Superfoods You Can't Do Without After 35

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Superfoods You Can't Do Without After 35
Superfoods You Can't Do Without After 35

With age, it becomes more and more difficult to keep fit, keep skin and hair in perfect condition, maintain health and immunity. If you can't stop time, why not diversify your diet with healthy foods.

Together with nutritionist Olesya Oskola @olesi_dietolog, we have collected 32 superfoods that will enrich the body with vitamins, speed up metabolism, have a good effect on appearance, improve well-being and will be especially useful for women over 35 years old.

avatar Olesya Oskol
avatar Olesya Oskol

Olesya Oskola


- Women over 35 should pay attention to the sufficient content of protein and healthy fats in the diet. Protein is the building block for cells, including collagen, which keeps the skin elastic and youthful. The ideal ratio of vegetable to animal protein is 1: 1. It is also worth diversifying your diet with healthy fats, because they protect the body from neurodegenerative diseases, help the body cope with stress. In addition, fats are vital for the female hormonal system.

But sugar and all fast carbohydrates should be excluded, as they contribute to rapid aging and the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). There is even a separate term "sugar face" - typical wrinkles, puffiness and dryness of the skin on the face in women after 30 years of age, who abuse fast carbohydrates.

So, on the advice of a nutritionist you need to add to your diet:



A valuable source of Omega-3 fats. It is especially important to consume fatty fish in adulthood to protect the body from neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

Vegetable milk

An excellent alternative to bovine: it is almost non-allergic and serves as a good source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Choose milk that is nutty (such as almond, hazelnut, pine, or walnut) without sugar or butter.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein - add them to ready-made meals, smoothies, smoothies, or use as a stand-alone meal, such as chia pudding.


Korean-style cabbage is a food that contains vital probiotics. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the functioning of the intestines, which means better skin and health in general.



An ideal berry for women's health with a powerful anti-age effect. Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, it helps the body fight the aging process.


The second most popular anti-age product, which is also famous for its ability to have a positive effect on vision.


They are considered ideal for all important nutrients. It should be noted that in fact, eggs do not raise cholesterol, as previously thought. Therefore, they can be safely included in the everyday menu.


Avocados are one of the best sources of vegetable fats. The fruit is especially useful for normalizing the work of the female hormonal system (you can find out which fruits you need to eat to lose weight here).


It can be considered a natural antibiotic, so onions should be present in the daily menu of any mature woman (you will find out which vegetables are better to eat boiled in this material).

Chickpeas and legumes

The ratio of animal and vegetable protein in equal proportions is considered good - it is especially important to follow the rule after 35. Try to diversify the diet with dishes based on legumes - do not forget to soak them in water before cooking for at least 6 hours.



The high content of vitamin E in this nut improves the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Eating almonds is also good for the condition of the skin and hair.


Spinach, like other leafy ones, is rich in iron - its use serves as a good prevention of anemia. It is also widely known for its positive effects on immunity.


Due to the high content of antioxidants, carrots slow down the aging process. Do not forget that you need to eat a bright vegetable - a source of vitamins and minerals, with animal or vegetable fats.


Opening of the last time! The spice has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in the prevention of cancer. For the spice to be beneficial, it must contain the active ingredient - curcumin, so when buying, carefully monitor the quality of the product.



Speaking of watermelon, one cannot fail to note the high content of magnesium in the berry, which helps to restore the nervous system, maintains normal blood vessels and promotes sound sleep.


Everyone's favorite fruit boasts a large amount of dietary fiber - they cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and have a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


A sweetness that has long been known for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it will become your healthiest dessert.


Cinnamon used to be considered a drug - the spice is rich in antioxidants and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive oil


Unrefined virgin olive oil is a good source of Omega-9 fats, which are vital for a number of functions in the body, such as transporting fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.


Natural antiviral, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory - consume it fresh or as a spice.



Red meat is especially beneficial for women with iron deficiency - beef contains highly assimilable heme iron. To get the most out of the product, give preference to meat from animals that ate grass-fed food or were on free grazing.


A source of quality fiber, which is essential for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


Like many other fruits and berries, grapes are high in antioxidants - eating berries with seeds and skins will greatly benefit you.


Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around. Due to its high content of vitamin C, minerals and protein, its use is beneficial for the immune system.



It contains a rare vitamin U, which takes an active part in the formation of important enzymes in the body - dishes with cauliflower have a positive effect on the intestines. And if you disassemble the cabbage into inflorescences and leave it to lie for 30 minutes before cooking, an anti-cancer substance is formed on the slices.

Bone broth

Saturated broths can even be considered a drug - they contain a large amount of special substances that have the ability to restore mucous membranes and intestines. For bone broth to benefit, it is important to boil it for at least 3 hours, ideally up to 24 hours.

Black pepper

Black pepper stimulates digestion and has cleansing properties - the spice works especially effectively in combination with turmeric.

Pumpkin seeds

A valuable source of magnesium, which helps to establish and improve the functioning of the nervous system, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and has soothing properties.


The cereal contains a large amount of protein and 18 amino acids, which are important for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Quinoa is also gluten free, so it does not cause negative reactions from the gastrointestinal tract.


A bright vegetable has a diuretic, antispasmodic, antitumor, wound healing and many other useful properties. Experts advise women with anemia to include beets in their diet.


Ginger is famous for its positive effect on immunity, as well as its tonic effect - it gives vigor and improves mood.

Cayenne pepper


The hot spice improves digestion and stimulates metabolism. Also, its use has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

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