Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Non-obvious Causes

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Non-obvious Causes
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Non-obvious Causes

We are used to blaming the work schedule, household chores, and the rhythm of a big city for fatigue. However, if you experience this feeling constantly, you need to think: is everything all right with your body? This is exactly what was discussed at an international conference in Moscow, prepared by the Austrian health center Verba Mayr.

Read the most interesting statements of the doctors of the center and invited speakers: what can cause fatigue and what to do about it.


First reason: bowel dysfunction

Alex Vitasek, President of the International Association of Mayer Therapists:

- The causes of chronic fatigue often lie in the disruption of the intestines and digestion. A modern person, due to a banal lack of time, often makes mistakes in the diet. So, many of us eat very quickly and are under stress every day, because of this, digestion does not work properly. And if we add to this the late meals, as well as the consumption of large amounts of sugar, then it is not worth talking about the correct functioning of the intestines. Moreover, these factors overstrain not only the gastrointestinal tract, but also all organs, contributes to the production of toxic substances, which also reduce performance and cognitive functions, and lead to the occurrence of irritable bowel syndromes and increased permeability.

What to do? First of all, you should reconsider your diet: give up sweets, lactose and fructose, avoid gluten, but add foods rich in amino acids (omega-3 and omega-9). It is also advisable to give up dinner so that all digestive processes are over before sleep. It is very important to remember that these strict restrictions are temporary. The problem of chronic fatigue can be solved in just a month of living on such a diet, after which you will again be full of strength and energy!

Second reason: lack of vitamins

Anna Borisova, gastroenterologist at the Verba Mayr Center:

- "We are what we eat." The absolute percentage of the population of our country has a deficiency of very important vitamins that affect the functioning of our body. Deficiency mainly arises from improper and unbalanced nutrition, and this, in turn, often has a negative effect on the state of the nervous system. As a result, we feel constant irritation, fatigue, lack of desire to work, because we simply do not have enough strength.

What to do? It is important to approach your diet wisely, to take complex blood tests for vitamins (at least once a year) in order to notice the deficit in time and fill it up. Supplements and vitamins are an additional step towards getting rid of the deficiency, but the problem can be solved exclusively with a balanced diet.

Thus, vitamin B12 can be successfully replenished through the consumption of animal food, because it contains a significant amount of it. B12 is also found in eggs, milk, cheese, as well as fish (cod, chum, mackerel, shrimp, mussels).

Iron deficiency can also be replenished with food. However, it is important to note that the daily iron requirement varies depending on age: children under one year old - 11 mg per day, up to 8 years old - 10 mg, boys under 18 years old - 10 mg, and girls - 15 mg. The daily allowance for adult men is 8 mg, and for women - 18 mg (if a woman is pregnant, then 27 mg). A significant proportion of the vitamin is found in liver, cheese, turkey, beef, chicken, pork. And also in plant products: seaweed, buckwheat, mushrooms, millet, etc.

Vitamin D is found in the following foods: salmon, herring, sardines, tuna, fish oil, mushrooms, butter, milk.

Omega-3s are often in short supply in most of the population. This vitamin can be found in different types of fish: cod, salmon, herring, trout, carp.

The third reason: a state of submission and apathy

Violetta Orekhova, psychotherapist:

- The main problem lies in the fact that we are postponing any business for one of two reasons: either we do not have the strength to do it, or we simply do not want to. And these reasons have different origins. So, "I can not" most often arises due to lack of nutrients, as discussed by previous speakers, due to improper nutrition, insufficient intake of nutrients. This condition is called asthenia. But there is also pseudo-asthenia - a state of depression and apathy, which, however, does not appear in the test results, that is, it does not arise due to organic reasons. This state is psychodynamic, that is, its origins lie within ourselves. “I don’t want” is born from the internal conflict of our ego and superego, when we understand that some business will benefit us, but there is no desire to do it.

What to do? Fortunately, there is a different therapy for each condition. You can get rid of asthenia by replenishing the supply of missing nutrients, by balancing the diet. Pseudo-asthenia occurs due to the inability of the human nervous system to cope with a lot of stress, so the way to solve this problem lies in reflection, improving your environment and even attending special courses. Having understood yourself, you will be able to understand what is really important and useful for you, concentrate all your energies on work, and regain motivation and activity.

The fourth reason: bad sleep

Svetlana Kovaleva, neurologist:

- Chronic fatigue can also occur as a result of poor sleep. Sleep is the most important part of every person's life, although until the middle of the last century it was believed that during sleep, our body and brain were inactive (it was even called "little death"). But later, it was still possible to prove the opposite: during sleep, the brain performs the work necessary for further and high-quality functioning during the day, affects well-being, efficiency, physical and mental activity.

What to do? Usually, a person needs 6-8 hours to fully recover (this sleep is called one-phase sleep). During sleep, the following happens: processes of neuroplasticity are triggered (the ability of the brain to develop and adapt to the experience gained), damaged neurons are restored, harmful metabolic products are removed, adrenaline and cortisol normalize (which has a positive effect on stress resistance).

Fifth reason: back problems

Peter Fischer, physiotherapist, author of the method for restoring the health of the musculoskeletal system:

- The relationship between the state of the back and chronic fatigue lies in the additional stress that our body experiences due to improper posture and constant pain in the spine. Our performance and cognitive abilities are directly dependent on physical activity in our lives, as well as on the correct and natural position of the spine. We are talking about a comfortable, relaxed posture, mobility of sparing force (without serious power loads).

What to do? Choose the right course of exercises (only with a specialist!), Which will help to correct your posture and thereby relieve you of chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also worth paying special attention to the position in which you are sitting (this is especially true for office workers). The correct posture does not create additional pressure on the spine, which means it will not cause pain, will return a feeling of lightness and activity.

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