On Emotions: How They Are Associated With Colds, Allergies, Acne And Other Diseases

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On Emotions: How They Are Associated With Colds, Allergies, Acne And Other Diseases
On Emotions: How They Are Associated With Colds, Allergies, Acne And Other Diseases

Today, many people equate the field of psychosomatics with esotericism. However, even Hippocrates said that the human body is an integral system and all the processes occurring in it are interconnected. And emotions affect our body in the same way as failures in the work of internal organs.

The modern concept of psychosomatics carries a large number of cases of healing, which are registered by official medicine. And also explains all the processes taking place in our body, from a scientific point of view, including biology, physics, genealogy. Natalya Braga, a perinatal psychologist, specialist in psychosomatics, spoke about the psychological factors of certain diseases of the BeautyHack editorial office.

avatar Natalia Braga
avatar Natalia Braga

Natalia Braga

perinatal psychologist, psychosomatics specialist


A common cold is always accompanied by a runny nose and begins with mucosal edema. In our body, mucosal tissues are controlled by the cerebral cortex. That, in turn, reacts to psychological conflicts associated with the social sphere, namely, with the protection of the territory. Most often we are talking about the violation of psychological boundaries. At the same time, the function of the nose is to recognize odors. Thus, it is concluded that with a cold, we are talking about psychological conflicts of the following content:

“It smells bad here” (“this situation smells like something”). The reaction can also be associated with strong smelling, literally, substances - for example, alcohol.

"Something is plotting behind my back."

"Someone is unfriendly to me." An additional factor here is that the person perceives the situation as an intrusion.


Thus, we can understand why the season of colds falls in the early fall and post-new year period. In the fall, children go to school, teenagers go to college, and adults return from vacation to work. That is, there is a change in the environment and social environment, which causes some stress.

New Year is the time for meetings at the festive table with relatives and old friends, many of whom are far from being able to observe your psychological boundaries. They recall some stories in which you did not look your best, they ask you uncomfortable questions. After such "warm" communication, you return home, and the body releases the accumulated stress through the symptom of a cold.

Sore throat

In particular, we are talking about inflammation of the tonsils. The tonsils are glandular tissue. She reacts to psychological conflicts that are associated with the desire to get something. Something very important and necessary, without which further life is impossible, as without air.

In the active phase of experiences, the tonsils enlarge. When the conflict ends, inflammation and pain sets in. The biological meaning of such changes is to enlarge the gland and produce more saliva. This is necessary so that a person can swallow, take into himself what he needs so much for life.

Acne, acne and other skin problems

This symptom affects the middle layer of the skin - the dermis. The dermis is a protective sheath and is controlled by the cerebellum. The situations that manifest through it are associated with psychological conflicts, defense against attack - often verbal and containing some kind of dirty, unpleasant overtones, as well as feelings associated with inflammation and acne.

Why do teens usually suffer from facial skin problems? Because they are very susceptible to the assessment of others, they often compare themselves with them (and not in their favor). And this is nothing more than an attack on yourself. With the onset of inflammation, dissatisfaction with their appearance grows, teenagers attack themselves more and more - and as a result they find themselves in a vicious circle, where a symptom gives rise to a symptom.


Despite the advances in modern medicine, allergy is still considered an incurable disease. But it is not so. Agree, by allergy we mean a wide range of symptoms, which may include the following symptoms: skin manifestations; irritation of the mucous membrane; itching; inflammation; swelling. And the first step in healing from allergies and identifying its causes is to identify the symptom that is manifested specifically for you. For example, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes. Studying the psychosomatics of this phenomenon, we can conclude that the brain receives signals: “I don’t want to see something,” or “I need to look at something, but I don’t see it”.

The second step is to study the content of the symptom. It is very important to understand here that the cause is not the allergen. The manifestation of your symptom is triggered by acute psychological stress. That is, in case of an allergic reaction to cat hair, the reason is not in the cat. It's just that when you had a lot of stress, it was somewhere nearby.

Example 1

For example, a little boy, at the moment when his parents informed him about the divorce, was playing with his beloved cat. A week later, a month later, a year later, the child developed an allergic reaction, for example, in the form of hives on the hands. The examination revealed that she was allergic to a cat. But let's see what the real reason is.

At the moment when the parents announced the divorce, the boy's psyche experienced acute stress, and his brain recorded everything that was happening around him. So the cat became a powerful indicator of unpleasant memories. And now, when this indicator appears, the child mentally plunges into those events. Note: It was not the cat, but the recovered situation and the memories of the reaction experienced during the stress that led to the brain triggering the symptom!


Example 2

A man gives a woman flowers - for example, lilies, which have a bright, memorable aroma. And everything would be fine, but at this moment he informs her about the breakup. The woman experiences severe stress, as a result of which she may develop a reaction to lilies. For example, itching, irritation.

Here it is important for a woman to realize that lilies cannot harm her, cannot part with her. Once she understands this, the link between psychological stress and the “anchor” that triggered the allergic process will pass.

What makes it harder and harder to fight allergies? Any allergic manifestations are a signal of psychological stress already experienced by the body. We, when the first symptoms appear, begin to get scared and worried. And this only intensifies the manifestation of the symptom and leads to a fixation on it.

In this regard, remember that if the symptom manifests itself, then the situation has already been resolved, which means that there is no need to react to it. The lower the reaction we have, the faster the manifestation of allergy will pass. Examine the content of the symptom. Try to understand the underlying psychological stress that occurred and relate to when the allergen reaction first occurred.

Allergen symbolism

Allergy to dairy products

Milk is a symbol of the mother. The acute experiences that triggered the symptom should be sought in situations where: you were separated from your mother; your relationship with her was tense; you had an unconscious desire to alienate your mother when she was overly concerned.

Egg allergy

This is where the ovum conflict takes place. Therefore, it is necessary to work with the emotions of the mother, with the periods of her deeply dramatic psychological experiences caused by the fear of losing the child during pregnancy; experiencing the past unsuccessful experience of carrying a baby.

Gluten allergy

This type of allergy causes two types of conflict: unlived dramatic emotions left in the family and associated with flour, wheat, breadwinner; sharp weaning from the breast.

Peanut allergy

If the phrase "Get you nuts" is literally translated from English, then you can notice a play on words. PEANUTS means not only "peanuts", but also "crumbs, trifles." And in the second sense, this phrase symbolizes that "life is difficult." It is this attitude, adopted by the child from the parents, that triggers the symptom.

Pollen allergy, bloom

Here we explore dramatic stories related to conceiving a child; emotions that the mother experienced in relations with the father of the child during the period of conception.

Allergy to the sun (sun rays)

The sun is a symbol of the father. Therefore, we are looking for the cause of the allergy in the relationship with him.

Breast cancer

Unfortunately, today it is a very common disease that frightens women from young to old, campaigning to constantly check themselves. What is its meaning?

The function of the breast is to produce breast milk, thereby protecting the baby from disease and death.

The work of the mammary gland is under the direction of the cerebellum. Cancer is a tumor, that is, cell growth. Why might the brain need to grow cells? Obviously, this symbolizes the strengthening of the organ.

Putting it all together. It turns out that the meaning of a tumor in the mammary gland is to enhance its protective function. And this organ works for the child. Accordingly, this is how the desire to protect someone close, the one who belongs to the family "nest" is manifested.

Thus, a tumor of the mammary glands carries the following content:

"I cannot protect my child / husband / someone close."

"I need more resources to protect my loved one."

“I cannot express my love to someone close, I don’t have enough funds for this” (here breast milk acts as a symbol of love).

Often the situation is aggravated by the fact that a woman, having learned such a diagnosis, is frightened. And these strong negative emotions play a crucial role in healing, or rather, in its absence.

How to stop getting sick?

Any disease is not an enemy, but a friend that your brain created in order to resolve a conflict that your psyche could not cope with. And for complete healing, first of all, you need to come to a calm state of mind so that it stops sending a signal to our body that requires a solution to the problem. Do not be afraid to seek help from a specialist, if necessary, and remember that any psychosomatic content of symptoms must be supported by logical explanations.

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