Behavioral Stereotypes Of Adolescence And Old Age

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Video: Behavioral Stereotypes Of Adolescence And Old Age

Video: Behavioral Stereotypes Of Adolescence And Old Age
Video: Gender Roles and Stereotypes 2023, March
Behavioral Stereotypes Of Adolescence And Old Age
Behavioral Stereotypes Of Adolescence And Old Age

I am already quite an adult and I know many useful and original things that I want to share, because I am sure: they make life easier. But I am not yet stupid enough to consider my easy attitude towards life in general and aging in particular as the ultimate truth. And still not so self-confident as to post all my articles on Facebook. Here they are: Already and Still. There are plenty of them at any age, but I'm talking about mine, rather big.

It so happened that right after the grunge shoot for Nargis Magazine, I was offered to work as a model for another publication. And there was some dubious story: mini, corset, transparent lace, hairpins … "We want to show that you still go anywhere ?!" - commented the producer of the portal. No, WE don't want to. We do not want to show anything, and we are not at all "anywhere". There are many “where” we are not interested. Never.

At the same time, I understand that for some women it is very important to realize that they can and should look exactly "wherever". And this is their right, their courage, evidence that life goes on and there is no old age.

These women wear leopard-print leggings, pink blouses with lantern sleeves that accentuate full arms, short skirts that expose loose legs in mesh veins. And they also love the neckline, as if not noticing that it is better for them to cover this area slightly (or not slightly). And they wear ponytails like schoolgirls, even though they graduated from college 30 years ago. And they feel good about it! They don't look around with a guilty look. They don't think the train has already left.

Who is right here - they or those who look at them and think, like Margarita Serafimovna in the brilliant film "From the Life of Vacationers": "She has some kind of enticement … It's funny - at her age?" I think they are. If only because they create an image for themselves that makes them happier. I am on their side. Although the leopard leggings were not even leggings, but five years ago I gave my friend's daughter my jeans, and I closed the pink lanterns for myself at 20, and the tails on my head - in the graduation class (it was tails, not a ponytail, besides "Rat"). But I am me. I have my own "flashlights": skinny, ripped jeans, leather jackets, short sheepskin coats, sweatshirts and baseball caps with "youth symbols" … For some, it's a complete indecency, for me it's a lifestyle. And the style, as they say, is better to have terrible than none, and, of course, I have a lot of my own Already and More.


I AM ALREADY not at the age to …

Count on global help from other people.

Take offense at friends if they haven't called for a long time. (In general, with each passing year, less and less pulls to be offended, especially because of nonsense).

Prepare your body for the beach season. Whats the hell - on the beach you need to get high, and not compare your hips with the hips of others.

Inject botox. It's always late for me. And it's always early.

Wear a neckline. It is not fashionable.

Wear transparent dresses. It's trendy, but out of place on me.

Wear floral dresses. It's fashionable and appropriate - I just don't like it. I don't really like dresses at all!

Give up bad habits. At least two, but I will leave!

Play Yes or No with a man, girlfriend or employer. I love the word "Yes". I also understand the word "No". But today is "Yes" and tomorrow is "No"? Sorry goodbye.

Waste time talking.

To envy - whoever.


But I'm STILL at the age to …

Fly in a dream.

It's silly to giggle and laugh out loud.

Sit at the bar.

Dance in the morning instead of exercising.

Listen to music on the subway and even tap your foot to the beat.

Run into a second hand for a sweatshirt - you won't find the second one anywhere, and buy five of them.

Chat with a cute stranger on the street. And even give him a phone. What? Pensioners love to flirt, it would be with someone.

Once again work as a model on the set. Then another. And further. The main thing is no "I am anywhere else."

Wear men's clothes. Oh, this is my eternal love.

Skip the money set aside for visiting the dentist. (There is nothing to brag about, of course, but such irresponsible hooliganism gives strength. The main thing is not to practice it too often. And to skip your own, not strangers).

Create a mood board with influencers. I have a lot of influencers, they are different. For example, a guy who makes something out of copper. And Dashka Kuznetsova - recently climbed Kilimanjaro and broke my heart. But!

I'm still at the age to climb Kilimanjaro too someday!

Buy a motorcycle.

Consider Gigi Hadid just an unreal honey, and her sister Bella - some kind of frostbitten. (And forgive me if I offended anyone).

Try to wear jeans one size smaller. If possible, eat a box of chocolates for joy. If you do not succeed, eat sweets just like that, because they themselves are joy. After that, fit into jeans two sizes larger, fasten the belt so that it gathers at the waist, and calm down.

Make up stupid nicknames. No, not honey and bunny. I have two friends with whom we often play at Uno. And we call each other: Loch, Asshole and Zhirdosina.

Find a slogan. Carry it in the shower without waving in front of everyone. Don't tell anyone! Okay, I'll tell you. There are many good slogans. “Life is beautiful and amazing” - good, albeit banal. "All people are like people, and I am a queen" - worse, but for self-esteem, very much even nothing. “I don’t give a damn about it and grind it” - a wonderful slogan! Or rude? Well, okay.

And yes - there is still a lot that can really upset me: a demolished architectural monument, a fake smile, tasteless food, a friend who said nasty things behind his back, stray animals, death, diseases of near and far, any betrayal, fools and roads … I see it, and sometimes a lump in my throat, but I do not lose heart.

I'm not discouraged anymore!

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