Subtle, But Not Trivial: Eyeliners In Soothing Shades

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Video: Subtle, But Not Trivial: Eyeliners In Soothing Shades

Video: Subtle, But Not Trivial: Eyeliners In Soothing Shades
Video: How To: 9 Different Eyeliner Styles on HOODED EYES | Easy Beginner Friendly Tutorial 2023, March
Subtle, But Not Trivial: Eyeliners In Soothing Shades
Subtle, But Not Trivial: Eyeliners In Soothing Shades

With the arrival of spring, I want more color - but it does not always make sense and an excuse to twist the brightness at full power. BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva chose eyeliners for just such a case: these are not boring shades, but they fit into any dress code. We deliberately abandoned black and very light ones, trying to find exactly the color - and this is what happened:

The heroes were divided into two parts.

And in order:

Stylo Yeux Waterproof, shade Celadon, Chanel

Chanel automatic pencils are durable, thin enough (there is a sharpener at the back end in the cap, but I usually don't use it) and are suitable for beginners and modest women - the line is clear, but dim, but easily layered. The Celadon shade is a khaki with golden glitters, which looks grayish in one layer and greenish in two.

The Khol Pencil, Chocolate, Dolce & Gabbana

The brand has two series of pencils: the wider The Eyeliner and the shorter The Khol Pencil. The current hero belongs to the latter - he is very soft and lends itself well to shading, so you can experiment with the width and clarity of the arrow as much as you like. The shade of Chocolate does not look like regular brown - rather, it is a reddish-bronze with large gold sparkles.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Mushroom & Mainline, Urban Decay

The kings of blogging hearts make the most unusual shades of pencils - and this applies to both bright and muted shades. Choosing one or two of them is a thankless task, but in the end hits went to the collection: gray-beige Mushroom, which looks perfect both as the main shade in makeup, and as an accent on the lower eyelid, and velvety dark blue Mainline.

Aqua XL Eye Pencil, Shade I-36 Iridescent Khaki, Make Up For Ever

Last year, the brand completely revamped its highly popular line of eyeliners, making them even softer and more durable. The palette has changed too, now featuring some interesting pastel and vibrant colors. The basic ones also survived, but of those that remained on the verge, the most amusing, I think, is the golden brown khaki I-36.

Long-Wear Waterproof Liner, Rich Plum, Bobbi Brown

Eyeliners have been updated and Bobbi Brown - the brand calls the novelty a pencil eyeliner, in fact it is just an automatic pencil, but very thin and super sharp. For sweeping lines, as in the picture, it does not suit the best way, but neat thin arrows turn out perfect with it. The shade of Rich Plum is black-violet: the color in it is dim and is visible only in direct light.

Twist & Write Shade 03 Nouba

Last year, the Italian brand launched the Write & Blend line of gel-based eyeliners, with which you can draw endless (and infinitely long-lasting) arrows, and this year it has supplemented it with a series of Twist & Write pencils. The automatic pencils are really durable; my favorite orchid shade 06 is not suitable for today's theme, so let it be dark emerald 03 is also good.

And here's the second batch:


Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil, Nighttime in the Jungle, Essence

An inexpensive German brand is a storehouse of interesting shades and excellent textures: just a little digging in their assortment, and you can find unprecedented beauty. So, the brand's eyeliners turned out to be very good: soft and dense, and most importantly, excellent colors. Nighttime in the Jungle - Olive-bronze, shiny, predatory and perfect for summer parties.

Long Lasting Eyeliner in Stone Gray and Matita Occhi in Grigio Satin, Wycon

Once again, the Italians and their excellent eyeliners - this time gray. Of the three lines of Wycon pencils, my favorite is the Long Lasting Eyeliner: the swatch clearly shows how much brighter it is than its counterpart in the wooden case from the Matita Occhi series. The latter is firmer and better suited for those who love definition, while the Long Lasting Eyeliner is ideal for shading.

Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil, Sapphire, Estée Lauder

The very good Double Wear series of long-lasting gel pencils has some pretty bold colors, there are beautiful metallics, and there are classic win-win options. One of them is dark blue Sapphire, which can be used to make full-fledged smoky or wide bright arrows.

Always On Gel Liner, Moody, Smashbox

Another novelty is the Smashbox Always On pencil series. The range of colors is still small and they are all fairly basic and dim. The texture of the pencils is very creamy and is more suitable for wide soft arrows - it will be difficult to draw a thin one this way. Moody is a semi-matte taupe shade: good for neutral, but not boring makeup.

Smudgeproof Waterproof Eye Liner, Black / Brown, Lord & Berry

One of the main hits of the ascetic and fashionable Milanese brand, which is loved in the advanced gloss. The pencil is brown rather than black, matte and dense, well shaded and hardened after that for centuries. It adheres perfectly to the mucous membrane, unlike many colleagues.

Infaillible Gel Crayon 24H Waterproof, shade Taupe of the World, L'Oreal Paris

Past L'Oreal Paris, the trend of updating eyeliners also did not pass - and they released their own version. The texture of Infaillible Gel Crayon is reminiscent of older comrades from Urban Decay - the lead glides well over the eyelid and quickly sets. From the small palette, I chose Taupe of the World beige and gray metallic - distinguishable, but subtle, and shines cheerfully.

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