What Do Plus-size Models Actually Eat?

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Video: What Do Plus-size Models Actually Eat?

Video: What Do Plus-size Models Actually Eat?
Video: What I eat in a day as a plus size model | updated healthy + nutritious 2023, March
What Do Plus-size Models Actually Eat?
What Do Plus-size Models Actually Eat?

Look at Ashley Graham and go to the bakery with a pure soul? It was not so! Fresh and healthy looking plus-size models are the right nutritional system. Learning from celebrities.


Ashley Graham

A brunette with delicate features and baby eyes (like Bambi from the Disney cartoon) has become the most famous "big" model in the world. The cover girl of Vogue and Elle is open about what and how she eats.

Ashley eats meat dishes only for lunch: “I try not to eat meat in the evening - it takes a long time to digest. My dinner is a huge plate of green salad with quinoa, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, leafy vegetables, and pesto. I love potatoes and vegetables lightly fried in olive oil with chicken and Brussels sprouts,”says the model.

Ashley starts every morning with her signature Green Graham Smoothie. Toss fresh cabbage leaves, lemon zest, ginger pieces, beets, apples, spinach, parsley and cayenne pepper into a blender. The latter speeds up the metabolism - yes, plus-size models also do not want to get fat.

Ashley is not going to give up chocolate: Miss Graham's bags always have a bittersweet bar with the maximum content of cocoa beans.

Ashley Graham has two big weaknesses - cheese and buttery mashed potatoes. Ashley treats her body with respect: if he wants potatoes, then he will.

Ashley Graham loves cheese not in salads, but on hot pizza. The model has her own cheat-meel style: "I love it so much: eat a slice of pizza with a topping, and then dip the crisp in Nutella chocolate spread."

Keep in mind - the world's most famous plus-size model compensates for all meals with percussion workouts in the gym: Ashley's trainer prepares new challenges for her three times a week.

Spark Lawrence

The smile and feminine figure of the Briton @Iskra is followed by 3.5 million subscribers around the world. A plus-size model happily poses on the beach while you postpone your next life in an Italian cafe.

What does the "glowing" Spark eat? The girl does not like having breakfast - she opens the refrigerator and chooses two or three fruits to make morning fresh. The model often adds her favorite avocado to this mixture: “I love avocados. This is the only product with a full range of nutrients. If you find yourself on a desert island with avocado trees, you will definitely survive."

In a small kitchen in Iskra's New York apartment, there are always a couple of dozen eggs: “I love them in all possible ways - I make an omelet, fry, cook poached,” says the model.

In New York, Ashley easily eats healthy and beautiful food from Sweetgreen: “They have the most delicious salad bar in town. Lightly salted salmon is my favorite ingredient and I add it to every set."

Waist and embossed abs like Spark's with chips cannot be achieved. At any free minute, the girl squats - she likes to feel in constant motion. To a comment on Instagram, in which Ashley was accused: "You encourage people to be fat and provoke their evenings with dozens of packs of chips." The model responded with an ironic photo with the caption: “I'm sorry I couldn't resist. This photo is for those who have ever been called fat."

Tara Lynn

A model with facial features like Barbara Palvin used to weigh like a Victoria's Secret model. Tara Lynn suffered from an eating disorder and was unable to recover from anorexia for several years. When Tara gained weight that was healthy for her body, she decided to fight stereotypes and continue her modeling career.

To believe that Tara eats healthy food, look at the quality of her skin - no cellulite, no looseness. The girl does not limit herself in portions, but eats only what can benefit her: she grinds the cream soup of celery, carrots and turmeric in a blender (does not add cream), cooks steamed fish (buys only chilled trout or salmon - red varieties rich in Omega-3 fats).

Tara's favorite cuisine is Latin American. To eat fewer pork meatballs and potato churros, Tara treats her friends and fans with them at her boyfriend Alejandro's restaurant.

Tara Lynn does not refuse alcohol - she cannot imagine summer parties without a glass of Martini Bianco vermouth.

Candice Huffin

“Do you know what always kills me? These are people who believe that I am the kind of girl who eats pizza at once and lies on the couch. They don't even know how I work on myself. I'm not just active, I'm extremely active! Why then won't I lose weight to size six? Because then my body will not be healthy! " - says the emotional Candice Huffin.

Candice signed her first modeling contract at the age of 15 - even then the girl was confident in her feminine forms. Candice's portfolio now includes covers of classic Vogue Italy and alternative V Magazine - a rare occasion when a model is recognized by both "camps".

In her interviews, the girl is reluctant to answer the question about specific favorite products. Candice states: “You have to understand that I eat the same way as the models without the plus. Both she and I ate pizza for dinner on Sunday, and she and I replaced breakfast with a green smoothie. It's just that our bodies are different. " Candice adds that she eats on the principle of "making the best decisions at the moment." When a model travels with her triathlete husband, she does not refuse sandwiches on the run, so as not to waste time and not look for a special restaurant.

“Honestly, I love fresh fruits and vegetables. I like harmful food no less. I choose healthy food because I want to feel good and radiate healthy energy."

Candice admits that she never discussed weight with her mother: “She never told me that you need to change something or strive to correct yourself. The body is changing, our task is to follow this flow and love ourselves."

Markita Pring

Jean-Paul Gaultier is associated with the Dita von Teese waist and size 32 dresses on androgynous open backs. American plus-size model Markita Pring became an exception to the rule - a girl of size 12 appeared on the couture runway in 2011 and has not left the magazine pages since then (V editors named Markita one of the sexiest models of our time).

Marquita calls chocolate his guilty pleasure ("shameful pleasure"). This is where the model's bad habits end. “I am a fantastic lover of healthy food. I hasten to start the day with oatmeal or a whole grain bread with one fruit."

Chicken breast, lettuce leaves (Romano, Iceberg and fresh arugula) and fatty fish make up the bulk of the plus-size model's diet. Markita plays sports every day, but carefully monitors the amount of carbohydrates per day so that the body does not retain excess water.

“I know that I exercise and monitor my nutrition harder than many standard models. If you only knew what plus-size models have to go through! One brand thinks your thighs should look bigger - you have to put on special enlargers. Another is that your waist should be narrower. Then they pull me into an uncomfortable corset."

Text: Dilyara Telyasheva

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