension. I was proud of my technique during the plank. But after Yegor turned off unnecessary muscles and turned on the necessary ones, I was able to stand in it for no more than 30 seconds.

“Quality is more important than quantity,” he consoled me. I was surprised how often I instinctively began to strain my stomach and straighten my back. It seemed as if the body begged to straighten up, take a deep breath and walk down the street with a cheerful and cheerful step.

On the same day, I suddenly noticed that I was increasingly choosing salads as food and giving up sweets. I decided not to rejoice yet and see what happens next.


Day 5: when I suddenly fell out of love with coffee

And all the changes took place. For example, I somehow stopped wanting to eat at all. She was quickly satiated, did not experience acute bouts of hunger. I caught myself drinking water instead of something to eat. In the summer, when I went to work after maternity leave, it was not up to training and controlling the nuances of nutrition, the focus was on something else. And now the drinking regimen was fully restored: somehow organically by itself. I returned to dancing - from somewhere I found strength and desire for them. But here's what I absolutely did not expect - I suddenly no longer liked the taste of coffee.

- The body gives a signal that you do not need it, - Dr. Elkin nods. He presses and pinches again, but it seemed to me harder. And I've always been a coffee lover. I could have given up the cake, but not coffee. And then just how they coded!

And Dr. Elkin is not appeased:

- Well, - this challenging tone, - do you want to tell me anything about the changes in the feminine energy?

And again I prepared to deny everything, but my memory threw up the moments of the last days: here the young man lingered at the door, the bartender suddenly gave his phone number, the men constantly tried to talk to me and were eager to help. Such little things, the doctor would not have asked - and did not remember. But I clearly understood my feelings: lately I felt full and confident. And also very beautiful.

Day 6: when I didn't believe that I had lost weight, and thought - jeans were stretched

In the office of Dr. Elkin there is no scale or centimeter. People shrink by three sizes, while not losing much in numbers. He says that the body simply begins to take as much as it needs and returns to its norm.

For the final sixth time, he again demanded a report. I excitedly told him about energy and food, and he sarcastically to me:

- But the pants are stretched out?


And they really stretched out, these pants. Although, in general, the problem was to push yourself into a tight belt, which is not elastic at all. And then I hop - and jumped into my favorite "bananas".

“They didn't stretch out, did they? - I ask a stupid question. Elkin sparkles with his eyes, shrugs his shoulders - they say, as you decide for yourself. But when I roll over onto my back, the iliac bones are clearly visible.

I didn't want to say goodbye to Yegor: our lazy and elementary yoga or gymnastics gave such a tangible effect that the body seemed to become lighter.

And what is the result

Energy is a category so ephemeral that it is impossible to measure it. A strange feeling remained: I did not limit myself in food, did not spend time on meditation and other ways to recuperate, but something has clearly changed. I’m lying if I say that I immediately became so conscious - put on a white coat. No, I ate cake in the evening, I was still buying coffee out of habit - only now I suddenly stopped at the first piece or threw away the unfinished drink: I felt (!) That it was not going. Well, okay, sometimes I felt that I was not going, and still finished.

I didn’t lose one size, but I started to feel more comfortable in my clothes. She did not miraculously solve all the global problems, but she crossed out some of them from the list. It sounds a little strange, perhaps, but I finally felt the energy in me. Coincidence or …?

Two weeks later

Our experiment involved 6 sessions, but I ended up with Dr. Elkin again after a couple of weeks. He asked: how are you? I honestly admitted: I rolled away, Leonid Arkadyevich. The subsequent dialogue requires accurate transmission:

- Why is this? There shouldn't be any rollbacks. What's the matter?

- Yes, it has piled on. I got sick, moving, problems of the sea …

- And whatooo? - Raises his eyebrows.

- Well, it’s impossible to focus on many things at once! Either food or work.

- In terms of? - eyebrows soar even higher.

- Doctor, I don't understand what you mean! - I am a little annoyed. And I get, friends, such a rebuke!

- You, excuse me, go to the toilet when you want, you go? Busy, sick, stressed - you are meeting a basic need. And with food like this: you should hear: I want to eat - get up and eat. I ate - got up and walked on. What have you said to me here? These are your excuses and excuses, your choice. If you want a result, get involved in the process, I won't do anything for you.

So that you understand: he said it very harshly. I even asked: does he talk to super-VIPs and politicians in the same way? He says: such clients have little time, and if they decide to spend it on something, they immediately and consciously get involved in the work.

- But I do not understand: here I left you, how can I keep it all in my head and follow all the recommendations? Am I going crazy?

- Don't you think! Listen to yourself.

And inside like a toggle switch was switched. I suddenly realized what he was talking about. If you want - eat, but when you really don't want - don't eat. Such a simple rule. Just do not forget to "turn on" the head at the right time.

Text: Natalia Pikus

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