Summer In Minsk

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Video: Summer In Minsk

Video: Summer In Minsk
Video: Are Belarusians the Canadians of Russia? | MINSK, BELARUS Summer Vlog 2023, April
Summer In Minsk
Summer In Minsk

Sunday yoga

For several years, free yoga classes have been organized in Minsk parks. This summer, the lessons will be conducted by the school of Ekaterina Atak. There are eight parks announced in the program, where practice sessions last from 45 to 60 minutes every Sunday. If you are just starting to master asanas, feel free to go to improve - the level of training does not matter. Just check the schedule in advance: due to bad weather, practices may be canceled.

Sivananda yoga (a practice based on total relaxation) can be a good alternative to these lessons. Regular Sunday one and a half hour classes will be held throughout the summer from 8 am. The organizers ask to bring mats and water.

Where: SundayYoga - Parks of Mikhail Pavlov, "Tivali", Victory, "Uruchye", Yanka Kupala, 40th anniversary of October, Friendship of peoples, 60th anniversary of October

Sivananda Yoga - Victory Park (they will wait for you at the entrance to the park from Pobediteley Avenue, opposite the Victoria Hotel)

Details and schedule are in the official SundayYoga project group and on the website.

For more details on Sivananda Yoga classes, see the link.


This summer, the Nike + RunClub runs regular trainings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On weekdays, workouts start at 19:00 (there is a chance to catch up after work), and on Saturday, beginners and avid runners gather at 9:00. If you were waiting for the coveted kick to start running, here it is! When else will you be able to work out in the company of professionals and even get an individual training plan?

All runs are aimed at practicing different skills: on Tuesdays - training for beginners, on Thursdays - running at speed (the lesson takes place at the stadium of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture), and on Saturdays - an easy run for everyone.

Races start at Nike branded stores.

Where: Tuesday and Saturday - st. Nemiga, 5; Thursday - Pobediteley avenue, 65

Details are in the official group of the running club.

Bikecrossing "Dobry rovar"

On June 17, the free bike rental service "Dobry Rovar" opened the cycle season. The project was launched last year and has already secured the support of citizens who prefer to move around Minsk on two wheels. All that is needed is to register in the system and book a bike, which can be picked up from one of 12 parking lots in the city center. You have 12 hours for free use - then the two-wheeled friend will need to be returned to any of the indicated parking lots, not forgetting to secure it with a combination lock.

Where: register on the website and get information about available bicycles

Details are on the project website and in the official rental group.

On the way to the half marathon

In September, Minsk will host a half marathon for the second time (registration for participants is about to start on the website; if you register before August 1, participation in the half marathon will cost 330,000 Belarusian rubles). The organizing team from the Belarusian Athletics Federation has begun to prepare now, which is what it urges you to do. The training program includes weekly races for everyone on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Beginners and experienced marathoners can run 8-10 km, and as a bonus, get, for example, an express massage.

Where: Victory Park

For more details and training announcements, follow the link. There you will also find useful tips for runners and a workout plan for each week right up to the September marathon.


If team games are your thing, it's time to sign up for free rugby training. Anyone can join the team, the organizers do not require any special skills from you - on the contrary, they promise to teach everything themselves.


An obligatory training program is warm-up, stretching, running exercises, work with the ball, and only then the game itself.

Why do you need this? Where else can you find a whole team of like-minded people who will be happy to leave the ball with you every Sunday, and at the same time strengthen all muscle groups? If you are still in doubt, go to the girls' group - bright photos and reports from each workout should certainly inspire you to feats!

Where: Komsomolskoye Lake or the stadium of school No. 136 (metro station "Sportivnaya")

Details are in the official team group. There you will also find discussions of future games (there are trainings on weekdays, if a sufficient number of people gather).

Open trainings #Sekta

The #Sekta Perfect Body School runs free workouts every Saturday for everyone who loves to pump muscles on the weekend. The varied workout program includes warm-up, exercises for different muscle groups and stretching. In the summer, if the weather permits, classes are moved to open areas and parks.

If you have had injuries, there are contraindications or your age confuses you, feel free to go to an open workout. Talk to the trainer in advance - during the lesson he will always suggest alternative exercise options. And do not forget to sign up (a link to the registration form along with the announcement is available in the official group): as a rule, there are enough people willing. Bring running shoes (not sneakers), water, and a yoga mat with you. And give up on painkillers and alcohol on the eve of training - this is one of the mandatory requirements of the organizers.

Where: the place and time are always announced in the official group #Sekta, for details, call +375 29 387 08 80

Text: Julia Kozoliy

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