How The Stars Fought Depression, And Why It Is Impossible To Remain Silent About It

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Video: How The Stars Fought Depression, And Why It Is Impossible To Remain Silent About It

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How The Stars Fought Depression, And Why It Is Impossible To Remain Silent About It
How The Stars Fought Depression, And Why It Is Impossible To Remain Silent About It

A few days ago, at an annual McLean Award (given to people who raise public awareness about mental health), Selena Gomez spoke for the first time about how she experienced deep depression a year ago, but was able to return to her old life with the help of specialists. During her speech about temporary mental problems, the daughter of Evan McRegor, model Clara Macregori, also spoke on Instagram. Other celebrities also talked about difficult periods earlier - from Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow to Cara Delevingne and Demi Lovato. The BeautyHack editors collected statements from media personalities, and also asked a psychologist why, one should not be silent about depression, how to recognize its first signs and what to do first.

Selena Gomez

Last year, Selena Gomez suddenly disappeared from social networks and canceled the tour. Then it turned out that she was in a rehabilitation clinic. After some time, the singer shared in an interview that she was experiencing deep depression and she herself turned to doctors. At the McLean Award event, Selena once again raised this topic and openly shared her emotions and feelings.

“The past year has brought me a lot of moral suffering, negative emotions. I could not smile, keep myself in a good mood. It seemed to me that all the troubles washed over me at once, - said Gomez. - First of all, we worked with doctors about the causes of my depression. And after that it became easier. And now, after a while of working on myself, I feel much better and happier. I manage to control my thoughts and emotions, believe in the best … Sharing my experience of dealing with depression is not easy, but right. I had a fear that I would not be understood and condemned. But we are all human. And each of us sometimes needs help and support."

Clara Macregor

Some time ago, the eldest daughter of actor Evan McRegor, 23-year-old model Clara, posted on Instagram about her struggle with depression. The girl noted that she had been feeling anxiety for a long time, but recently she began to solve this problem with doctors and began to feel better.

“I want to talk about mental health. For a long time I was ashamed to tell about this even to close friends. Since the age of four, I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. I didn't know there was a way to solve these problems, but therapy and psychoanalysis have helped me recently. I worked on myself and continue to do so to this day, - noted Clara Macregor. - For a long time I took antidepressants, but now I can proudly say that I have been living without pills for more than 110 days. Now I regain my strength. Thanks to those who helped me in the most difficult times. Help yourself so others can help you. And never be ashamed to talk about it."

The post of the model collected a huge number of likes per day, many thanked her for her candor and said that now they also did not feel lonely in depression.

Demmy Moor

Even at the peak of her career, Demi Moore admitted that due to a difficult childhood (the future star was born in a dysfunctional family and had to work from the age of 16), she suffered from obsessive thoughts and anxiety. Over time, such emotions were managed, but after the divorce from Anton Kutcher, the actress fell into a deep depression. At this time, she did not leave the house, even her daughters could not help. Then the celebrities had to turn to specialists and undergo a course of rehabilitation. Also, on the recommendation of doctors, while still in the hospital, Demi began to write down the most difficult and happiest periods of her life on paper. So, Moore got an autobiography, which she called "Inside Out" and released in the United States this year.

At the same time, in recent interviews with Western publications on the occasion of the sale of the book, Demi once again raised the topic of depression. She noted that if you cannot cope with depression on your own for a short time, you should definitely see a doctor.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Patrow once said that she felt depressed after giving birth. At this moment, the actress could not pull herself together and was constantly in a bad mood. And it is not known how long she would have arrived in this state if she had not turned to a psychotherapist in time.

“I know firsthand what postpartum depression is. After the birth of my son, it seemed to me that everything was wrong with me, I was a bad mother and my life was over. Now I understand that thousands of women are experiencing this, and the main thing in these cases is not to be silent, not to be alone with their fears,”Gwyneth assured.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne faced depression when popularity came to her. And only years later, the model told reporters that this was most likely due to a tight work schedule and lack of rest.

“At that moment I understood that I was more fortunate in this life than others, and I have no right to complain. But there was nothing I could do about my despair, which made me feel even more guilty. I didn’t see a way out and I didn’t want to live,”Delevingne said.

Kara was helped to overcome her anxiety by her mentor and friend, Kate Moss. The podium star of the 90s was one of the first to notice that Delevingne needed help and support. She talked to her for a long time and advised, first of all, to pay attention to oneself and health, and not career.

Demi Lovato

Singer Demi Lovato recently began to say in interviews that she often suffered from panic attacks and depression. And it began with her in school, when she was experiencing the pressure of her peers. But a few years ago, the celebrity took up her mental health seriously and turned to doctors for help.

“We treat colds, we drink painkillers when our head hurts. Why, then, do we ignore the pain of the soul? Depression is a disease that needs to be treated, that needs to be talked about, "- said Demi in a recent interview. And in a conversation with the editors of American Teen Vogue, Lovato noted that she now feels happy.

“But I never thought that it was possible to overcome depression! I spent my entire adult life in a terrible mood, but now everything has changed for the better,”said the celebrity.

Expert opinion

Olga Frolova, psychologist:

“You should be on your guard if the depressed mood does not go away for more than two weeks. A person may feel that he is quickly tired, that it has become harder for him to think and more difficult to concentrate. He ceases to enjoy activities that are usually pleasant to him, productivity in general decreases. Disturbances in appetite, sleep, or libido may occur. The more symptoms you notice, the more it may indicate depression. At the same time, of course, only a psychiatrist can make a medical diagnosis.

If you suspect a loved one is depressed, try to gently communicate your concerns and offer help. It can be as simple as cleaning the house or preparing a meal, sometimes it's important to just come and spend time together. And, of course, it is worth seeking professional help. Ignoring and hushing up the problem, with a high probability, leads to its worsening, and not disappearance.

It is important to understand that depression can be successfully treated, while drug therapy is not always prescribed, and in any case, the decision to take medication will be yours.”

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