Ombre Manicure Fashion Trends

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Video: Ombre Manicure Fashion Trends

Video: Ombre Manicure Fashion Trends
Video: Trend 2017. Manicure Nail Design Gel-Lac 2023, June
Ombre Manicure Fashion Trends
Ombre Manicure Fashion Trends

Ombre manicure is still in vogue this season! We'll tell you where to go for the latest design.

Manicure studio chain Nail Sunny

One of the Nail Sunny salons (on Bolshaya Yakimanka) works around the clock - if you have a busy schedule, you can come here even at night. Fashionable ombre manicure masters-artists make all colors - from bright to pastel. And with any effect, including "sugared" and mirror rub.

Address: B. Yakimanka, 32.

Price: 2 900 rub. (Luxio coating, rubbing and ombre).


Olga Shelest, Kristina Shapovalova and many other celebrities like to go to Kynsi. To save time, choose a four-handed procedure - you will get a manicure and a pedicure at the same time, both with care.

The masters work on Christina Fitzgerald, Kure Bazaar, Luxio varnishes and offer a wide range of shades and designs, including ombre manicure. For example, the colors of a fabulous unicorn.

Address: st. Petrovka, 20/1; Spiridonevsky per. 5/2; Presnenskaya emb., 8/1.

Price: from 2 600 rubles.

Tsveti Beauty Bar

In the green interiors of Tsveti Beauty, you can endlessly choose the shades of varnish - there can be up to 15 variants of one color! Ombre is made unusual - with a haze effect. Works on Zoya, Luxio and Jin Soon varnishes.

The salon has its own "proprietary" tricks: the cuticle is treated without water with Tsveti disposable nail files, and to keep the coating better, the base is first applied to the tips of the nails, dried in a lamp and only then distributed over the entire nail plate. The saw, by the way, is given home for personal use.

Address: Prechistenskaya embankment, 15/2.

Price: from 2 500 rubles.

Minci pinci

Minci Pinchi Studio's pink interiors serve coffee, marshmallows and cherries. The manicure is also not trivial - a mirror rub, funny drawings and, of course, ombre. Powered by Essie, Christina Fitzgerald, OPI

Address: Povarskaya, 35.

Price: 1 450 rub. manicure studio network

After signing up for the procedure, you will receive a WhatsApp message with a detailed route from the nearest metro station to the salon door. Many of the designs that offers can be viewed on their Instagram. There you can also find information about promotions and recording windows.

Addresses: Novoslobodskaya, 20/4; New Square, 10.

Price: 1 300 rub.

Manikuroff beauty salon chain

Manikuroff have won the love of customers for their low prices and high quality. A Shellac coated manicure will cost you 800 rubles, prices for a design start from 50 rubles per nail. The network has an application in which you can accumulate points for visits and exchange them for treatments.

Showroom addresses can be found here.

Price: from 800 rubles.

MA&MI beauty studio

A big advantage of this manicure network is that the site has an online appointment for one of three salons, where free sessions and masters are indicated (by the way, you can also choose it at will). Conveniently, the salons are "scattered" in the center of Moscow - the first salon can be visited on Chistye Prudy, the second - on Mayakovskaya, the third - on Kurskaya (the territory of the Arma-plant). Feel free to give the master tasks - he will fulfill any wish.

Addresses: Bolshoi Kharitonevsky per., 9; 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 6/12; Lower Susalny lane, 5/13.

Price: from 950 rubles.

Addresses, passwords, attendance: where the stars do their manicure in Moscow

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