Beauty Police: Where To Get Art Manicure

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Beauty Police: Where To Get Art Manicure
Beauty Police: Where To Get Art Manicure

BeautyHack editors scattered to beauty salons in Moscow and Minsk and gave the task - to do a fun art manicure. We show what happened!


Minci Pinci Beauty Salon

Tested by BeautyHack editor Dilyara Telyasheva

Pink walls with flamingos, cherries for coffee (there are waffles too in case of a cheat meal), masters in sailor suits - I finally feel summer! In the salon, Minci Pinci is greeted like in a resort town - they smile, joke, take a lot and patiently take pictures (there will be something to post on Instagram).


Master Julia took me from the pink pillows on the panoramic window - this active and cheerful blonde reminded me of Samantha from the movie Sex and the city. We have chosen a gentle version of art manicure - subtle drawings in the style of Chiara Ferragni: a red heart, blue drops (looks dramatic) and eyelashes of cartoon characters.

Yulia did her manicure carefully and painstakingly. Two weeks have passed, and there is no need to correct it - there are no burrs or "peels".

Before covering, Julia strengthened my nails with a transparent dense wax. The master uses this technique to make the manicure last longer and look like a salon for the whole month.

Price for work: 3,500 rubles.

Address: st. Povarskaya, 35

Jean Louis David beauty salon

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Anastasia Speranskaya

I went to Jean Louis David on Thursday after work - when it seems that the weekend is no longer possible. Cars buzzing in traffic jams became the final chord. As soon as I entered the salon, I was offered an aromatic massage collar - as if they knew in advance in what state they would find me. This is how my SPA manicure began.

A warm heavy collar perfectly warmed up the neck area, and the scent of herbs relieved tension as if by a snap of fingers. Master Sophia Filyutina has chosen La Ric luxury care for me - not just a manicure, but a whole ritual recognized as one of the best in the world.

First, my nails were given the desired shape with a disposable file - which, by the way, is always unpacked in front of the client. The procedure itself began with a peeling from the Exotic collection with aromatic oils and salt of the Caribbean Sea. Sophia applied the scrub with massage movements and dipped my hands into the bath with "magic" milk and lavender. I must admit that aromatherapy has never worked such miracles with me - all the problems are behind me. It is not surprising that many guests of the salon spend the whole day here - a manicure can be combined with a pedicure and, for example, a facial massage.


Gently wiping the skin of her hands with a towel, Sofya removed the cuticle and sanded the surface of the nail. At the very beginning of the procedure, the master lit a candle, which I initially took for another attribute of aromatherapy. When the wax melted slightly, Sophia applied it to the back of her hands and rubbed it with massage movements along with a nourishing mask. The wax melted imperceptibly on the skin, making it as soft as a child's. Then the nails were degreased and it was time to choose a design.

We decided to bring to life the hot trend - "marble" manicure. Sophia used Masura gel polishes: a nude shade served as the basis for the drawing - with it, the design reminded of rose quartz. The master painted several layers of "veins" - a piece of jewelry! As a result, nail art turned out to be very gentle and unusual - I still catch the mesmerized glances of passers-by on my hands.

At the end of the procedure, Sophia put on a liquid glove - a gel with jojoba and lemon oils, which envelops the hands and creates a protective film so that the effect of salon care lasts longer.

By the way, the effect has been lasting for a week: the skin is still moisturized, and the nail art is resistant and unshakable, like a real stone!

Address: Leninsky prospect, 82/2

Price for work: 3 800 rubles.

Beauty salon "Tsveti"

Tested by the senior editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva

It so happened that in the Tsveti salon, where I often go for branded curls and evening make-up, I have never been to a manicure. As it turned out, in vain! I was greeted by the co-owner of the salon Olga Kuksova, who, while I was waiting for the procedure to begin, told me about the new services in the salon. I was especially interested in the Face Bar express procedure for the face, which the salon does using Mahash cosmetics: in 20 minutes the skin will be perfectly prepared for makeup, even if you came here after a sleepless night.


Soon, the manicure master Elena Slavina was released, and I was escorted to the main hall of the salon. To be honest, I don't like it when there is one long table in beauty salons, at which 5-10 people can do a manicure at the same time: the feeling of comfort is lost. In "Tsveti" it is made for two clients - no more and no less, so you can relax. Elena Slavina gave me a nail file (by the way, they give me the file for personal use).

I signed up for an art manicure, but there was no specific drawing in my head. I was pleased that the master prepared herself and offered her options. We decided to combine the fashionable "moon" manicure with the trend in geometry - the lower strip was made not rounded, but straight. The holes were alternated with the usual straight vertical stripes on other nails (Elena drew them with an ordinary varnish brush - over 10 years of work in the field, she learned to do this deftly and quickly!). The hole itself turned out to be translucent, we chose Luxio nail polish in the Glam shade as the main color, and the strips were made in pink Afterglow. The salon works on the surfaces of Luxio, Zoya and Jin Soon (the latter is rarely found anywhere in Moscow, a beauty golfer's dream!). More than two weeks have passed, and the manicure has not broken off, like new!

Address: Prechistenskaya emb., 15/2

Price for work: 3 200 rubles.

Manicure studio

Tested by BeautyHack correspondent Daria Mironova

The manicure and pedicure studio in Lubyanka is very easy to find; after signing up for the procedure, I received a message in WhatsApp with a detailed route from the nearest metro station to the salon door. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was the floral aroma of candles. The interior of is made in very delicate shades of pink and white. I always try to come to the salons earlier, so I had to wait a bit for my entry. The receptionist offered me coffee or tea. on Lubyanka is located in a spacious room, which is divided into 4 sectors: a reception desk and a sofa for visitors, a beauty area (here you can do makeup and various services for eyebrows), manicure and pedicure. Master Natalya first removed the old gel polish for me. We were very pleased with the silicone "thimbles" on the nails. They are pale pinkfit snugly to nails and can be easily removed and put on. In my opinion, this is a great alternative to foil.


With my previous manicure, I had a little tragedy: almost all of my long nails broke down the day before writing to, so Natalia and I had to come up with a design for short square nails. The master advised me to make a jacket with a hole, and for a change we chose the brightest colors from the palette of gel polishes that are in the salon. In addition, I was asked to experiment and add a rub for the glare effect.

It took no more than 30 minutes to remove, remove the cuticle and shape the nails. After that, for a smoother nail plate, I made an additional base layer. According to Natalia, the hole and the jacket are a simple design, but it takes a lot of time to draw all the lines evenly. In, there is a TV set next to the manicure tables, so clients can watch films during the procedure. The whole work took about two hours. Many of the designs that offers can be viewed on their Instagram. There you can also find information about promotions and recording windows.

Address: New Square, 10

Price per work: 2 200 rubles.

Persona Lab

Tested by BeautyHack editor Olga Kulygina

Persona Lab is a large network of image laboratories throughout Russia, where each guest is helped to find his own style and image. I came to a cozy salon on Novokuznetskaya with the intention of switching to unedged manicure. But master Maria Li got ahead of me: she herself suggested a gentle method of hygiene of the cuticle and told how orange sticks are better than nippers.

When the cuticle is thin, it doesn't need to be trimmed or it grows faster. All that is needed is simply to regularly push back the pterygium (the layer that pulls the cuticle behind it) and remove its remnants with a buff or a towel after a bath.


Hygiene took an hour, after which we moved on to nail design. I don't like bright and flashy colors in manicure, so I chose a gentle and minimalistic option: OPI pastel pink gel polish (Mod About You shade), scarlet dots and trendy metal stripes. We have intertwined them in the form of stylish bracelets. To keep the stickers, two layers of top coat were applied on top.

The design turned out to be reliable - for two weeks now everything has been in place, and even the ends of the strips (for which I was very worried) are firmly fixed.

I liked that “Persona” has a separate room for manicure - you can completely relax, without being distracted by anyone, and watch a movie that I have long wanted to see (I watched Allies with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt). Another plus - there are really a lot of “Persona” salons, so finding the closest one to work or home is not difficult.

Address: Klimentovsky per. 6

Price for work: 2 800 rubles.

Beauty salon Tevoli

I have known for a long time, the special correspondent of BeautyHack, Moore Soboleva, from Tevoli Studios, and I recently did a spring pedicure on Tverskaya-Yamskaya, so it took a long time to choose where to go. Here, for the first time in my life, I did a combined manicure, in which the cuticle is first treated with a special apparatus with thin cutters, and only then it is soaked and pushed back in the classical way. This lengthens the process quite a lot, but, in my opinion, with this method of processing the cuticle turns out to be more accurate - I hope that the result will also last a long time.


I have specific requirements for design - firstly, I love minimalism, secondly, I don’t wear gel polishes, and thirdly, I have very small nails, on which you cannot depict a lot. I dreamed of the reverse moon jacket, like that of the artists of the 50s, but the stern master Anna said that she would not undertake to make it on varnish. We agreed on a simple but beautiful option - dark purple varnish and contrasting dots on two nails.

Address: st. Myasnitskaya, 35

Price for work: 1,500 rubles.


Beauty bar of the concept space "Zarya | 26" (@ zarya.26)

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

The concept space is located in the city center near the Nemiga metro station. A small area accommodates a showroom of Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian designers, a flower shop "First Tsvetnoy" and a beauty bar. The latter is a small but cozy place with fresh flowers, divided into two zones: in one they do manicure, in the other - make-up, eyebrow shaping and hairstyles (weave “branded” braids and make curls).


Together with the master Olga, we chose the option of art manicure with graphic elements. The first thing I noticed when the master got down to work was disposable nail files. Very convenient and safe! I did a trim manicure, and my nails were covered with Luxio hypoallergenic gel polish.

What I liked: "Zarya | 26" is a place where it is possible to get together for an event in one and a half or two hours and at the same time not worry about your final appearance. The prices are more than democratic, and you can trust the taste of the masters without fear (and they have it - take a look at Instagram!).

Address: st. Komsomolskaya, 26.

Price for work: 42 BYN rub. (RUB 1,275). For monochromatic coatings - 37 bel. rub. (1 123 rub.).

Beauty corner Oh My Look (@

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

Oh My Look is a Ukrainian project. Until last year, the service for renting dresses with a beauty corner worked only in Kiev and Minsk, but in May it also appeared in Moscow (look at 15/16 Rochdelskaya St.).

I did art manicure at the Oh My Look beauty corner in Minsk. The place is located near the center, next to the Victory Park. You will immediately find it by the polka dot print on the windows and walls.


Did the manicure on Saturday. Now is graduation time, but by evening there weren't many visitors in the showroom. Manicure is done in a separate room, decorated in the style of a baby doll.

I'm not a fan of pink and geometry on nails, but together with the master Lika we found the golden mean - it turned out bright and summer-like! I had a hardware manicure with a Luxio coating and a hand massage with cream from the Didior brand (the brand is not represented anywhere else in Minsk, but the products come from Vilnius to Oh My Look).

In addition to manicure and pedicure in the beauty-corner, you can do makeup and hair, celebrate a birthday, arrange a photo day and take a master class from a makeup artist.

Address: Prospect Pobediteley, 57.

Price for work: 45 BYN rub. (about 1,370 rubles).

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