We Tested And Found Out: Are There Any Procedures That Will Replace Fitness

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We Tested And Found Out: Are There Any Procedures That Will Replace Fitness
We Tested And Found Out: Are There Any Procedures That Will Replace Fitness

We know that no amount of workout can replace the gym, strength training or cardio workouts. But are there any procedures from which you can "lose" size and fit into your favorite silhouette dress? BeautyHack editors know the answer!

Anti-cellulite treatment "Cellu Countour"

Clinic of aesthetic medicine Aging Control

Tested by BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina

I have no inclination to be overweight, but the combination of work, motherhood and almond croissants left its mark on the quality of my body. I solemnly promise to return to training in the next six months, but today there is no time and energy left for sports from the word “absolutely”. On the weekend I go to my best friend for a wedding and should look 100 percent, not kilograms.

To remove excess fluid from the body, I signed up for Cellu Contour Aging Control. I went there after a hard day at work, tired and devastated. I stepped over the threshold, saw a bright, spacious and stylish room, the mood began to rise.


After the paperwork was completed, the administrator took me to the specialist Taisiya Petrova. Taisiya turned on pleasant music, I changed clothes, settled down on a comfortable couch and forgot about everything, plunged into the atmosphere of relaxation. The beautician gave a relaxing massage with a scrub and applied magnesium oil to the body, which helps to relax and relieve stress.

After the first stage, I took a shower and we proceeded to the main thing - the application of the draining serum "Algoplast". Taisia ​​applied the serum all over her body, and additionally made an alginate mask on her stomach.

The treatment reduces swelling and breaks down fat, removes excess fluid, and helps to reduce the manifestations of fibrous cellulite. After application, I felt a pleasant chill, they covered me with a warm blanket and left for 20 minutes. Then I took a shower and the beautician applied a moisturizer to my body.

I did not expect a panacea from the procedure, but I saw the effect from the first application. The skin is smoother and more elastic. I felt lightness in my legs and a pleasant tone in my body and good mood. Apart from my personal feelings, the numbers gave a pleasant result. Since one procedure my waist has decreased by 2.5 cm, hips by 2. Agree, it's not bad!

A full course of care from 5 procedures. I highly recommend it.

Address: B. Nikitskaya, 37, p. 1

Price: 7,000 rubles.

Modeling body massage and use of the spa capsule

Health and Beauty Center "White Garden" (Metropol)

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina

Beauty hackers, I have found for you a wonderful and useful procedure for the fall: warm up, relax and lose weight. Lucky combo found in the White Garden salon. I will not dissemble - the goal was to lose at least a little weight (well, or "drain the excess"). Therefore, before the procedure, I made control measurements. So, I'll tell you about two happy hours for which your skin and body will be grateful to you. This is not just a lymphatic drainage massage, but a spa treatment with wrapping, scrubbing and a thermal capsule.


The first stage is the preparation of the skin: absolutely the whole body is generously rubbed with the Thalion scrub, which removes the dead skin particles and prepares the skin for the second stage. Then the wrap itself is applied, you are wrapped up and … covered with a dome, into which steam is supplied. You lie in this spa capsule for half an hour, doing nothing and sweating. It's not that easy, to be honest! But if you ask for a head and shoulder massage, the time is cut in half.

After wrapping, the master proceeds to a modeling massage - not a single centimeter of legs, hips and abdomen will be left without attention. The best part: you expect bruises (this happened in my practice) and painful sensations during and after the massage, but none of that. You fly out of the office light and ringing. It may be a placebo effect, but you feel lightness very clearly. And according to measurements, only the calves and thighs have changed by 0.5 cm. A trifle, I agree. But this is just one massage session.

Address: Teatralny proezd, 2

Price: 18 000 rubles.

Hardware massage Icoone

Beauty salon "Milfey"

Tested by Olga Frolova, BeautyHack Build Editor

This massage interested me because it has the same vacuum-roller principle as in LPG, but, according to promises, less painful. And this is really so, although if there is a desire to work on some zones more intensively, it will be quite “hot”. There are two nozzles here, with their help a manual massage in two hands is simulated. There is also a separate nozzle with laser and LED for those very "problem" areas.


What really captivated me was the beautician's approach. At Millefeuil, they first ask about food, daily routine and sleep patterns. About what led to the appearance of the problem with which you want to fight. And only after that an individual course of procedures is prescribed. No promises to remove a couple of centimeters per session (which is great), but an honest attitude towards teamwork. My goal was to increase the overall skin tone and smooth the relief. The doctor also suggested making a program aimed at getting rid of edema. I notice this problem in myself, so I agreed and after the massage I saw the effect: the skin visually became smoother and more elastic. If you have ever done a dry brush massage, I get about the same result after several days of daily use. Recommended course: 5-10 procedures.

Address: 3rd Frunzenskaya, 19

Price for one procedure: 6000 rubles.

Hardware massage "Endosphere"

Beauty salon Saco Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Natalia Pikus

If I need a strong effect, I take a course of LPG massage: whatever one may say, it works best and deepest, the rest of the devices are variations on the theme. But I liked Endosphere. The principle of his massage is completely different: if LPG grabs a fold of skin with the help of vacuum and kneads it with multidirectional rollers, then Endosphere, rather, pushes - for this purpose, a special nozzle with 50 rotating cylinders has been developed. As a result, vibration and compression act on cells and fibrous joints, which do not allow fatty deposits to collapse (if we simplify the terminology as much as possible). Another cool bonus: massage on this is a good prevention of varicose veins, all due to the same action - compression and vibration - the walls of the vessels come into tone.

But rather technical side, let's talk about the pleasant - the process.


Unlike LPG, this massage is not painful at all. I want to tell you, when you get into the Saco massage parlor with its dim lights, light music and subtle aroma, you are already relaxing. After a hard day at work, I just spread on the couch, especially when the master applied mango oil (specially developed for this procedure, which has powerful antioxidant properties) - no overalls or unattractive suits, the massage is done directly on the skin. The procedure lasts an hour, not only problem areas are treated, but the whole body.

Immediately after the procedure, I seemed to be resurrected: the blood flow, atmosphere and relaxation worked almost like a dream. The skin was smooth and soft, and after an hour the belt of the skirt stopped cutting into the skin: excess water was gone. I definitely liked the device. But it would be nice to make a course of 6 procedures - the effect will be more pronounced.

Address: Petrovsky Boulevard, 21 (Tsvetnoy Boulevard)

Price for one procedure: from 6200 rubles.

Body shaping with Vela Shape III and Thalion anti-cellulite body wrap

Clinic of aesthetic medicine TORI

Tested by BeautyHack beauty director Vasilisa Kakorina

I love testing various procedures on myself and I'm not afraid of experiments. I have tried many manual massage and wrap techniques. The former are excellent at fighting irregularities, while the latter tighten the skin and remove excess fluid.

Hardware procedures are an absolute must for those who are always pressed for time. In this one I tested on myself the correction of the figure on the Vela Shape III apparatus.

The only non-invasive safe procedure approved by the US Department of Health to reduce abdominal and hip volume and improve body contour.


The device using the complex work of four components - vacuum, mechanical action with rollers, RF energy and infrared light, allows you to achieve an excellent result after the first procedure.

First, aesthetic cosmetologist Anna Mishina scrubbed my skin to prepare for the procedure. The hardware technique consists of two parts - first, the abdomen was guided with a small sensor, which gradually heated up to 43 degrees, after which Anna took the second attachment with mechanical rollers giving excellent results in tandem with infrared light.

In the most problematic areas, there were unpleasant, but absolutely bearable sensations that fizzled out from thinking about the result. After the hardware procedure, Anna applied an Anti-Fatigue potassium treatment wrap, which relaxed me as much as possible for 40 minutes.

The result after the first procedure is minus 2 centimeters from the waist and hips and 2 kilograms, of which only one returned.

Anna Mishina explained to me that the device works for a cumulative effect - the heat "melts" the fat over the next two weeks, after which the procedure should be repeated. The beautician recommended to me to take a course of 5 procedures, once every 2 weeks.

Price: Vela Shape III 5500 RUB Wrap 8000 rub

Address: 3rd Donskoy proezd, 1

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