10 Stellar Haircut Ideas For Short Hair

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10 Stellar Haircut Ideas For Short Hair
10 Stellar Haircut Ideas For Short Hair

In the past couple of years, many celebrities have opted for short hair. Even the singer Ciara, who is not very fond of changes in appearance, did a bob haircut (see photo here). Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Priyanka Chopra and many others changed their image even earlier. And if you also dream of a change of image, be inspired by our selection!

The BeautyHack editors tell you which haircuts are relevant now and will still be popular in the fall.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron often says that she is ready for a lot for the sake of cinema: gaining more than 10 kilograms or getting a very short haircut. However, after the end of filming, the actress quickly returns to her usual image. And only this year, for the first time in many years, I changed the length of the hair below the shoulders and the shade of blond. Now the celebrity has a bob haircut and dark hair color. She also often experiments with styling: she can be seen with both perfectly straight hair and light waves.

Hayley Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin, it seems, was inspired by the example of Charlize Theron: she cut her hair short and dyed her dark color. The model and beloved Justin Bieber decided to make such changes for the sake of shooting a glossy magazine. It turned out pretty good! Especially with an interesting styling option - the effect of wet hair.

Paulina Andreeva

Paulina Andreeva also surprised fans not so long ago: she made a short haircut. The actress prefers perfectly smooth straight hair. And once she appeared at an event with hairpins fashionable this season. Take note!

Reese Witherspoon

After filming Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon wanted a change and cut her hair down. The actress spoke about her transformations on Instagram. And, by the way, I posted a photo with a new haircut from the salon. She prefers to style her hair in different ways, but most often she makes light waves and parting on one side (as in the photo above).

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra noticeably shortened her hair some time after the wedding with actor Nick Jonas. Now the actress has a length just below the shoulders. We advise you to pay attention to styling - a celebrity slightly curls the ends of the strands, makes a side or parted part, removes one part of the hair behind the ear, and leaves the other on the face.

Anya Chipovskaya

In one of the interviews, Anya Chipovskaya admitted that she had long dreamed of getting a short haircut, but long hair was required for filming. However, last year, the actress still fulfilled her dream. And it seems that she liked the new image so much that she is in no hurry to return the length.

Jenna Duan

Jenna Duan has not changed the length just below the shoulders for about a year. Basically, the actress straightens her hair and does a parting. Life hack from the actress - to wind only the strands of the face on the iron.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has also succumbed to the general trend and this summer she has cut exactly more than 10 centimeters of hair length! We love her styling in the photo above: curl the hair with an iron from the middle of the length.

Lukerya Ilyashenko

Lukerya Ilyashenko has not changed his short hair for a long time. And he constantly experiments with styling. But it is definitely for sure that the actress likes sloppy waves and volume more.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts recently not only cut her hair short, but also changed her usual light shade. She now has a bob cut and dark hair. But the actress, it seems, does the styling according to her mood: she has either a strict image with straight hair (as in the photo), or perky curls.

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