50 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss That Will Surprise You (Part 3)

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Video: 50 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss That Will Surprise You (Part 3)

Video: 50 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss That Will Surprise You (Part 3)
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50 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss That Will Surprise You (Part 3)
50 Interesting Facts About Weight Loss That Will Surprise You (Part 3)

The optimal rate of weight loss is 5-10% of the total body weight per year, “local” weight loss is a myth, and other facts for those who want to be in shape.

You can't lose 5 kg in a week

To lose weight without harming health, experts recommend avoiding "fast" diets. The optimal rate of weight loss is 5-10% of body weight per year! Losing 5 kg in a week or even a month, you lose water and muscle tissue - subcutaneous fatty tissue remains.

No need to exercise every day

Exercise is a must. But the body needs time to rebuild muscles - take breaks. Optimal schedule: 4 times a week for 30 minutes alternating between intense, moderate, strength, and aerobic exercise. This will help you burn 50 to 100 grams of fat per week.

When exercising regularly, you need to stick to a proper diet

Constantly visiting the gym, but breaking the diet, you will not lose weight. It takes 60 minutes of physical activity to burn the calories contained in one sandwich with white bread, butter and cheese, and a pork cutlet with mashed potatoes is 20 kilometers of running.

One-time fasting does not "switch" the body to the mode of burning calories

On fasting days, when you limit yourself to a few liters of water a day, the metabolic rate slows down. This does not happen immediately - after 60-70 hours of lack of food. When you start eating again, your metabolism slows down and all excess is deposited in the form of subcutaneous fat.

It is impossible to determine the fat content of food "by eye"

Vegetable and butter, margarine are “species fats”, which are very high in calories. There are products containing "hidden" lipids. For example, in a vegetable salad - 20 kcal, but if you fill it with a teaspoon of olive oil, the energy value will grow to 65 kcal per 100 g. Result: a dish with 70% fat in the composition. Control it!


Weight formula: minus 110 height doesn't work

The ideal weight formula was invented 100 years ago by French anthropologist Paul Brock. Modern nutritionists are skeptical about it: it does not take into account the individual characteristics of the body (for example, the presence / absence of muscle mass). Today, the BMI formula is more relevant: weight divided by height squared. For women, the optimal figure ranges from 19 to 24.

Cellulite and overweight are not the same thing

Cellulite is a consequence of hormonal imbalance or water-salt metabolism. There are more reasons for being overweight: sedentary work, overeating, not maintaining the balance of KBZhU and others.

Excess weight is not related to heredity

It has been proven that being overweight is a complex phenomenon. Genetic predisposition is one of the reasons, along with changes in hormonal levels, neurological and psychological factors. In 50% of cases, being overweight is the result of overeating and an unbalanced diet.

Strength training for weight loss is equivalent to cardio

Common myth: intense cardio is effective for burning fat. Aerobic exercise should not be more than 20 minutes, so as not to "burn" muscles along with excess calories. Strength training is important! The more muscles in the body, the more intensively calories are burned at rest.

Bath and sauna don't get rid of excess weight

High temperatures stimulate blood circulation but do not get rid of fat. Lipids break down during certain chemical reactions and it is impossible to "evaporate" them. In the steam bath and sauna, weight loss is due to the elimination of fluid. Paired rooms work in conjunction with physical activity and proper nutrition.


"Local" weight loss is a myth

You cannot lose weight only in the buttocks or abdomen! Fatty tissue has nothing to do with the nearby muscles. By doing exercises on one area, you strengthen the muscle corset, and lipids are burned all over the place.

Avoiding carbohydrates will not help you lose weight

Weakness, irritability, lethargy, memory impairment, and insomnia are the result of carbohydrate-free diets. Not receiving carbohydrates, the body goes into a saving mode, storing fats with each meal. When combined with an excess of protein, this leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Mechanical effect on fat deposits is impossible

Slimming procedures (massage, lymphatic drainage, electrical stimulation, etc.) stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, but do not break down lipids. For maximum effectiveness, all types of massage must be combined with proper nutrition and cardio training.

You can eat at night

If you are an "owl" and are not going to go to bed before 3 am, eat at 12! The body will have time to digest food without consequences. Sleeping on an empty stomach is the cause of insomnia and food disruptions throughout the day.

Eating disorders are acceptable

Fatty cream cake will not affect weight in any way. Nutritionists recommend pampering the body once a week to control appetite. Relaxation should be planned - include it in your weekly meal plan.


Weight loss plan may not work

The nutrition plan is developed individually, taking into account the characteristics of the body and physiological indicators. The diet on which a friend has lost weight may not work for you due to different metabolic rates, hormonal levels, and more.

Plant-based foods don't help you lose weight

Myth: A vegan diet helps you lose weight. Weight gain does not depend on the presence or absence of meat and animal products in the diet. Refusing the latter, the body begins to "demand" more carbohydrates. Result: excess weight.

Exercise doesn't make you hungry

Feeling mild hunger after training is the norm! This indicates the intensive work of metabolism. After the gym, you need to eat no later than 40 minutes to restore your energy reserve. Give preference to protein and fiber if you are going to lose weight, and slow carbs if you are gaining muscle mass.

You don't need to completely eliminate sugar

In Edinburgh, scientists have conducted studies that have proven that a small amount of sugar in the diet contributes to weight loss. The experiment involved 60 women, they were divided into two groups. Sugar was completely eliminated first. The second one was left with an individual "dose". Two months later, the weighing was carried out: the group that consumed sugar lost more kilograms.

Have breakfast

A hearty breakfast helps to control weight - this is the conclusion of a group of scientists in Cambridge. Eating 50% of your daily calorie intake for breakfast gives your body plenty of time to process them. Without "feeding" him after waking up, you run the risk of switching the metabolism to the "fat reserve" mode.

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