Swelling, Wrinkles, Bruises Under The Eyes: We Check If The Patches Really Treat Everything

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Video: Swelling, Wrinkles, Bruises Under The Eyes: We Check If The Patches Really Treat Everything

Video: Swelling, Wrinkles, Bruises Under The Eyes: We Check If The Patches Really Treat Everything
Video: Do You Bruise Easily? Learn How to Prevent and Fade Them! 2023, March
Swelling, Wrinkles, Bruises Under The Eyes: We Check If The Patches Really Treat Everything
Swelling, Wrinkles, Bruises Under The Eyes: We Check If The Patches Really Treat Everything

Patches are now the same beauty routine as a toothbrush. I brushed my teeth, put on patches. It is promised by manufacturers that with the help of one product, you can quickly refresh the area around the eyes, hide signs of fatigue and smooth out small wrinkles. Some of them, for example, intensely moisturize, while others fight pigmentation and even out skin tone. Is this really so, in which cases they work and in which they do not - the editorial staff of BeautyHack checked on themselves.

Some of the most popular ingredients in active patch serums are glycerin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, plant extracts, vitamins, and sometimes special whitening agents. Before an important event or in any other case when you need to look especially good, patches are simply irreplaceable.

Explore and choose the patches that really suit you.

Hydrogel eye patches Friendly Collagen Eye Patch, Sally's Box

Tested by BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina, 28 years old

Grapefruit extract Eliminates tightness and dryness, fights pigmentation spots Collagen Responsible for skin firmness and elasticity Marigold extract Eliminates acne, age spots, wrinkles Evening primrose extract Copes with dryness and irritation of the skin Chamomile extract Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin cells

I am a young mother, and I know exactly how lack of sleep affects the condition of the skin. Therefore, patches are essential for me.

I wash my face in the morning, put them under my eyes. In fact, they are not too wet, they adhere well and hold.

The main component is collagen, which is responsible for firmness and elasticity. After use, the skin looks fresh, moisturized, the product does not leave a sticky layer, so there is no need to cleanse and blot excess before applying decorative cosmetics.

But there is a small drawback: in terms of elasticity, I did not feel the WOW effect.

Price: 200 rub.

Lifting patches, Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, Elemis

The choice of beauty director BeautyHack Vasilisa Kakorina, 27 years old

Padina Pavonica seaweed cocktail with a powerful plankton extract stimulates the contraction of fibroblasts, thereby strengthening the network of collagen fibers Hyaluronic acid Makes the skin around the eye area hydrated and has a cooling effect Chlorella It has a lifting effect, smoothes and removes dark circles under the eyes

Patches are as indispensable in the morning as coffee. My choice always stops at hydrogels - they cool even without a refrigerator, do not slide out and have a better lifting effect than fabric ones.

I "put on" patches in the morning and can walk with them for 20 minutes, and sometimes 2 hours. Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks are not felt on the eyes, so be sure to take them off before your work meeting.

Price: 4 850 rub.

SUBLIME SKIN Perfect Peptide Eye Patch Mask, [comfort zone]

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Alexandra Grishina, 28 years old

Hexapeptide Provides a lifting effect, gives thin eye skin noticeable hydration and evens out color Peptide complex with chrysine Provides a targeted effect on dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes Hesperidin Eliminates dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, refreshes dull or gray skin, improves complexion and complexion

The set contains six individually packaged patches. I'll tell you right away - open carefully! I tore one patch in half, because I rushed to open the package very abruptly. 96% ingredients of natural origin: no silicone, alcohol and fragrances.

The manufacturer advises using them in a course: 2 times a week for 14 days, and then 1 time a week. The patches last 10 minutes (according to the instructions), but I leave them for an hour if I slept very little or fly on an airplane.

A little beauty hack: I have a jade roller that I always keep in the fridge. When I apply patches, I additionally pass them with gentle movements over the area of application of the product.

Price: 6 494 rub.

Patch filler with hyaluronic acid microneedles, Librederm

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Elena Dubikova, 38 years old

Hyaluronic acid Here - low molecular weight, attracts and retains moisture in the deep layers of the skin, providing a general anti-aging effect Paraben-free Patch fillers do not contain parabens, dyes and preservatives

I regularly use patches, I know everything about them. But for the first time I tested those that need to be kept for at least 40 minutes (or preferably 3 hours - as indicated in the instructions).

Immediately there were problems with application: the patch itself is very small and the area with microneedles is even smaller, so you have to think about where to stick it. I put them on at night, as recommended in the instructions, and at night I woke up feeling the tightness of the skin under my eyes. I decided to take them off and it wasn’t there: they are well fixed, and it’s very difficult to remove them, you literally need to tear them off. At the same time, do it very carefully, since my skin is thin under the eyes and sensitive.

In the morning I got up and found a film on the skin under my eyes (probably the remains of hyaluronic acid, which was in the needles). Otherwise, I did not notice any effect.

But there are still advantages: the patches are well fixed, you can even run a marathon with them, they will not come off. I still prefer those that are impregnated with some kind of composition, and the effect is visible after 15-30 minutes. Here it seemed to me that the patches, on the contrary, even dried the skin under my eyes.

Price: 1 595 rub.

Melting Patches Focuspot Wrinkle Melting Patch, Dr. Jart +

Tested by BeautyHack editor Sofia Vorobyova, 19 years old

Adenosine A substance that is present in our DNA and is involved in many biochemical processes. In the human body, adenosine is synthesized on its own, maintaining youth, strength and health Caviar extract Makes skin smoother, more elastic Gold Provides effective skin toning and hydration Sea grapes Like other edible algae, this is a very low-calorie product containing only 4kcal per 100g, while it is very rich minerals as well as ingredients essential for skin health such as dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium

From the first application, this melting patch mask slightly brightens dark circles under the eyes, eliminates minor redness, evens out tone and moisturizes. If you use it in a course, then the brightening effect will pass with a bang. The product consists of two stages - local melting patches (lighten, relieve swelling and swelling, moisturize and refresh) and a tissue mask for the cheek area (whitens pigmentation, post-acne, soothes the skin and reduces the severity of rosacea). In the morning I cleansed my face, after which I applied patches, and glued a fabric mask on top. After 20 minutes, when the patches melted, I removed the mask and hammered in the essence with my fingertips.

Price: 630 rub.

Hydrogel eye patches with collagen and black caviar, Japan Gals Premium Grade

Tested by the chief editor of BeautyHack Natalia Pikus, 33 years old

Water-soluble collagen Enhances skin cell regeneration Black caviar extract Lifting effect, saturating skin cells with vitamins and minerals Rosemary extract Stimulates blood circulation and smoothes skin relief Aloe Vera Responsible for moisturizing and nourishing, restoring and protecting, cleansing and normalizing metabolic processes

I really liked the packaging: each pair lies on a round base and is sealed in a separate envelope. It is very convenient to reach. I also, a confident user of patches, noted how thin and imperceptible they are on the skin.

One of the main discoveries: patches may not slip. Usually, because of the surplus of funds, the petals will run away from the face for the first minutes, you need to wait until they dry out a little before doing business, and then I immediately glued it on and forgot about them. They are adapted to our eye size and fit snugly and comfortably. Beauty!

I definitely liked the moisturizing effect. A small child and work sponsors constantly seem to have a tired look, and the patches removed the swelling, and the face freshened up. The description promises that the patches reduce dark circles under the eyes. Alas, this effect, unfortunately, did not happen, at this point I met stronger remedies. But, in general, I am very satisfied, I will definitely use it.

Price: 1 520 rub.

Hydrogel patch for lips Berry Berry Lip Patch, Sally's Box

Tested by BeautyHack project manager Anastasia Lyagushkina, 28 years old

Glycerin Regenerates chapped lip skin, smoothes it Vitamin C Has antioxidant properties, moisturizes lips and perfectly removes dryness

Dry lips are my eternal problem not only in winter, but also in summer, so I decided to use a lip mask (I confess, this is my debut).

I warn you right away: if you want to put it on your lips and go about your business, then you are unlikely to succeed. She slips and falls, so there is a great reason to give yourself 15 minutes of relaxation while lying on the bed.

The manufacturer promises nutrition, hydration, healing of cracks and even an increase in lip volume.

The hydrogel mask coped with nutrition and hydration with a bang, but the size of the lips, in my case, visually remained the same. After using the patch, lipstick fits perfectly on the lips and even lasts a little longer than usual.

Price: 206 rub.

Mask-peeling for the paraorbital area, Peeling Patch Eye Contour 10% lactic acid, Soskin

Tested by BeautyHack Editor Ana Lipartia, 21

10% lactic acid Neutralized lactic acid, improves skin color, relieves fatigue, eliminates dark circles under the eyes and does not cause allergies

Soskin laboratory specialists have long preferred lactic acid due to its pronounced moisturizing and softening properties. I wanted to feel the miraculous properties of lactic acid on myself, so I decided to try a peeling mask for the eye area in the form of patches from Soskin.

As the manufacturer promises, it improves skin color, relieves fatigue and does not cause allergies. In addition, the product evenly removes dead cells and stimulates the renewal of the eyelid skin. Also, thanks to lactic acid, age spots and other age-related skin changes are instantly reduced. After applying the mask, the skin of the eyelids is smoothed, it looks moisturized and radiant.

I apply patches only to cleansed skin of the eyelids and leave for 10 minutes - the time needs to be adjusted depending on the sensitivity of the skin. I remove the remnants of the product after removing the patches with a napkin and apply a moisturizer to the skin of the eyelids.

Price: 1 035 rub.

Gel patches Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Skyn Iceland

BeautyHack Editor's Choice Kristina Semina, 30

Hydrolyzed Elastin Restores healthy tone and firmness to the skin around the eyes Ginkgo Biloba Leaves Improves microcirculation and helps eliminate dark circles under the eyes Coenzyme Q-10 A powerful antioxidant that prevents collagen and elastin breakdown, and also provides protection from the adverse effects of the environment Hexapeptide-8 Helps to level visibility of fine wrinkles, influencing the mechanisms of muscle stimulation Icelandic complex Proprietary development of skyn ICELAND: the complex restores nutrients lost by the skin as a result of stress

This product is 100% vegan. No colorants, parabens, silicone or alcohol! But in the composition you can find both the usual elastin and coenzyme, as well as the unique Skyn Iceland complex based on the purest Icelandic waters, as well as arctic cloudberry and arctic cranberry seed oils. But most importantly, all the ingredients gave a really good result. Immediately after application, I felt a pleasant cooling effect, and after 10 minutes of use, the area around the eyes became smoother and more radiant. Another bonus: unlike many other patches, these ones adhere perfectly to the skin and do not fall off. With them, you can definitely safely do household chores and not sit in one place.

Price: 2 499 rub.

Hydrogel Eye Patch, Black Edition Eye Patch Filler

Tested by the chief editor of BeautyHack Natalia Pikus, 33 years old

Marine collagen Smoothes the skin, retains moisture, maintains tone, elasticity, stimulates natural protective functions Aloe Vera gel Improves metabolism and blood circulation, moisturizes and "seals" the moisture received by cells Brown algae Copes with dark circles under the eyes, puffiness Blueberry extract Provides lymphatic drainage and lifting -the effect

I really liked the shape of the patches - it does not interfere, it covers the maximum of the area under the eyes, well, what is there, a great reason for a selfie, thanks to the color.

They sit tight, smell nice, cool the skin a little. But I prepared a difficult test for them: five hours of sleep and several hours in front of a computer monitor. 30 minutes in patches - and the swelling is really less noticeable, the skin is pleasantly hydrated. But wrinkles in place and bluish tint, unfortunately, too. Apparently, only a deep sleep for many hours can help here.

Price: 145 rub. for a couple

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