8 Signs That It's Time For You To Change Your Beautician

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8 Signs That It's Time For You To Change Your Beautician
8 Signs That It's Time For You To Change Your Beautician

Is your beautician a radical proponent and don't like his work on Instagram? It's time to look for another specialist. 8 signs that it's time to run away from a beautician - in the material BeautyHack.

Sign # 1: he has a secondary medical education

The beautician is a very fashionable profession. To master it, you will have to unlearn a dermatologist at a medical university for 6 years (not counting an internship), practice in a hospital and go to dozens of training seminars. Very often, cosmetologists call themselves cosmeticians-aesthetists who are forbidden to do even laser hair removal, not to mention more serious procedures. Their area of ​​responsibility: apply the mask, wash off the mask. Aesthetists come from medical colleges. If you're lucky. If they are not lucky, they will simply finish a month's course and superficially study the structure of the skin.

Sign # 2: you don't like the Instagram specialist's work

Each of us has our own tastes and preferences: some like red, some like blue. Today, the trend for maximum naturalness is strengthening its position more and more. In cosmetology, including: if you do something, it is very delicate. Now every cosmetologist has social networks where they post their work. Be sure to subscribe to your specialist. As soon as something appears in the tape that does not fit into your understanding “beautifully”, think about it: perhaps on your next visit you will leave the office with exactly the same beauty.

Sign # 3: Your beautician is a radical proponent

There are things that cannot be corrected with a mask or massage - bumps on the nose do not disappear from this and an abnormally small chin does not increase. But if you are under 40, and the beautician suggests solving all problems through a needle and aggressive laser procedures, this is not the norm. The exception is mesotherapy and biorevitalization, which are not contraindicated even at 20 with very dry dermis and dehydration. The sooner you give your skin a "crutch" in the form of injections, laser and others like them, the more lazy it becomes and the faster it stops producing hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the required volume.

Sign # 4: the specialist does not look into your mouth

Sometimes it is not a cosmetologist who should correct imperfections on the face, but an orthodontist. Malocclusion is a common cause of a "square" face, sunken cheeks and heavy chin, and nasolabial wrinkles can appear due to non-closing teeth. Not all problems can be solved by a cosmetologist. If the specialist has never advised you to visit the dentist, offering only a temporary solution with fillers, he may not be entirely honest with you.

Sign number 5: the beautician talks about the uselessness of home care

"Make masks only here every week!" - heard something like that? Pack your "suitcase" and move to another clinic. With the right home care, you can safely skip visits to the beautician without worrying about the consequences. The "right" cosmetologist will certainly select home-products, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the skin.

Symptom №6: Specialist asks, what you eat

The condition of the skin depends not only on the care. Improper diet, excessive love for sweets, salty and fatty can convey "hello" with a greasy sheen, rashes and other "amenities". Especially when you have an oily type of dermis. In this case, cosmetic procedures will only have a temporary effect. With problem skin, the cosmetologist must send you to an endocrinologist and for tests to establish the cause. Haven't posted and continues to practice regular cleansing? Run!

Sign number 7: the beautician is not engaged in his education

Cosmetology does not stand still. Every day, new research and discoveries appear to prolong youth and beauty. This profession implies lifelong learning. If a new technique, drug or, for example, a laser appears on the market, you cannot just take it and start applying it all. You need to get a certificate first. Ask your beautician how long he has been on a course. There is a possibility that he is far from innovation, without which there is nowhere.

Sign # 8: you are promised a "lifetime" result

The pill of eternal youth has not yet been invented - take it for granted. And each drug has its own duration. The effect of botulinum toxin injections, for example, lasts up to six months. After that, the procedure must be repeated. Fillers are also not eternal. The drugs of the latest generation "live" up to one and a half years. If you are promised eternal youth, do not believe that it will be so. Appearance requires regular attention and visits to the beautician. And plump lips too!

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